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Ohio is home to many popular attractions. Two of these attractions are the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point. The Rock & Roll Hall of fame located the building on the shore of Lake Erie. The museum holds the archived history of the best artists and producers in the rock music industry. The hall of fame consists of seven different levels. The lower levels are dedicated to rock roots: gospel, blues, rhythm & blues, folk, and country/bluegrass. This level also features exhibits on significant cities that influenced rock & roll. Memphis, Detroit, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.

The artist uses the museum’s first floor level for special performances held throughout the year. The second floor consists of interactive kiosks that play one-hit wonders and songs that shape rock & roll for visitors. This level also includes a gallery full of exhibits about Les Paul, Alan Freed, and Sam Philips. Finally, visitors enter the museum through the third floor. The third floor consists of signatures on the walls by inductees, a theater that shows filmed musical milestones from inductees, and an exhibit full of artifacts from recent inductees. The fourth level of the hall of the fame is where visitors will exit—the top two stories of the hall of fame feature temporary, more extensive exhibits.


One of the most popular attractions in Ohio is Cedar Point. Cedar Point is a 300+ acre amusement park located right along Lake Erie. They opened the park in 1879. As a result, the park is the second oldest in the entire United States. Cedar Point has been titled “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” The park features over 70 world record rides for visitors. Of these 70 rides, 16 are labeled as roller coasters. Many visitors greatly enjoy the park and all the rides provided. However, keep in mind that you are at risk for injury every time you step foot on an amusement park ride. It is essential in case of an accident that you are covered. Minor and major injuries do happen at amusement parks. If damage occurs, it is necessary to have health insurance coverage. It is also the law to have coverage.

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Fun City Attractions in Ohio



Columbus is the capital of Ohio. If you are in the city, visit the Ohio Statehouse. This is the oldest working Statehouse in the United States. You can also tour the Statehouse and see many types of historical art. For example, a marble bust of President Lincoln. This marble bust is the only one the president ever posed for while alive. The grounds of the Statehouse have a history too. Civil War Union soldiers used the area as a camping site.



Cleveland is home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This city is also home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a must-see if you are a football fan. Visitors here can remember special moments in football history. Visitors can also create custom Super Bowl Rings and enjoy observing jerseys, helmets, and footballs. The memorabilia is from the past 110 years of football. The interactive museum exhibits are the most popular. Here you can enter the throwing cage and throw a pass, play Madden Football on one of the consoles, or compete in trivia with other visitors.



The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame is located in Cincinnati. This museum boasts the history of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. It is the second MLB team to form a Hall of Fame. The primary purpose of this museum is to preserve and promote the history of The Reds. Also, to honor all accomplishments and achievements the team has made. Inside you will see ten different baseball exhibits.

The first exhibit is the Palace of Fans Theater. This is a theater that is transformed into an old ballpark. You can sit over 90 people in the wooden grandstands in the theater. Once inside, guests can watch a film that documents unforgettable moments. The Hall of Records shows visitors that all the records players for the Reds have broken. The Ultimate Reds Room is another popular exhibit. The Reds Room is a room full of memorabilia. Memorabilia consists of bobbleheads, baseball cards, signs, and much more. Finally, the Reds Hall of Fame is a must-see for any fan.



Toledo’s population and growth are due to the construction of the Erie Canal. One popular attraction of Toledo is The Toledo Museum of Art. The Toledo Museum of Art features quality art. The collection contains over 30,000 pieces of art. The museum also shows significant collections of glass art too.



Akron is well known for being the home of the company Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats popularized oatmeal, which replaced breakfast pork. People had once thought that oats were only horse food. The dum-dum lollipop was also originated in Akron. Akron is also the host of the National Hamburger Festival.



The National Aviation Hall of Fame is located in Dayton. This museum honors pilots and space travelers. The museum also covers many flight areas, including space flight, sports aviation, commercial and military. The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, located in Dayton, provides a learning experience for children and adults by giving interactive science experiments. If you love science and experiments, then this place is for you.

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