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Located in the north-central United States is the state of Wisconsin. Illinois, Iowa, Lake Michigan, Michigan, and Lake Superior border Wisconsin. The geography of Wisconsin is considered very diverse. The state provides Northern Highland and Western Upland along with Central Plains that occupy the state’s western portion. Lowlands also stretch towards the shore of Lake Michigan. Maybe you know Michigan as America’s Dairyland. This is due to the condition of being the nation’s top dairy producers, including cheese. Other main contributions from the state include paper products, information technology, and tourism.


The House on the Rock is a popular attraction in Wisconsin. The House on the Rock is a tourist attraction that opened in 1959. It also features a complex design of rooms, gardens, shops, etc. You will find this House right on top of Deer Shelter Rock. This rock column the home sits on is approximately 60 x 200 feet. However, the House on a Rock has received many additions. This includes The Streets of Yesterday, The Heritage of the Sea, The Music of Yesterday, and the world’s largest carousel indoors. This carousel features over 260 animals, 180 chandeliers, over 15,000 lights, and hundreds of mannequin angels hanging from the ceiling. However, the carousel does not feature any horses. During the winter months, visitors will see the attraction decorated for Christmas.


Another popular attraction is the Harley Davidson Museum. This museum is one of Wisconsin’s top destinations. Inside the museum, you will see over 400 motorcycles. The motorcycles here are dated back to serial number 1. Also, the museum has never seen archives that visitors can tour. You will also hear stories of people and history. Visitors will also learn all about the Harley-Davidson culture. The Harley-Davidson Museum also features a 20-acre campus. This campus on the Milwaukee Riverfront provides views of the city skyline. Be sure to stop by the gift shop. Inside you will find many Harley Davidson-inspired gifts.



With its unique location, Wisconsin experiences many different types of geographical features. These include five regions. These regions include the Lake Superior Lowland, Northern Highland, Western Upland, the Central Plain, and the Eastern Ridges & Lowlands. At the same time, Wisconsin’s weather varies from a warm summer humid climate and plenty of snowfall for the winter months. If you are looking to own a home in the state of Wisconsin, listen up. All homeowners need home coverage to protect their homes. This coverage can protect your home from floods, hurricanes, tornados, and much more. But are you sure you’re receiving the best coverage for the best price? If you are shopping around for homeowners insurance quotes, remember these tips.


Always compare quotes from more than one company. Next, always keep in mind the type of coverage you want. By comparing more than one quote, you can assure yourself that you will find the better deal. At Insurance Quote Deals, we remove all the hassle of collecting Wisconsin quotes from multiple companies. Instead, we will collect your selections from all major companies and present the results.


Wisconsin Top Area Attractions



Milwaukee is the biggest city in Wisconsin. One popular attraction in the town is the Discovery World Museum. This museum is a science and technology museum. Inside, visitors will see exhibits, Reiman Aquarium, and two theaters. The museum is also home to Wisconsin’s official flagship, Denis Sullivan. The Denis Sullivan is a fully functioning sailing vessel. Many exhibits in the museum are based on Milwaukee or the Great Lakes. If you are looking for home coverage in this area, it is an estimated $1,462.




Madison is a one-of-a-kind destination. You do not want to miss out on any of its unique attractions. There are many places to visit here. Start your visit by seeing the capitol building, the UW-Madison campus, or the lake. If you want to live in this fantastic city, your home coverage, on average, will cost you $1,837.



Green Bay

This city is Wisconsin’s oldest settlement. Green Bay’s first group of visitors were all entrepreneurs. The city is also known for inventing splinter-free toilet paper in the late 1900s. Green Bay is blessed with many types of natural resources. This city is known as a major shipping center. The largest employers in the city are the paper and shipping industries. It is the smallest city to host a national football league. Wisconsin homeowners insurance quotes in this area are an estimated $1,323.



Kenosha is home to the country’s best Renaissance fair. This fair is open for nine weekends. In 2017, the Renaissance Fair will be it’s 30th annual. It promises visitors 16th-century merriment, music, food, games, and more. Visitors will also experience sword fighters, minstrels, and Jesters. Games and rides at the fair include archery, a climbing wall, crossbows, and more. If you want to live in this fun city, coverage for your home will be $1,612.




A popular attraction in Racine is the Racine Art Museum. This museum features the most extensive collection of contemporary crafts in North America. Therefore, there are over 7,000 objects by recognized national artists. The mission of the museum is to showcase the skill of fine arts. The exhibitions at the museum emphasize the ideas of the artwork presented. Wisconsin homeowners insurance quotes are an estimated $1,432.



Appleton is home to the History Museum at the Castle. The primary purpose of this museum is to provide and inspire appreciation for the rich history of the Fox River Valley communities. The museum showcases collections, exhibits, and education at the History Museum Castle. In addition, the exhibits at the museum feature national and local events to provide perspective on past events. The museum is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you want to be covered in this city, home coverage is $1,392.

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