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Located in the northern, mid-Atlantic region of the US is New Jersey. The state of New Jersey borders New York, the Atlantic Ocean, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. New Jersey is the eleventh largest state by population. Residents divide New Jersey into three main sections, North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. New Jersey is home to many attractions. However, the main tourist attraction in New Jersey is the coastline. The coastline spans over 130 miles. The beaches in New Jersey consist of beautiful islands and bays with grand lighthouses, fishing villages, and views. The white sanded beaches bring in thousands of visitors and families to enjoy surfing, the sand, the sun, and excitement.


New Jersey is home to many lighthouses to visit. First, visit the Absecon lighthouse. Absecon is New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse. The lighthouse holds many events. It hosts educational programs, weddings, and even guided tours. The Absecon Lighthouse is one of Atlantic City’s famous attractions. This lighthouse holds 228 steps and is the oldest in the country. Once at the top, you will see a beautiful view of the Atlantic City skyline. The East Point Lighthouse sits on the shore of Delaware Bay. This lighthouse has led commercial fishermen and pleasure boaters since 1849. The distinct Cape Cod features are the main inspiration for the early lighthouses built on the Pacific Coast. The East Point Lighthouse sits on the shore of Delaware Bay. The lighthouse also provides group tours for visitors wanting to see the lighthouse.


New Jersey is also home to the Naval Air Station Wildwood/Aviation Museum. It is a non-profit museum located in Cape May in Hangar #1. NASW served as a dive-bomber training facility in WWII times. As a result, authorities converted hangar #1 into an Aviation Museum. The museum houses many types of aircraft, lots of engines, special exhibits for visitors, and interactive educational programs. Visitors here will explore the world of flying, New Jersey history, the military, and WWII.


Coverage is essential in the case of a natural disaster. The need for insurance is especially true when it comes to owning a home in New Jersey. Having the right homeowners insurance is essential. Where can you find the best homeowners insurance quotes in NJ? Studies have shown that the cheapest homeowners insurance NJ residents have received primarily found in rural cities. Also, cities are located in the center of the state. The most affordable home insurance in NJ is found in cities no less than 18 miles away from the seaboard.


Next, let’s talk about the most expensive rates. Cities that experience bad weather are at a higher risk for costly rates. If you are located on the coast, you are at a greater risk for damage. Keep this in mind when shopping for homeowners insurance quotes. Collecting New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes is a time-consuming process. This is why most people decide on the first quote they receive. Here at Insurance Quote Deals, we remove the hassle of collecting quotes. We will collect quotes from all major companies and present the results. Never settle on the first quote. You could be missing out on significant savings.



Homeowners Insurance New Jersey – City Rates



Newark is 8 miles away from the busy city of Manhattan. It offers every manner of transportation. For example, air, water, roadway, railway, bike path, and the subway are all methods of travel. This city is also home to the United States’ largest and best-performance arts venues. This includes the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Located here is the biggest outlet mall in the state. The Outlet Collection, Jersey Gardens welcome over 17 million visitors annually. Here in Newark, you are looking at higher-than-average rates. This is due to the higher crime rates, which drive up insurance premiums.


Jersey City

Jersey City was the central prime spot for immigrants entering the United States. Most immigrants entered the US through Ellis Island. Ellis Island was in operation from 1892 to 1954. Ellis Island is responsible for over 12 million immigrant passengers. Liberty State Park is the most visited attraction in Jersey City. Liberty State Park is infamous for its views of the Manhattan skyline, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. The average cost of NJ Homeowners insurance in Jersey City is $1,300.



Paterson is home to Lambert Castle. Located in Northern New Jersey. Catholina Lambert was an English immigrant who was successful in the silk industry. He built this castle in 1892. The castle today reminds the Victorian Era and is a museum for the public to view. Home insurance quotes NJ residents gathered estimated the cost of coverage to be $1,232.



Located here in Elizabeth is the Liberty Hall Museum. The Liberty Hall museum is home to the first governor and signer of the Constitution. The Liberty Hall Museum has been around since the American Revolution. The famous Liberty Hall has been around for over 200 years of history. Originally built as a 14-room Georgian-style house, it is today a 50-room Victorian mansion. Home coverage in this city is an estimated $1,000 annually.



There are many different points of interest in Woodbridge. The Jonathon Singletary Dunham House is one of them. The Jonathon Singletary Dunham House was built near the grist mill in New Jersey. Johnathan was a member of the New Jersey Provincial Congress. He is also former President Barack Obama’s eighth great-grandfather.



Clifton is a city in New Jersey with a population of 85,000. The city of Clifton is well known for the movie Donnie Brasco, which was partially filmed in the city. Also, The Sopranos was filmed here. Former New York Yankee players Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto also owned a bowling alley in the town of Clifton.

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