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If you are traveling to South Carolina, there are many different places you must see. Start by visiting White Point Gardens. Towards the tip of the peninsula is White Point Gardens. The gardens provide beautiful views of Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter. In the past, White Point Gardens served as a public square. In the 1700s, pirates were held in the courtyard and hanged here. Local legends state that pirates haunt the gardens. Boats brought settlers to the Charleston area. However, that also allowed the entry of pirates and potential invaders. For protection, citizens built a wall around the city. Remnants of the wall remain marked with bronze today, making the remaining wall pieces easy to spot.

South Carolina played a significant role in the American Revolution. Many of the wars landmarks are still here today. Be sure to make your way over to Historic Brattonsville. Historic Brattonsville is a living American Revolution history set on over 700 acres. You can explore more than 30 landmark structures here and learn about Colonial life. Volunteers hold reenactments here too.

Another favorite tourist attraction in SC is the Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site. Visitors here can also take a self-guided tour around the property. The show includes restored Colonial and Revolutionary War buildings. Every year on the second weekend of November, a reenactment brings the site back to life. Auto insurance is a must-have if you own a vehicle in South Carolina. You must be covered if an accident occurs. But, you may wonder, what are the average costs of South Carolina auto insurance quotes? Where are the most expensive rates in the state? Can I find affordable car insurance rates?

The least expensive rates are an estimated 14% lower than the most expensive rates. Cities located in the Western part of the state towards the border of Tennessee have the lowest rates. Found in towns in the center of the state are South Carolina’s most expensive rates. They are the most costly because these cities have a higher crime rate than others. However, anyone can obtain cheaper car insurance if you compare South Carolina auto insurance quotes from at least three different insurers at Insurance Quote Deals. Getting three quotes will give you a range of quotes to give you more information so you don’t overpay for your coverage.

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South Carolina’s Star Attractions



Columbia is home to Fort Jackson. Fort Jackson is over 50,000 acres. Moreover, it is the largest active Training Center in the US. This fort features over 45 ranges, over 900 buildings, and 44,000 soldiers trained annually. The military named Fort Jackson after the seventh president of the United States and Army General: Andrew Jackson.



Middleton Place House Museum is a famous tourist attraction in Charleston. In 1755. This collection showcases generations of the Middleton family. The Middleton family are rice planters that shaped the US through the Civil War. You will see family furniture, silver, porcelain, and rare books.


Mount Pleasant

Well known in the city is Charles Pinckney. He was an author and a signer of the Constitution. Historians preserved his plantation to tell his story. Furthermore, Charles’s life consisted of public service. Moreover, he has served at every level of government. Some examples include South Carolina Government and as an Ambassador to Spain under President Thomas Jefferson. Snee Farm is Charles Pinckney’s plantation. Here you are allowed to learn about the environment that influenced Pinckney’s life and his addition to the US constitution.


Rock Hill

Located in York County is Rock Hill. York County is home to the Museum of York County. In addition, the museum highlights the natural history of the Carolina Piedmont. Once inside, you can look at the Settlemyre Planetarium or stop by Tot Town for some kid fun. Vernon Grant Gallery also features many exhibits that explore natural history. Settlemyre Planetarium is a full dome theater that shows visitors a journey of the galaxy. Settlemyre is one of two full-dome theaters in northern South Carolina.



Visitors will locate the Dark Corner Distillery on Main Street in Greenville. Dark Corner Distillery is the home of the “World’s Best Moonshine.” It received this title because the distillery provides the best drinks around. Visitors can stop in for a tasting. The tasting includes a sampling of the six finest spirits. The distillery is available for private, corporate, or significant event groups.



Located in the city of Summerville is Drayton Hall. Drayton Hall is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest original plantations that are open today. Drayton Hall also includes the oldest African American cemeteries in the entire US. The Hall also offers tours and programs that help the public learn.



Located here in Sumter is the world’s largest Ginkgo farm. The plant Ginkgo is made into pharmaceuticals because it is said to boost memory. The Ginkgo Farm is over 1,000 acres.

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