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The state of New York is a popular tourist attraction. It is so popular because New York offers many different things to do and see while visiting. One of the very first attractions you should stay in New York is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is New York’s most famous landmark. Unfortunately, this statue is only accessible by boat. To get to the crown inside the Statue of Liberty, you must have a special ticket. Be warned. Vacationers put these tickets in high demand. Be sure to purchase early.

Next, you should visit the Empire State Building. Located in the middle of Manhattan is the Empire State Building. You will learn the history of the construction of the building and the restoration and industry. You can also take in New York’s most beautiful views from its open-air observatory.

Finally, Times Square. Times Square is unforgettable. You will experience bright lights, popular retailers, bright billboards, and the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Times Square is a must-visit if you are in New York.


Your Health Coverage as a New Yorker


As a New York resident, you know health care coverage is essential. Neglecting to get coverage will lead to hefty fines at tax time. Sometimes the most affordable coverage isn’t the best coverage. You will likely receive lousy coverage if you settle for the cheapest policy. Always be sure to compare New York health insurance quotes. Receiving quotes will help make the insurance process more accessible. It is an excellent rule to compare at least three quotes from different companies. That way, you can get a better idea of prices for New York health insurance quotes. The average price of health insurance in New York is $3,000 a year.


Here at Insurance Quote Deals, we compare quotes from all major companies. We will find affordable quotes that best suit your needs. We take the hassle out of collecting and reviewing quotes.



Attractions Found in The Empire State


New York City

New York City is the most populated city in the United States. With a population of 8.5 million, this city never sleeps. In addition, visitors will find New York City on one of the world’s largest harbors. This city consists of five boroughs. These boroughs include Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Here in New York City, there are over 800 languages spoken. It is multilingual because locals speak so many languages due to the city being a gateway for immigration.



There are many things to do in the city of Brookhaven. Go hiking or biking on miles of trails. There are a dozen of parks and beaches. Stop by a museum, view art, or enjoy a theater experience. Brookhaven also provides visitors with beautiful restaurants and cafes. If you want history, look at Brookhaven’s many historic homes. The Thompson House, Brewster House, Davis House, William Floyd Estate, Ketcham Inn, and Longwood Estate are all available for tours.



The city of Buffalo grew immensely in the 19th and 20th centuries. The growth was primarily due to the Erie Canal, Lake Erie, and the railroads. Moreover, these methods provided the Midwest with the freshest water and a traceroute. In addition, The Liberty Building is a famous tourist attraction in Buffalo. Contractors built The Liberty Building in 1925. The Neoclassical tower was the largest in Buffalo when crews made it. It is still a standout today. In addition, the building features two statues on the rooftop—builders based these statues on the Statue of Liberty.



Rochester is known as “Festival City.” The city hosts festivals every weekend, from late spring to early fall. Every day there is always something new to do. For example, the Rochester Lilac Festival is a popular attraction. It features thousands of lilacs, over 100 music acts, wine, and chocolate tasting, craft brew festivals, kid rides, and more. Admission to this festival is free. Another famous festival is the ZooBrew. Furthermore, Seneca Park Zoo features this festival. In addition, visitors can experience animal encounters, live music, and local brews.



Huntington is home to the OHEKA Castle. In addition, the OHEKA is well known as a prestigious wedding and event venue and a Historic Hotel worldwide. Furthermore, this castle features 32 bedrooms on the upper floor of the estate. The court also offers historic mansion tours of the estate and the surrounding gardens. Historians listed the OHEKA Castle on the National Register of Historic Places. It is devoted to ensuring guests enjoy the historic architecture, experience European ambiance, and stroll the Formal Gardens.



The city of Syracuse has been used as a significant crossroad over the last two centuries because the Erie Canal and locals frequently used its branch canals. Then came the usage of the railway network. As a result, Syracuse is home to the Erie Canal Museum. The Erie Canal Museum collects Canal material for visitors to see. The museum wants visitors to have an understanding of the influence of the Erie Canal. Visitors will experience the canal’s rich history, and the museum will provide them with high-quality exhibits and programs.

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