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Kansas is located in the Midwestern portion of the US.  Kansas is bordered by Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. The state of Kansas is one of the most agricultural states in the entire US. It produces wheat, corn, sorghum, and soybeans. The state provides many activities for tourist to enjoy. Kansas history is definitely considered to be American history. Here you can walk in the same steps as Soldiers of the Civil War, tour the home of an American President, or sit in a classroom that was in a battle for Civil Rights. With all the museums, you can place yourself where the history happened.

Kansas is home to many famous people. Some of these people include Dwight Eisenhower, Amelia Earhart, Walter Chrysler, and John Brown. Dwight Eisenhower is well known for serving two terms as President, as well as his military career. While Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic. However, she vanished near the end of the flight around the world. Walter Chrysler is the founder of the Chrysler Corporation. John Brown led many successful battles against pro-slavery.

Kansas is also home to the Museum of World Treasures. Here inside the museum, you can experience treasures from around the world. The Museum of World Treasures is one of Witchita’s top rated attractions. Here you will discover treasures from all over the world. Here you can say that you have explored crusty bones, viewed Egyptian mummies, discover ancient civilizations, and so much more. The museum offers visitors over three floors of exhibits and surprises. It also offers a banquet room that’s is ideal for weddings, birthdays, meetings, and much more.

Another popular attraction is Strataca. Located in Kansas is the Strataca salt mine museum. You may know it previously as the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.  This museum is built inside of the world’s biggest rock salt deposits and allows visitors the opportunity to go 650 feet down below the earth’s surface. This is a unique destination for exploring carved salt deposits that formed millions of years ago. Within the United States there are also 14 other salt mines. However, none of them are open to tourists.

Some of the most expensive homeowners insurance rates in the entire US is located in Kansas. Many citizens in Kansas pay higher than average rates to protect their homes while others do not. This information all depends on the city the home is located in. Which cities can provide you with the best rate? Also, which cities should you avoid?

If you are looking to avoid the most expensive rates in the state of Kansas, stay clear of the entire Western half of the state. This is mostly due to the Great Plains. The Great Plains allows for high winds that can cause significant damage. The least expensive cities were all found together in the northeastern portion of the state. They are located far away from the Great Plains in Western Kansas.

Depending where you live in Kansas makes all the difference with your Kansas home insurance. If you are looking to receive affordable homeowners insurance quotes, keep these tips in mind. Quotes are everything. You must collect more than 3 Kansas homeowners insurance quotes. Make sure these quotes are from major companies. Do you want to remove all the hassle of wasting time collecting quotes? Insurance Quote Deals has the best solution for you. Receive your Kansas homeowners insurance quote from us today! We will do all the hard parts for you. We will collect Kansas homeowners insurance quotes from all major insurance companies and present you with the results. So, the only work you will complete is picking the right company for you! Remember cheaper is not always better and coverage is everything.




Most Visited Kansas Cities




Wichita is home to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Tanganyika Wildlife Park is an exotic destination. The location of the park provides some amazing backgrounds for pictures with rare and endangered animals. At the park, visitors will see Lemurs, Rhinos, Hippos, Giraffes, Turtles, Bunnies, and so much more. If you are looking to receive coverage here in the city of Wichita, it is an estimated $1,500.


Overland Park

The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a top attraction on Overland Park. The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead helps shows its city visitors the farm life. You will see over 200 different types of animals and birds. Children will also learn about how to grow flowers and vegetables. All parents treasure the memories made here at the farmstead. It is a must see for you and your family. Coverage for your home here is an estimated $1,712.


Kansas City

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is located here in Kansas City. It is very well known for its neoclassical architecture and its extensive collection of Asian art. The museum also holds over 34,000 pieces of art. This includes ceramic pieces to whimsical sculptures. Keep in mind that the collection here spans over 5000 years. Homeowners insurance coverage here will cost you an estimated $ 1,800.



The Kansas City Automotive Museum holds some of Kansas’ rich automobile history. Inside holds over 25 historic reader boards and interactive displays. The museum also features 30 cars that will rotate every 4 months or so. There is also a drive-in area that is reserved for the car club of the month.  The museum also highlights Kansas automobile history, hosts car club meetings, and many special events throughout the year. Look out for future add-ons to this building. Homeowners insurance coverage here is annually $1,000.



You will find the Evil Knievel Thrill Show and Museum located in Topeka. This is a new attraction opening in 2017. This museum will hold the largest world collection of authentic Evil Knievel leathers, jump bikes, and memorabilia.  In addition, there will also be featured exhibits that focus solely on the physics of the jumps to virtual reality jumps. Coverage for your home in the Topeka is $1,800.



Located in Lawrence is Clinton State Park. It is considered to be one of the largest marinas in the state and provides plenty of scenic beauty. The park also holds many special events that draw in visitors from all over the country. Receiving coverage for your home here will cost an estimated $1,600.

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