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Massachusetts Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance rates here in Massachusetts tend to be in the higher half of the nation. Due to this fact, there are many price differences in which individual drivers will pay. This price will also be determined by where people live and the insurance company they choose. Annual rates for drivers in Massachusetts range in price from $1050 at the cheapest insurer a year to $2050 for the most expensive. These variances in price should convince you to shop and compare Massachusetts auto insurance quotes.

Which companies in Massachusetts offer the cheapest auto insurance rates? Based on recent studies, we have found that these companies offer the cheapest rates in the state: One Beacon, National Grange, Norfolk and Dedham, Geico, and Commerce Insurance.

Auto insurance rates at these companies were on average $1211. This is considered to be a decrease from the average insurance company. Keep in mind that there are a few factors that will affect your auto insurance rates when collecting Massachusetts auto insurance quotes. These factors include your driving record, age, marital status, and which city you live in.

The most important of these factors is where you live and garage your car. Drivers that live in more densely populated cities will pay higher than average auto insurance rates. However, you can still find cheap Massachusetts auto insurance quotes by researching online.

The three largest auto insurance companies in Massachusetts are Commerce Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual, and Safety Insurance. It is important to review companies before deciding. These reviews should be considered because no one wants to be stuck with a bad company with no communication.

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Massachusetts Best City’s and Attractions



Boston is the most populated city in Massachusetts. It offers its visitors with many different things to do. The most popular activity is walking through The Freedom Trail. Due to the city being highly populated, you will find that auto insurance coverage here is an estimated $1621.



Worcester is known as being the central city in Massachusetts. This city is well known as a creative city. You will notice many music and theater activities such as Mechanics Hall and The Hanover Theatre. Car insurance deals can be found here in the city. However, expect to pay around $1705.



Some of the top attractions located here in Springfield is the Six Flags New England Park, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Springfield armory. If you are wondering about annual auto insurance rates here in the city, look no further. On average you will pay $1555 for coverage.



Located here in the city of Cambridge, you will find Harvard University. It is world famous for its surrounding boutiques, cafes, and vibrant energy. Auto insurance costs here in Cambridge are fairly expensive. You can expect to purchase auto coverage for around $1431.



Lowell is a smaller city. When it comes to auto insurance rates here, the price is slightly less than the before mentioned cities. Here in Lowell, you can determine that you will pay around $ 1500 for coverage on your automobile.



When it comes to the city of Brockton, you will find rates are on the expensive side. This could be due to a number of factors. While taking these into consideration, expect your auto insurance here in Brockton to be around $2109 annually.



Remember when it comes to your auto insurance rates, certain factors can and will affect them. Educate yourself to know what factors to look out for. A few factors that you should keep an eye on are your age, gender, driving record, and location. These are the key factors to keep an eye on when you decide to start shopping for auto insurance.

If you are a younger driver, expect higher rates, especially if you are just starting out. When it comes to gender, male drivers are more prone to accidents. Your driving record and location are two major factors when it comes to auto rates. If you have a poor driving record with multiple accidents and tickets, expect to pay more. If you happen to live in a bad crime ridden location, you will also experience higher rates as well.

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