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New Jersey offers tourists the trip of a lifetime. The state offers so many fun activities for visitors. If you love the outdoors, NJ has some attractions for you. Stop by the Legends Riding Stable in Vernon. At the Legends Riding Stable, you can ride horseback and see the scenic east coast. The stable consists of over 350 acres of wood. This is a great activity for adults and kids of all ages. The stable also offers riding lessons for beginners. Legends Riding Stable is open year-round. The trails here are beautiful no matter which season you visit. You can even ride in the snow! The Legends Stable is located in Vernon, across from Minerals Hotel and Spa,

Another great New Jersey attraction is the A. Casola Farms. You can experience farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and fun here at the farm! The A.Casola Farms is a family farm. The farm has a 200-acre arboretum for visitors to see! The farm also grows hay straw and produces it wholesale and retail. A. Casola Farms also offer many fun seasonal events for the whole family. For example, the farm annually holds a Fall Fest for the community. The Fall Fest is fun for all ages!

You can pick your pumpkins at the festival, experience a haunted hayride, corn mazes, and much more! The farm also holds many Christmas activities and events. Christmas at Casola Farms consists of carriage rides, a live animal nativity scene, and pictures with Santa Cause. Experience choirs that perform live while you enjoy your time at the farm. If you are looking for a fun family trip, A. Casola Farms is all about family time. You will find this farm located in Holmdel.

New Jersey is also home to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The Delaware Water gap park was established to preserve nature, culture, and the Delaware River valley. The park offers many activities like hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and bike riding.

Hiking in the Delaware Water Gap Area is beautiful year-round. With the removal of the leaves, winter is a perfect time to see areas the leaves once covered. In the spring, hikers will see wildflowers and flowering trees. Hikers can find incredible retreats such as streams, cascades, and falls in the summer. Finally, in autumn, hikers have the beauty of the leaves to see.

Kayaking is a great activity to get out and enjoy with family. The Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River offers the best water recreation opportunities in the Eastern US. The river provides lots of quiet pools and shorter riffles to make it easier for beginner paddlers wanting to relax.

Bike riding is a popular activity in the park. Here inside the park, you can take the McDade Recreational Trail. This trail is a gravel-packed path parallel to the Delaware River. This trail is approximately 32 miles and is the best for mountain bikes.

Enjoying the outdoors is excellent. It is always important to exercise and to be as healthy as possible. Being fit and active helps add to your lifetime. Health insurance coverage is essential in the United States today. You will be fined if you are not covered with proper health insurance. Therefore, it is always necessary to have coverage. Paying for medical bills and doctor visits can get expensive. You o not want to pay for these costs out of pocket. Paying out of pocket gets costly.

When searching for New Jersey health insurance quotes, you must know the best coverage. Collect health insurance quotes from many different companies. Never pick the first quote you receive. Also, remember to review companies. Sometimes companies will receive bad reviews. Please pay attention to these reviews, as they will help make your decision easier. Collecting all these quotes from different companies can sometimes be a hassle. Here at Insurance Quote Deals, we will eliminate that tedious process. We will collect the proper New Jersey health insurance quotes and present you with all the results. We will find what is best for you regarding New Jersey health insurance quotes.



The Best of New Jersey




Here in the city of Newark, you will find the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is an 18,000-seat arena and entertainment venue. It is the home of the New Jersey Devils NHL team, major concerts, and other entertainment venues. The areas surrounding the Prudential Center are the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Newark Symphony, Riverfront Stadium, and Red Bull Park.


Jersey City

The city of Jersey City is home to the Central Railroad Terminal. Back in the 1800s, transporting goods and supplies was in high demand. However, there was no such method of transportation invented yet. Eventually, railroads became the leading solution to meet these vast demands. The CRRNJ bought massive acreage in Jersey City and opened the first terminal. However, soon after, a larger terminal was needed. Immigration due to Ellis Island increased the traffic at the airport. The increase was as much as several thousand immigrants a day. The CRRNJ Terminal stands today with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The airport is considered an essential era in American history.



If you are visiting the city of Paterson, a must-see is the Pietro and Maria Botto House. This house is also known as the Pietro Botto House. This house is a national landmark and is home to the American Labor Museum. Almost a century ago, workers on strike shut down Paterson’s silk industry for six months. The count of workers was around 25,000. These workers were not allowed to gather in the city. The workers instead gathered at the Pietro and Maria Botto home.

Pietro and Maria were two Italian immigrants that worked in the Patterson silk mills. Today the home features the American Labor Museum. The museum inside is open throughout Labor Day weekend. Inside you will see a few rooms accessible to the public. The dining room where Maria did piecework is available for public viewing. You can also tour the gardens where she served meals to visitors. In addition, you will see a gallery of photos from the strike of 1913 in the library. The most popular time for visitors is Labor Day weekend.



Elizabeth is well known for the company Electric Boat Company. The Electric Boat Company got its start here in this city. The company started off building submarines for the United States Navy. This began with the launch of the USS Holland. These aircraft types were developed at Lewis Nixon’s Crescent Shipyard in Elizabeth.



The J.J. Brewing Company was founded here in the city of Woodbridge. The company was established in 1997. It was the first brewery to operate in Woodbridge since the prohibition in 1933. This restaurant is three stories tall and resides in a 100-year-old brick building. If you decide to visit, you will experience the finest American Grill Cuisine and handcrafted beer. This is the 2nd best brewpub in America, according to


Toms River

Toms’s’s River is well known for its part in the 1979 version of The Amityville Horror. While filming, local police, firefighters, and ambulances filled in as extras. The fire department needed to provide rain for an outdoor scene. If you watch closely in the movie, you can see the rain and notice that the next street over the weather is sunny.



In 1968 Trenton was home to the Trenton Riots. This was a massive riot after the assassination of Martin Luther King. This took place in Memphis. Many race-related riots broke out throughout the nation following the assassination. Over 250 businesses in Trenton were ransacked and burned. Over 320 people were arrested for assault, arson, looting, and violating the emergency curfew.



The Walt Whitman house can be found in Camden, New Jersey. It is the last residence of the famous American poet Walt Whitman. It is considered a historic building. Although his house was constructed in 1848, the only home Whitman had ever owned. Whitman grew in fame at this house with works such as Leaves of Grass. Today Whitman’s house is a National Historic Landmark and a New Jersey State Historic Site.

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