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Washington Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Visitors will locate Washington in the Northwest region of the United States. It is home to 6.7 million people. In addition, locals refer to Washington as Washington State or the State of Washington. This nickname is because of the confusion in Washington DC. Located north of Oregon and to the west of Idaho in Washington. Finally, residents named this state after George Washington, the first United States President.

Washington is the second most populous city in the Western part of the US. In addition, this state is a leading lumber producer. They have a lot of lumber because of the rich abundance of many different tree types. As a result, the nickname “The Evergreen State” was given. Washington also produces many apples, pears, red raspberries, cherries, and vegetables.

The state’s economy receives significant contributions from farms. The commercial fishing of salmon, halibut, and bottom fish boost the economy too. Washington also has many manufacturing industries such as aircraft and missiles, shipbuilding, lumber, food processing, and metals and metal products.


Insurance Rates in Washington


We researched the average cost of homeowners insurance for the state of Washington. We also found that home insurance costs on average $965 a year. The highest rate seen in the form was $1,425. The lowest rate found was $633.

Which cities in Washington provide the cheapest rates? Where are the most affordable cities located? Studies have shown that North Washington on the coast found the most reasonable insurance rates. Usually, cities on coastlines experience a higher rate. However, some minor differences make the rates more affordable.

We found the most expensive rates in the western half of the state. This region’s rates are more costly because we see these cities close to water. The positions of these cities make a higher risk of flood, wind, and large-scale damage. These factors will also cause the insurance companies to charge higher rates. These cities are also a threat due to having a higher average of home thefts. Home insurance quotes about Washington state can aid your search for affordable coverage.


Insurance Rates in Washington





Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest. It has a population of 652,404. Seattle’s first primary industry was logging. However, the late 19th century brought new industry, shipbuilding. Seattle’s shipbuilding center became a gateway to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. The significant companies Microsoft and Amazon became established in Seattle. This city’s estimated premium for Washington homeowners insurance quotes is $1,000.

Average Insurance Rates in Seattle



Located on the Spokane River is the city of Spokane. This city is west of the Rock Mountain foothills. This city is known as the birthplace of Father’s Day. However, the city of Spokane is nicknamed the “Lilac City.” The economy of Spokane depended on mining, timber, and agriculture until 1980. Spokane hosts Hoopfest, the world’s largest three-on-three basketball tournament. The coverage rate for Spokane is an estimated $821 yearly.

Image Comparing Insurance Rates in Spokane



Residents named the city of Tacoma after Mount Rainer. This city is locally known as the city of destiny. Residents gave this nickname because the city was the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Port activity in this state generates 77 million dollars in revenue. Moreover, the port of Tacoma is also responsible for more than 10,100 jobs. The average premium for this city is $1,020.



Bellevue is a French term for the phrase “beautiful view.” Bellevue has a population of 133,982. The people of Bellevue are diverse. This city also has booming businesses in the downtown parts. Bellevue also provides woodsy neighborhoods and public parks. Furthermore, this ideal city has an estimated homeowners insurance cost of $1,050.



Everett is the sixth largest City in Washington State. Moreover, it is 45 minutes away from Seattle. Everett is home to the most significant public marina on the west coast. It is also home to Boeing’s jumbo jet assembly plant, the largest volume building in the world. In conclusion, coverage here is an estimated $928.



The city of Renton is an assembly point for the Boeing 737 commercial airplanes. In addition, Renton is also home to much well-known manufacturing, tech, and service companies. Some of these companies include Boeing, Paccar, and Geico. In addition, Renton is home to the second largest NFL training facility for the Seattle Seahawks.



Located in the Yakima Valley is Yakima. The Yakima Valley is a productive agricultural region. It produces apples, wine, and hop production. The Yakima Valley grows 77% of all the hops grown in the US. This city also has over 250 manufacturing firms. These firms include airplane parts, wood products, plastic products, recreational vehicles, and communication technology.


Federal Way

Federal Way provides tourists with a quiet, relaxed look at life in the Pacific Northwest. However, this city offers many different attractions. The Wild Waves Theme Park is the biggest amusement park in the state. In addition, it offers 70 acres of rides. The Northwest Sand Festival also takes place here in August and September. During this festival, artists come from around the world to create art from sand. Washington homeowners insurance quotes here are $971 annually.



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