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Located in the mid-Atlantic portion of the US is Delaware. Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania border this state. The state of Delaware provides many fun activities to do. When you think of Delaware, think of a friendly and fun beach town. Delaware beach boutiques offer visitors tax-free shopping at the beach boutiques. In the state of Delaware, you are provided with many opportunities for exploration. The southern portion of Delaware also offers many beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. All along the state, there are many fun activities. At the same time, the northern part of the state provides Delaware’s best museums, gardens, mansions, and entertainment venues.


Delaware also provides historic venues for visitors. The Amstel House is one of a few surviving colonial buildings in the state. Dr. John Finney built the Amstel House and was the wealthiest landowner in the town. This house is graced with original woodwork, fine details, and an open hearth. Walk-in tours and guided tours are available.


Perhaps visit the Cannonball Maritime House next. This house symbolizes the society and also the town of Lewes. The house was previously used as a restaurant, laundry store, and mayor’s office. In addition, the Cannonball House is home to the Lewes Historical Society maritime museum. Inside are nationally essential pieces of marine art and memorabilia. This includes the Fresnel Lens of Fourteen Foot Bank Light.


The Dutch House is also a must-see in Delaware. Here at the Dutch House, you will step back into the sea days of the 17th century. While here, enjoy the pewter set at a hutch table. Also, discover the kas, a spoon rack, a 1714 Bible, and many fascinating Dutch Colonial artifacts. Louise Du Pont Crowninshield collected all these remarkable antiques and can be observed here at the house.

Delaware also provides many outdoor activities for families to enjoy. So get out in the open and enjoy Delaware’s best outdoor activities. Due to Delaware’s diverse geography, it provides something for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, the top outdoor activities are water sports, fishing, sunbathing, boating, biking, and birding. Here are a few popular outdoor attractions located in Delaware. They are Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park, and Trap Pond State Park.


Delaware is a beautiful tourist destination. Therefore, it is essential to be covered if you own a home or even a vacation home here. Do you know that there are significant factors that can determine how much you pay for your Delaware homeowners insurance? These factors are crime rates, weather, location to the coast, and construction costs. Studies have shown that the most affordable Delaware homeowners insurance is found in New Castle County. Located in the northern region of the state is New Castle County.

The most expensive rates in the state of Delaware are all mostly located in Sussex County. This is near the southern portion of Delaware—the reason why the insurers only know this is because these towns experience unusually high rates. As stated earlier, it is usually due to crime rates, costs of labor, the cost of construction, coast location, and the type of fire department for the area. However, there are other ways to save on your Delaware homeowners insurance. First, avoid overpaying for your homeowner’s insurance by collecting and comparing Delaware homeowners insurance quotes.

By collecting and comparing homeowners insurance quotes, you can find the right coverage for you at the price you can afford. To get you started, here are a few tips to help you in your insurance search. First, obtain at least three or more quotes from major companies. Therefore collecting these quotes will help give you a side-by-side comparison of prices. Managing selection is such a long process. It’s a repetitive task. You visit each site and enter the same information repeatedly to find the best deals.

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Delaware City Stops You Must See




Wilmington is home to the Hagley Museum and Library. You will find the Hagley Museum located on 230 acres of land along the banks of the Brandywine. The museum and the grounds also include the first DuPont family home and garden in the US. The Hagley Museum features many exhibits that show all connections between early industrial technology and early American history, the history of the DuPont family, the DuPont Company, and so much more. At the same time, the Hagley Library is home to a significant collection of research. The collection includes manuscripts, archives, photographs, and so much more. Be sure to plan your visit today. Homeowners insurance coverage here in Wilmington is an estimated $812.




Here in Dover is the Delaware Agricultural Museum. This museum is dedicated to the child who believes milk solely comes from the grocery store instead of a cow, adults who remember their grandparent’s farm, or families who take farming for granted. The Delaware Agricultural Museum offers visitors a memorable and educational experience. At the same time, the museum’s primary goal is to preserve the agricultural heritage of Delaware. Therefore, the museum also features many exhibits, including a quilt and tractor exhibits. Homeowners’ insurance rates in Dover are an estimated price of $755.




Newark is home to the University of Delaware. This school is known for its many different programs in various subjects. However, the school is best known for its business, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry classes. Also, Newark’s main street is trendy among university students and residents as the main street offers many restaurants and boutique options. Coverage for your home in Newark is an estimated $640.




Middletown is the location of the Olde Tyme Peach Festival. It is an annual tradition that attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors each August. At the same time, other activities include local art and historical exhibits, live music, crafts, games, and food. Rates in this area are an estimated $600.




Smyrna is home to the three Palms Zoo and Education Center. 3 Palms is the state of Delaware’s only Rescue Zoo and Education Center. 3 Palms is not a typical commercialized zoo; it is a nonprofit rescue center. During your visit here, you will experience educational exposure to exotic and wild animals in natural surroundings. Here in Smyrna, coverage for your home is an estimated $710.

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