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How Much is Car Insurance in Pennsylvania?

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How Much is Car Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Does anyone ever wonder, “how much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?” We have analyzed Pennsylvania auto insurance companies across the state and found the best deals in the largest cities. We want to show everyone the benefit of comparing car insurance within the state. Some companies can cost you 35% more than another company. It is so important to shop around for the best rate. With over 30 providers, the task can be daunting, but we are here to help you find the best deal on car insurance.


How Much is Car Insurance in Pennsylvania?

To find out how much car insurance is in Pennsylvania, we have gathered info on the most common driver in Pennsylvania. Then we obtained Pennsylvania quotes from over 30+ auto insurance companies based on this driver profile. This research will enable you to see an example of the savings with companies like Allstate, State Farm, Grange, Nationwide, Erie, and IFA auto insurance. On the other side of the street, companies like Geico, Chubb National, Encompass, and Titan Insurance are some of the more costly companies. They can be up to 50% more expensive.


Affordable Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes per City

Are you looking for better car insurance rates in your area? Look no further. We have gone over the data in your city or town to bring you the best premiums. Several factors affect the over cost in certain areas. Larger cities tend to be more costly because of the risk involved with more motorists in a room. Below, we have listed average quotes from the most populated cities. In addition, the companies you can save the most from online. Please remember that each quote will differ based on your driving history and commute. Car insurance quotes PA residents want. Everyone should compare carefully. Always read the fine print of the coverage carriers’ offers.


Philadelphia, PA

This city has a strong foundation in “The Keystone State” and our nation’s history. It has a population of 1,526,000 people. Home to The Liberty Bell was one of the original thirteen colonies and is where our Declaration of Independence was signed. Auto insurance rates can be staggering, with average Pennsylvania quotes at $1,870 a year. However, savings is not far with State Farm and Grange, quoting the average driver at $1,200 annually.


Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh is also known as “The Steel City” because of its immense contribution to the steel industry. In addition, it is known as “The City of Bridges” for having over 400 bridges. Three hundred five thousand four hundred people reside here, and the average annual auto insurance premium is $1,796. There are better rates available with SafeCo and Nationwide. Insurance Quote Deals found the average driver quoted at $1,162 a year.


Allentown, PA

This city has a population of 119,101 and used to be known as Northampton town. Also, it is home to many theaters and museums. Furthermore, locals know America On Wheels Museum and The Mack Trucks Historical Museum are in this city. However, in Allentown, PA, auto insurance can be as much as $1,659. Furthermore, shoppers can find affordable rates with companies like Erie and Esurance. They were quoting the average driver $1,125 annually.


Erie, PA

Located in the northwest region of Pennsylvania, Erie sits on the southern shore of Lake Erie. In addition, it was also the location of the Native American Tribe, Erie. Moreover, the local economy has relied heavily on the industry. Finally, the average insurance rate here is $1,500 a year, but with Allstate and Farmers, your quote could be as low as $1,109 annually.


Reading, PA

With a population of 87,800, visitors will find Reading in the southeast part of Pennsylvania. In addition, this city used to rely heavily on railway transportation. However, the Reading Railroad is now out of commission. Furthermore, this fall in the industry may have contributed to the rise in poverty in this city. Unfortunately, auto insurance rates average around $1,450 a year. Therefore, companies like Travelers and Progressive are providing rates of $990 a year is so vital to the residents. The time has come for auto insurance quotes PA residents can easily find.


Bethlehem, PA

In the center of the Lehigh Valley is the city of Bethlehem, with a population of 75,130. It was the center of trade and industry during the Industrial Revolution. Auto insurance averages $1,355 annually here. That’s comparing companies is so important. The average driver found quotes with Liberty Mutual and 21st Century at $960 a year.


Customer Focused Auto Insurance Companies

A Pennsylvania auto insurance quote is all anyone needs to answer “how much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?” In addition, how a company treats its customers has just as significant an impact as cost. Furthermore, shoppers may have a company with the lowest cost rate, but they may not be there for you when you need them most. First, however, we have analyzed the complaints made on each auto insurance company in Pennsylvania. Then, we ranked them in a chart to see who had the best reviews from their customers, starting with the best and ending with the worst.

When shopping for auto insurance in Pennsylvania, remember that where you live and how far you commute significantly impact your rate quote. In addition, the state requires a minimum of $15,000 bodily Injury Liability, $30,000 per accident, property damage liability of $5,000, and uninsured motorists at $15,000/$30,000. So it is important to compare companies when you look for coverage. We here at Insurance Quote Deals can help you do just that.

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