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Alabama is home to the Moundville Archaeological Park. Furthermore, it is a national landmark site that contains over 25 large platform mounds in the entire park. The park is home to many different attractions. Moreover, mound B is the tallest earthen mound in Alabama. You will also find beautiful artifacts in the recently built museum. This park section also provides nature trails, a campground site, picnic areas, and a rental facility. You will find all this and more at the banks of the Black Warrior River. In addition, locals hold The Moundville Native American Festival here. It takes place in the fall and is considered the park’s most well-known event. This festival celebrates the culture and the heritage of Southeastern Indians.

Alabama is also home to many well-known landmarks and museums. The state of Alabama provides visitors with museums and many other historical places to visit and experience. In addition, Alabama provides visitors with over 1,000 National Register of Historic Places. This information also includes over 30 National Historic Landmarks and even a National Monument. A few of these historic sites are Russel Cave National Monument, Fort Toulouse, and the Pioneer Museum.

Alabama also provides many fun road trips. These road trips offer fun for the entire family. Here are a few road trip options you can take. The first trip is the Historic Churches road trip. This road trip takes visitors along the Civil Rights Trail. The Civil Rights Trail enables looks at Alabama’s several historic towns and cities. Receive an inside look at the most famous symbols of the Civil Rights Movement, which is the black church. Another popular road trip to take is Road Trip No. 8. Road Trip No 8 takes you through Montgomery. You will find plenty of history in the city of Montgomery.

Begin this tour by visiting the Montgomery Area Visitor Center. You will also find souvenirs at The Stop at Union Station gift shop. There are also many attractions and museums downtown. Other interests, however, you will need to drive to it. Montgomery features many different museums and attractions dedicated to the story of the city’s role in the Civil War. A must-visit in Montgomery is the Rosa Parks Museum and Children’s Wing. Anyone can locate it at the same site Police arrested Rosa Parks. Located a block away is the Freedom Rides Museum. It features contemporary art that showcases the story of freedom writers who faced a mob of violence with peaceful protest.

Anything can happen while traveling and visiting new places. No matter what type of trip, business or vacation, accidents happen. Being covered against any accident or injury is critical. No one wants to pay out of pocket for doctors’ visits or any other type of emergency. To be covered entirely, you will need health insurance. One of the first things to decide when shopping for Alabama health insurance quotes is what type of coverage you need. However, because a policy is cheap doesn’t mean it will completely cover your costs. Never settle for the most affordable policy. It is best to shop and compare Alabama quotes to find the best rates and coverage for you. Always be sure to reach at least 3 Alabama health insurance quotes. Health insurance coverage for Alabama is an estimated average of $2,600 annually.



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You will find one of the state’s most popular attractions in Birmingham. The Birmingham Zoo is an evolving attraction. Visitors travel all over the southeast to see the shows provided by the zoo. These shows include Rhino encounter, Giraffe feedings, lorikeet aviary, Predator Zone, and a Sea Lion show. In addition, the zoo’s newest addition is the Trails of Africa. Finally, the main goal of this is the conservation of threatened elephants.



The city of Montgomery offers plenty of family fun. One thing families like to do here is visit the WA Gayle Planetarium. So they located The Gayle Planetarium in Oak Park. The auditorium inside showcases projected images of the sun, the moon, and stars. Troy University operates the planetarium.



Here in Mobile, you will discover the birthplace of the Mardi Gras festival. Also in Mobile is the Mobile Carnival Museum. Once inside the museum, you will see the rich history and traditions of the carnival lifestyle. You will also get to see firsthand the designs of the Mardi Gras monarchs. They also show the art of costume design and float construction in the museum. Visitors can also view past videos of parades and balls. Inside you will also find a gallery of pictures from 1886.



If you are visiting the town of Huntsville, make sure you stop and visit the Huntsville Museum of Art. The permanent collection in the museum consists of over 2,500 objects. The museum also offers rental areas to the public. These areas include the plaza level, gallery level, and the great hall for wedding ceremonies. The museum also features a store where visitors can buy local art, jewelry, and handmade items.



You will find the old tavern museum located in the city of Tuscaloosa. The Old Tavern has been located downtown since 1827. The Old Tavern provides visitors with a glimpse into early city commercial architecture. It was a temporary home and meeting place for soldiers and legislators at one time.



In the city of Dothan, you will find the GW Carver Museum. Moreover, everyone knows The Carver Museum as a great source of African American history for its visitors. Locals built the museum in honor of Carver himself. It provides public tours that offer educational activities for all ages.

Auburn: The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is a leading Alabama art museum. The museum totals over 1,500 pieces of work. In addition, everyone can locate this museum at Auburn University’s main campus entry. This museum showcases over six different changing galleries, a lunchroom, a café, and a gift shop.

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