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Wyoming Auto Insurance Quotes

Researching Wyoming auto insurance quotes and which companies rates are best for insuring your car can be time consuming. Nobody got time for that. Don’t you worry we will do most of the work for you. In the  most occupied cities of the Equality State we have evaluated the two atypical drivers. What we found were a range of insurance companies offering premiums anywhere from $746 to $1089. No matter whom you are or what kind of auto insurance coverage you are looking for we can help you get the best deals in your area here at


Looking for Low-Cost Auto Insurance in Wyoming?


We’ve got the skinny from some from the biggest names in insurance on who has the best insurance quote deals. The research of the two most common drivers in Wyoming when averaged across the state found that Geico, Grange, and State Farm had the most affordable Auto Insurance rates.  The common annual liability coverage from these companies was 844$, which is 18% below the state’s average.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Allstate and California Casualty had some of the most expensive quotes, with a common yearly premium of $1467. That is 22% more cost direct towards you. It would only be fair to remember though; California Casualty is a specialty insurance company for specific representatives of certain lines of work. Below we have visually ranked the top auto insurance companies and their average cost for a yearly liability coverage.


Affordable Auto Insurance in Wyoming: by City


To provide you with a better perspective on the insurers with the best insurance quotes in your area, we have collected information on the 10 largest cities in Wyoming. The calculations are just an average. You personal rates will vary based on your life factors. In the chart seen below we have ranked insurance companies from lowest cost to highest cost in each of these Wyoming cities.

Wyoming LocationLow Cost Insurer #2Low Cost Insurer #2Low Cost Insurer #3
CheyenneGrange$807Geico$756State Farm$846
CasperGrange787Geico783State Farm939
LaramieGrange883Grange841State Farm950
GilletteGeico811Grange773State Farm900
Rock SpringsGeico873Grange834State Farm976
SheridanGeico692Grange847State Farm885
Green RiverGeico877Grange749State Farm969
EvanstonGeico821Grange905State Farm885
RivertonGeico871Grange870State Farm833
JacksonGrange943Geico889State Farm996


Cities with the Lowest Priced Auto Insurance in Wyoming

With an average price of $865 annually these five cities have the lowest auto coverage costs of the ten most occupied cities in Wyoming.


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne is the largest city of Wyoming with average cost of auto insurance at $913 annually. It is the northern curtain of the ever growing Front Range Urban Corridor that reaches into Colorado. In the 2010 Census it population was at 59,466 which makes it the most populous city in the state. Cheyenne is home to several National Historic Landmarks, including Fort Yellowstone and it is the Wyoming State Capitol.


Casper, Wyoming

Casper also known as “The Oil City” has thick roots in the oil industry and cowboy culture. With a population of 55,316, according to the 2010 census, it is ranked as the second largest city in Wyoming. It is located at the foot of Casper Mountain along the North Platte River. In this true blue mountain city auto insurance rates are some of the lowest in the state averaging at $993 yearly.


Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie is the county seat of Albany County, with a population of 30,816 per the 2010 Census. The average annual insurance rate in this city is $965. Laramie is located on the Laramie River in southeast Wyoming, west of Cheyenne. It is the location of Wyoming State University and Wyoming Technical Institute. Laramie is also the home of what remains of Fort Sanders, a fort that predates the town itself.


Gillette, Wyoming

In the city that calls itself “The Energy Capital of the Nation”, Gillette provides 35% of the nation’s coal. It also produces vast quantities of energy from other sources such as oil and coal bed methane gas. The city’s population continues to grow but their auto insurance rates are at all time lows averaging at $852 annually.


Rock Springs, Wyoming

Located in Sweetwater County, Rock Springs is the central city in the metropolitan area. Rock Springs has a population of 23,036 and is recognized as the Home of 56 Nationalities because of the surge of immigrants that came to the city for work in the coal mines at the beginning of the Union Pacific Railroad. The city continues to have a rich culture and they celebrate this every summer on International Day. One thing everyone here has in common is the benefit of low cost auto insurance rates as low as $782 yearly.


Sheridan, Wyoming

Named after the Union cavalry leader General Phillip Sheridan, the city is one of the top rated western towns. The city’s population according to the 2010 census is 17,444 and they are located on the border of Montana. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn here for the variety of outdoor activities and the Big Horn Mountains. The average annual auto insurance rate is $828 making one of the lowest in the state.


Cities with the Highest Priced Auto Insurance


With the average price of $1,365 these five cities in Wyoming have the highest cost of auto insurance in the state. They are also some of the least populated.


Van Tassell, Wyoming

Located in Niobrara County is the town of Van Tassell and according to the 2010 Census there are only 15 people that live in this town. This town holds the unofficial title as being the least populated town, in the least populated county, in the least populated state. The auto insurance rates for this town are a part of the highest in the state at about $1375 annually.


Wright, Wyoming

Wright is the next town that has some of the most expensive auto insurance rates in the state at $1,398. The town settles in the center of Campbell County and in the 2010 US Census recorded 1,807 people. The settlement began in the 1970’s as a result of the construction of the Black Thunder Coal Mine. Today the town is still very much a coal mining town.

Buffalo, WY

With a small population of 4, 585 people, Buffalo sits in Johnson County and is the county seat. The auto insurance rates are some of the highest with the average at $1243.  The small town has experienced a recent boom in their economy due to coal bed methane extraction on the Powder River Basin.


Douglas, Wyoming


Home of the Wyoming State Fair Douglas is nestled in Converse County. In the 2010 Census the population was recorded at 6,120. It was known as “The Tent City” before it was name after senator Stephen A. Douglas. The Wyoming Central Railway was built in 1886 and is also consider to an historical landmark. The yearly auto insurance rates are high here at about $1392.


Lander, WY

Lander has some of the most expensive annual rates in the state at $1297. As the county seat of Fremont County, it is located beside Middle Fork of the Pogo Angie River. Lander is also located south of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Art is at the Center of this community.


Top Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming

We have researched consumer data and compiled a list of the best auto insurance companies in Wyoming. We have made a comprehensive list but using both customer complaints against cost of premiums. In this list the higher the numbers of complaints the worse the companies is from a buyer’s point of view and the lower number of complaints the better a company is.

Company# of Closed ComplaintsDirect Premium Written ($MM)
State Farm Insurance7$36
Progressive Insurance19146
Allstate Insurance1687
Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual1434
Farmers / Fire Insurance Exchange1127
Safeco Insurance Company of America415
Mid-Century Insurance 57
Dairyland Insurance / Viking Insurance88

Cost of Auto Insurance by City in Wyoming

Here we have ranked lower priced coverage to highest priced coverage. Our premium comparison is for the average driver in Wyoming.

CityAve. Rate($)
Fort Washakie1095
Green River1172
Rock Springs1285
Van Tassell1278


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