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Michigan is in the Midwestern part of the US, near the Great Lakes. Michigan is French for the word mishihigamaa, which means large water or large lake. There are two peninsulas in Michigan, the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. One peninsula, located in the lower section, looks like a glove. The other peninsula is located in the upper section, it is divided from the other peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac. The Straits of Mackinac joins Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. This state provides the biggest coastline in the world of any political subdivision.


Michigan has an estimated population of 10 million. Fishing is one of the state top industries due to the state having the longest freshwater coastline. Michigan is also considered the center of the nation’s automotive industry. This is because the “Big Three” companies are headquartered here in Detroit. These companies are General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.


When looking for the best homeowners insurance, you must be sure to compare quotes from different companies. A sample property of a 2,000 square foot house with a value of $200,000 was used. We compare quotes from State Farm, Progressive, and Farmers in order to find the best rates. From the data collected, we concluded the best rate came from Progressive. State Farm showed a lower average annual premium than progressive, but Progressive was the cheapest in the end. Be sure to shop different companies and compare home insurance quotes Michigan homeowners need.


Let’s discuss the best cities in Michigan to receive the best home insurance rates. Averagely residents in the most affordable cities, have a premium of $938 or $1,104 a year, for the sample property listed earlier. The cities with the cheapest home insurance in Michigan are located in the Lower Peninsula and close to the Great Lake Shores. Despite these cities being close or on the coastlines, these rates are 37% lower than the statewide average of the sample property. Remember, a home insurance quote Michigan residents need will be able to accurately determine premiums for the coverage wanted.


Average Costs of Home Coverage by City



Detroit is the most populous city in Michigan. This city has a population of 713,777. Detroit is known as the home for Vernors Ginger Ale. It is the oldest ginger ale company brand. It was created by James Vernor in 1870. It has been theorized that Vernor created the drink before the Civil War started. He was drafted to serve in the war, therefore he kept his drink stored in an oak cask while he was away. Once the war was over, he found that the keg transformed his drink. Detroit home rates are an estimated $4,120 annually.


Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is Michigan’s second most populated city. This city is near the Grand River. The Grand River is 30 miles east of Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is known for manufacturing furniture. Grand Rapids provides the five leading office furniture companies in the world. This city is also called Furniture City.  Based on collected homeowners insurance quotes Michigan residents will pay on average $1,137 in Grand Rapids.



Warren is one of the largest suburbs in the Detroit metropolitan area. This city is headquarters to many different businesses. These businesses include General Motors Technical Center, the United States Army Detroit Arsenal, and the tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.


Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights is one of the state’s fastest growing cities. This city consistently ranks as the safest city in Michigan. Sterling Heights was incorporated as a city in 1968. Sterling Heights is home to Upton House. Upton House is a historic home built in 1867 and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Lansing is the capital of Michigan. Lansing was picked as the capital out of anger. In 1847, the state constitution required the capital be moved from Detroit. It was such a strenuous process deciding, Lansing was finally chosen in order to end the disagreement. The annual premium to cover your home in Lansing is an estimated $1,064.


Ann Arbor

In 1824, Ann Arbor was founded. This city was named for the wives of the village’s original founders and the Bur Oak trees. The University of Michigan is in this city. The University of Michigan is one of the most researched universities in the country. The university helped Ann Arbor’s economy because it employs 30,000 people. Home coverage for Ann Arbor is an estimated annual $1,315.



Flint was founded by a fur trader named Jacob Smith.  Flint expanded quickly into a major lumbering area, on the historic Saginaw Trail, during the 19th century. Flint at one time was a leading manufacturer of carriages and other vehicles, giving it the nickname “Vehicle City”.  In order to cover your home the annual premium is $3,648.

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