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Kentucky prides itself on producing vehicles, furniture brooms, lumber, machinery, textiles, and steel products. The state of Kentucky also has the nation’s best tobacco, horses, and whiskey around. Some popular agricultural items of the state are corn, soybeans, wheat, fruit, hogs, cattle, and dairy products. The state is also well known for its massive production of petroleum, natural gas, clay, and stone. Kentucky is well known as the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Also, it is well known for Civil War forts and many battlefields: Appalachian festivals, art, and coalfield culture. Many visitors enjoy the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. This allows visitors to go on a train ride through the scenic mountains of  Kentucky. The train takes a 15-mile trip down to the most extensive collection of coal mining in the US. The train ride also descends into the Big South Fork Gorge.

Kentucky has a solid traditional bourbon history. It receives its name from the county of Bourbon. This county was once an important shipping site. Barrels shipped from Bourbon County are marked with the county name, leading to Bourbon and whiskey being the same. Over 90 percent of the entire world’s Bourbon is distilled in Kentucky. Presently, the distillery’s way of bourbon making is managed by law. Bourbon is made with 50 percent corn and aged in brand-new oak barrels. Over 4 million barrels are continually aging in Kentucky warehouses. Most of these warehouses are found built on hilltops or in open fields.

Louisville is known as the horse capital of the world. With that in mind, Louisville offers many horseback riding opportunities. Tourists can enjoy horseback riding in Kentucky year-round. Hundreds of miles of Kentucky horse trails exist in every state region. These trails also can challenge every skill-level rider. Additionally, this state has tons of stables that offer horse rentals. Visitors will also experience scenic views, wildlife, and many natural features.

Kentucky drivers know the importance of having auto insurance coverage. Where drivers live and park their cars affects your coverage rates. However, there are a few ways to ensure you get the best rates available. Shopping and comparing Kentucky auto insurance quotes is the key to receiving the best rates. You will be sure you’re receiving the best rates by shopping and comparing rates. Let’s discuss the quote-collecting process.

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Kentucky’s Most Visited Attractions


Lexington is home to many historic homes. This includes the home of Mary Todd Lincoln. In 1832, Mary Todd and her father moved into this house located on West Main Street. Mary lived in the home until she was 21. After that, Mary and Abraham Lincoln visited this house many times. Inside the home today, you will see many different family items and antiques, along with the possessions of Mary Todd.




If you are visiting Louisville, stop by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. The Buffalo Trace Distillery has won the most awards than any other distillery. Tour the distillery to discover why. In addition, Buffalo Trace holds the title of the oldest continually operating distillery in America. This distillery sits on over 130 acres. Tours of the distillery involve a behind-the-scenes look into the bourbon-making process.


Bowling Green

Here in Bowling Green, you will find the GM Corvette Assembly Plant. Bowling Green produces every Corvette in the entire world. You will see all the steps required for a Corvette at the plant. While every 15 minutes, tours of the plant are offered.




Located in Owensboro is the Hometown Hero Hall of Fame. Walk through the Hall of Fame and see all the famous people from the Owensboro area who have reached national fame. Also, the giant Sassafras tree in the world is approximately 300 years old. Located on the main streets of Owensboro is the Sassafras tree.




Located in Covington is the Behringer-Crawford Museum. The museum’s primary purpose is to preserve past and present history for future generations. In addition, the Behringer-Crawford Museum is a center for collecting, presenting, studying, and enjoying performing arts. Also, be sure to visit the James Ramage Civil War Museum. This story educates visitors on Northern Kentucky’s involvement in the Civil War.

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