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Florida auto coverage is said to be some of the highest in the country, but that does not have to corner customers at high rates. We have sifted through all the companies in “The Sunshine State” and found the best rates so that you can save money.


The rates in Florida can differ from city to city and company to company. The most costly premium can pay for another premium two times over. Thus shopping around is super essential in finding Florida auto quotes. We here at IQD can help take the headache out of shopping around.



Low-Cost Auto Coverage in Florida

We will highlight some of Florida’s best companies with affordable car rates. Travelers, Progressive, Florida Specialty, SafeCo, and Allstate, are just five of the cheap auto insurance companies in “The Sunshine State.” Of course, rates from these companies will vary depending on your record, where you live, and a few other factors. So let us shop for you and produce the Florida auto insurance quote for your life.


Affordable Auto Quotes by City

Where you live plays a significant role in your auto coverage price. The cost of an auto policy changes vastly from city to city. For instance, the average driver in Cutler Bay pays $989 annually. In addition, the driver in South Miami Heights pays $1989 annually. However, that is a massive difference within a small area. That is why comparing auto companies is so important.


Location is critical in your quote’s outcome and the price you will pay. The higher the population, the more significant risk to you and your vehicle. So rates tend to be higher in the larger cities. However, that does not mean shoppers cannot find deals. Several companies in heavily populated towns charge a fraction of the average.


Jacksonville, Florida

Based on St John River’s sandy banks, Jacksonville is home to 853,382 residents and two massive American Navy bases: Blount Island Command and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. As a result, this city has one of the most significant military presences in the US. Auto rates tend to be as high as $2,564 a year in the largest city in Florida, but all is not lost. We found rates for military members and their families as low as $987 a year with USAA and Geico and as low as $1,056 for civilians with Farmers and SafeCo.


Miami, Florida

“¡ Bienvenido a Miami.” This culturally fluent city is described as “America’s Cleanest City” and is home to 430,332 residents. As the county seat of Miami-Dade County, it is the second most populated metropolis with an average annual cost of $2,365. However, low rates are available if you know where to look. Progressive and Allstate are quoting customers with good driving records at $956 a year.


Tampa, Florida

Tampa is said to be one of “The Best Outdoor Cities” and has 358,699 people living within its territory. It is home to the University of South Florida and the 250,000 sqft Florida Aquarium among other attractions. Moreover, being a heavily populated area and a favorite tourist destination, the cost of auto coverage can be steep. Furthermore, on average, it is $2,254 a year, but there is hope for the residents here. Companies like Florida Specialty and Travelers are quoting drivers in this area at $895 annually.


St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg has become a popular retirement destination for its affordable living and great weather. The weather is so constantly great here it has acquired the nickname “The Sunshine City.” Affordable auto coverage is essential to the 253,693 residents. The average rate here is $1,986 a year, but we can do better than that. Esurance and Mercury are quoting residents at $875 a year.


Hialeah, Florida

The Spanish language and culture are an important [part of life in Hialeah. Nearly 90% of the population speaks fluently here. The beautiful city’s history is just as thick as its population of 235,563. The average auto rate is $1,945 a year, but with Acceptance Auto and Titan, you can get a quote as low as $806 yearly.


Orlando, Florida

Also known as “The City Beautiful,” it is home to 262,372 people and the University of Central Florida. It is also a top-rated tourist destination. Yearly premiums here can be as high as $1,866, but you can get quoted at $799 yearly with companies like Nationwide and Florida Farm Bureau.


Top Overall Auto Companies

Reasonable rates are not the only factor in choosing the right company for you. How the insurance company treats its trusted customer is vital to selecting the best company. Will they support you and have your best interests at heart in the event of an accident? Please look at the various companies in Florida. Kindly pay attention to what their customers are saying about them based on the number of consistent, valid complaints per year with each company. Below we have ranked these auto companies by the number of complaints.


Florida State Requirements

It has never been more important to shop for an auto quote. In Florida, it is a state requirement to have a minimum of $10,000 “PDL” or property damage liability and $10,000 “PIP” or personal injury protection.





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