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Auto Insurance Quotes in NC don’t have to be so hard to find. We use previous customer data to determine what car insurance companies are the best fit for your profile, and then connect you with them without having to retype all of your information so that you can get an online car insurance quote for NC residents, right on your screen.

If you’re simply here to get an auto insurance quote in NC, just click on “Get A Quote” and receive your quote online in just minutes. If you would like to learn more about North Carolina or compare various car insurance rates in NC, read on to learn more.

North Carolina, or NC for short, offers many fun filled activities for adventurous outdoor people. These activities vary from beaches, biking, fishing, hunting, and camping.  North Carolina provides over 300 miles of beaches. The beaches here are a major tourist attraction. However, there is so much more to the beach. Try out a hang gliding class or go out and get a glimpse of the wild horses.

If you plan to visit North Carolina for biking, you are in for an amazing experience. There are biking trails for everyone. You can travel the scenic byway or take a more challenging trail. The US National Whitewater Center has many miles of trails based on easy to advanced trails. Fishing and hunting are also a favorite attraction of North Carolina. North Carolina offers opportunities to hunt deer, turkeys, and ducks. Do you like to fish? Here in the state, you can fish in freshwater rivers or lakes.


Are you planning on moving to North Carolina? What about your coverage? Auto insurance coverage is a must-have for anyone who owns a vehicle. The next question to ask is, where in the state can I find the best auto insurance rates? We have found that the average annual premium for drivers in North Carolina is $647.


By comparing quotes, we found the companies with the most expensive rates. These companies had rates 30% higher than the normal average. These companies are Allstate, MetLife, and Safeco. However, quotes you receive will be different. North Carolina auto insurance quotes are determined by the number of drivers and their driving records. In order to receive the best quote for you, be sure to compare. Make sure you compare at least 3 different quotes.


Remember having auto insurance is crucial. You must be protected, especially if an accident occurs. You do not want to risk not being able to repair or replace your vehicle in case of an accident.



Auto insurance quotes NC – Rates per City



Charlotte is well known for being the home of the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  You can also experience the Nascar Hall of Fame, as it is one of the area’s top attractions. The Nascar hall of fame is 150,000 square feet of pure Nascar. Here you can see over 1,000 artifacts.  North Carolina auto insurance rates here are a yearly average of $760.



Raleigh is North Carolina’s capital. The population of this city is 431,745. This city contains over 35 historic attractions and museums. One popular museum is the North Carolina Museum of History. This museum offers activities and programs for the young and old.  Coverage here will cost $670.



Greensboro is home to the Greensboro Coliseum. The coliseum was built in 1959. It is the second largest arena in the nation. This city is also home to Mack Trucks. Mack Trucks sells and services truck in over 45 different countries. Lydia’s bridge, located in Greensboro, is said to be haunted. It is said that a young woman will stand on the bridge and flag down cars. Once she gets in, she will vanish. Coverage in this city will cost you an estimated $600 annually.



Durham is home to Duke University. Duke University publishes over 125 books a year. One nickname for the city of Durham is “City of Medicine”. This is because of the city’s contributions to innovations in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medicine. North Carolina auto insurance quotes in Durham are an estimated $720.



This city is known as the Twin City, because of its given hyphenated name. The two cities were merged in 1913. Here in Winston-Salem, you will find citizens that are dedicated to theater and the fine arts. Auto insurance here will cost you $550.



If you are visiting the town of Fayetteville, make sure you visit the Museum of Cape Fear. This museum features two floors full of exhibits. These exhibits include American Indians, Early Settlement, Civil War, Textiles and much more. The museum offers over 400 hundred years of history to go over. North Carolina auto insurance quotes here is $835.



Cary is said to be a bedroom community. The definition of a bedroom community is a city where people only sleep, due to all the jobs being in neighboring cities. However, the city of Cary is known to draw in Yankees from other areas. Less than 25% of the population were actually born in the city. If you are looking for auto insurance coverage in this town, rates will cost you $670.



Wilmington is known as one of the most accessible coastal destinations. This city experiences very mild fall weather. This city is an ideal getaway with your special someone. Wilmington experiences fewer crowds around the fall season as well. Also, check out the many festivals in Wilmington that fall has to offer. Auto coverage rates in this city run an estimated $705.



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