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If you are visiting the state of Oregon, there are many different places you can take your family’s fun road trip to. Going on an adventurous road trip with your family is the best memory. The state of Oregon provides many different types of attractions for your family. For example, if you are traveling to central Oregon, see the Fort Rock Basin. The Fort Rock Basin is also known as the Hole in the ground.


This attraction features a crater hole that is 150 meters below the ground. The crater caused a mile-wide explosion impact into the ground. Here visitors can view their interests without the worry of falling in. The site provides a few trails that can take visitors to the bottom to witness the aftermath of the crater. This area was once so desolate astronauts used it for training in the 1960s. They replicated the cavity as the moon’s surface.


If you travel onward about 50 miles east, you will also see another natural attraction. The Crack in the Ground is found here. The Crack in the Ground is a volcanic fissure that is 2 miles in length and over 70 feet deep. It can also be hiked along the trail located at the bottom. Usually, fissures are filled with soil and rock through erosion. However, The Crack in the Ground remains unfilled due to conditions. Inside the crack, the temperature drops to about 20 degrees cooler.


If you are traveling South of Salem, see the Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest is a theme park inspired by all classic fairy tales. Inside the theme park, you will see characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Humpty Dumpty, and Pinocchio. The Enchanted Forest provides families with the experience of unique rides and fantastic decorations.


Another must-see attraction on your road trip is the Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery. You can find this destination around 10 minutes off the highway. Here at the house, visitors will experience strange things. Reports have stated seeing balls rolling uphill, brooms standing on end, and people’s heights changing where they stand. John Lister opened this area to the public in the 1930s. Here at the house, he conducted thousands of experiments. Lister died in 1959.


Having auto insurance coverage in Oregon is essential. It would be best if you were covered in case of an auto accident. You do not want to end up paying for damages out of pocket. The first step in your auto insurance search is receiving Oregon auto insurance quotes. Receiving Oregon auto insurance quotes is also the best way to find the best deals and savings. You may wonder where to find the best Oregon auto insurance quotes. A significant factor that influences cost is where the driver lives.


Be sure to compare several different major car insurance companies. Also, make sure to look over reviews of the company. You do not want to be stuck with a lousy company that could care less about your situation. Cheaper auto insurance rates are found in less populated cities located along the Pacific coast and west of the primary forests in Oregon.



Oregon’s Interests




Near Portland is the Columbia River Gorge. Here at the gorge, visitors can see over 90 waterfalls. One of the first waterfalls encountered in the Columbia River Gorge is the Latourell Falls. You will find the Latourell Falls just east of the infamous view of Crown Point. Visitors can experience the waterfall from a higher vantage point by hiking along a 2-mile loop. From there, you can look straight down at the falls. Hikers can also walk to the lower falls; this hike is shorter and less complicated. The hike uphill is more rewarding but more challenging to hike. You will find the waterfall’s flow the best in the spring and winter months of the year.



Salem is the capital of Oregon. Agriculture has always been an essential trade to the city of Salem. Salem is known historically for agriculture and celebrates this in several ways. First, this city is the permanent place for the Oregon State Fair. Second, Salem received the nickname “Cherry City.” This is because of the city’s past of dealing with the local cherry-growing industry. Salem at one time held a cherry festival between 1903-1940.



Eugene is home to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. This museum is the only one in Oregon accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. This museum features exhibitions and collections of historic and contemporary art. You will also find unique exhibition galleries of American, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art.



Visitors to Hillsboro enjoy visiting the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. Here the museum houses the finest rock collections in the nation. The museum also shows rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites, and gemstones. These collections range from the Pacific Northwest and from all around the world. You can also find this museum listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. This is due to the unique architectural structure of the building, the natural stonework, and the Oregon native woodwork found throughout the building.



Found around the city of Beaverton is the Beaverton Creek Wetlands Natural Area. This area is a 15-acre wetland. The Beaverton Creek wetlands are well known for wildlife and bird watching. Visitors can see Blue Herons, some belted kingfishers, and birds of prey seen flying over you.



Known as Dog Town, USA, is the city of Bend. This is due to the city’s locals, almost 50%, owning a dog. Bend also features restaurants that accommodate you and your furry friend, pet-friendly businesses, over 50 miles of dog walking trails in town, and 13 off-the-leash parks and National Forests.



You will find the Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society near the city. Well-known for his appearances in the Southern parts of Oregon is Bigfoot. This includes the city of Medford. Traveling just outside Medford, you can see the set of volcanic plateaus, Upper and Lower Table Rock. Both are popular hiking locations and are home to endangered wildlife species.

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