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Depending on where drivers in Vermont live and park their cars will determine your auto insurance rates. The most affordable cities in the entire state were all found in the same county. These cities were all situated in the northwestern portion of the state. The average cost of auto insurance in Vermont is $1200. At the same time, the most expensive cities in the state have low populations and are scattered throughout the state.


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Visiting Vermont?


No matter what time of the year you visit Vermont, the many attractions and destinations are plentiful throughout the state. This state is a four-season state for tourism. The weather is not a determining factor if you want to have a good time in Vermont. If you are an outdoors person, many ski resorts are always up for offering a good time in Vermont. If you prefer to experience the arts, culture, and historical sites, there are many things to share—museums, galleries, and artisan shops. There are so many great places in Vermont it’s hard to know where to begin your adventure.


Vermont takes pride in its many traditions. It is the perfect spot for family vacations. So many families take a trip to the museum, a mountain getaway, shopping, or a hunting trip. It’s so easy to start a family tradition in Vermont. To keep the kids entertained, perhaps take them to historic sites, museums, and many other educational places. Your kids will be entertained while learning about the state’s history and life. Ensure you and your family save time for the skiing and hiking trails. Also, browse downtown for the perfect souvenir to bring home.


Every season in Vermont has something to offer for everyone. Every season provides abundant activities. The spring season includes maple syrup, summer provides longer outdoor days, fall is the perfect time for harvesting and local foods, and winter is the best season for skiing. Most children remember the family skiing trips, shopping, and apple picking. Many tours and visiting spots in Vermont are perfect for children. For example, you can take time off the Ben & Jerry’s factory to see an up-close look at how ice cream is made. You can also tour Lake Champlain Chocolates and the Maple Grove Maple Museum, where you will see candy and also maple syrup being made. Children especially like the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory because you can see the whole process of making teddy bears.


For outdoor activities, there are many farms. Here at the farms, you can pick apples, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. Corn mazes are also a popular family attraction. Kids can experience Vermont by train, boat, horseback, or llamas for even more extensive views. The Trapp Family Lodge offers visitors sleigh rides, while you can horseback ride anywhere in the state.



Auto Insurance Costs in Vermont



Burlington is known as a vibrant and historic town, but simultaneously innovative. It is a city with charm while also portraying an edginess. Many locals and visitors of the town enjoy the walkable downtown, the parks, and the many cheerful streets. Food lovers will especially love the chocolatiers, breweries, and farm-to-table restaurants. Auto insurance rates here in Burlington are an estimated $1000 annually.



South Burlington

The world’s tallest filing cabinet will not be found in an office. It’s located here in South Burlington, in a field of weeds. The most elevated filing cabinet is a stack of 38 filing cabinets that were all welded on each other. Most cabinet drawers are empty, but some are full of auto parts from a shredded MG Midget sports car. Vermont auto insurance quotes here in South Burlington are pretty average. Annually the best auto insurance coverage here costs $1085.



Rutland City

Wilson Castle is located here in Rutland City. The Wilson Castle was built in the 19th century. The castle has been the home of 5 generations of the Wilson family. It is designed as a blend of European styles. Part of the estate is presently in the Wilson Foundation. The castle is built of English brick and marble. At the same time, the inside is full of nineteen open arches and a towering turret. Auto insurance here in Rutland City is an estimated $1145.




Colchester is home to the Fleming Museum of Art. This museum has been a prize for residents and tourists for over 70 years. The museum is located on the main campus of the University of Vermont. The museum opened in 1931 and is a suitable place for learning. It can be described as an ongoing educational institution for both children and adults. The museum today holds the most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts. Vermont Auto insurance rates here is annually an estimated $956.




Bennington is everything you imagine in Vermont. Visitors will experience over 35 shops, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes when walking down Main Street. Therefore, downtown is a vibrant cultural scene with a live theater, art galleries, and museums. The art district has six galleries, two performance centers, a live theater, and an art park. Bennington auto insurance coverage annually is an estimated $1172.


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