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In today’s day and age one would think that you could simply go onto a website and easily get quotes on your screen from multiple carriers. The fact is that insurance companies won’t release their live data to anyone. If you visit a site and they claim otherwise, they are just trying to deceive you. Even Google recently tried to work with the insurance carriers to provide accurate quotes in real time. Rumor has it, the carriers would not share their live data for fear that Google would learn how to sell insurance and no longer need them.

We use a combination of historical data and our own proprietary real time carrier ranking solution to match you with the carriers you are both qualified for AND the carrier that is most likely going to give you the best rate.

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TIP: Did you know the time of day you request a quote can affect your rate? Our data shows a 17% lower rate for customers that submit for a quote between 8am and 5pm Monday-Friday.


How insurance companies define you as a customer


Every customer can be broken down into 3 basic profiles. There isn’t really a standard terminology for these classifications so we will call them Standard, Non Standard, and Not Currently Insured.

A standard customer is the one that will get the best insurance rates. This is someone that is currently insured with another company and has not received any ticket or other moving violation. Nor have they been in any type of accident, even if not at fault. These customers will usually qualify for the best rates from the best companies in your area. Insurance companies constantly change their rates so whatever was the lowest 6 months ago, might not be the best deal today. Our algorithm is constantly updating in real time so it’s best to check back from time to time and see if a new result pops up for you. You just never know.

A non standard customer is a step back from a standard customer. When you fall into this category, you still have lots of options. Before I talk about that, let me tell you what got you here. This is someone who pays their bill on time and has had continual coverage over the last several years. However, they were in an accident or possibly got a speeding ticket. There is something in your past, or it could even be the type of car you have, that signals a warning flag as being higher risk to insure. It’s every insurance company’s goal to make as much profit as possible off of you. One of the best factors they have is to minimize risk. Even if you don’t agree with it, history has a  way of repeating itself. The numbers simply don’t lie.

Now, you still have a lot of options, they are just much harder to find. If this is you then you will REALLY love our service. There are some carriers that are high risk carriers and their rates reflect it. These carriers LOVE to get non standard customers because the acquisition cost are much lower and the majority of customers with a “history” are accustomed to paying a higher rate. Not because they want to, but because they simply do not know any better. Hopefully you’ve read this entire article and have stuck with me because the low risk carriers will write non standard customers as long as they fall into their guidelines. For example, Geico might accept anyone that has no more than 1 accident and 1 ticket in the last 2 years. Progressive might accept anyone that has no more than 2 tickets but no accidents in the last 2 years. This is just a simplified and fictional example of a much more complex set of evolving rules but you should get the idea.

We take into account all the variables in your profile and repeatedly match you with the best insurance carrier for your needs. Regardless of your past, we can help match you with the best coverage at the lowest rate.

To the currently uninsured customer, let me say in advance that I’m sorry. Not being currently insured sends off a major warning to insurance carriers and only specific high risk carriers will even offer coverage. Why? Because there are two major reason why a person does not have insurance.

First, you don’t have insurance because you are a new driver or only recently purchased a vehicle to drive full time. Inexperience plays a role in a person’s ability and judgement. Granted, an inexperienced person could have more ability than someone with lots of practice. This tends to be the exception other than the rule. No insurance company is going to care about your individual ability because there is no way to gauge it.

Second, you currently are uninsured because you didn’t pay your bill. Stuff happens, I get it. However, as soon as you show a tendency to not pay your bills on time your rates will suffer. This is why every carrier will require a credit check before issuing a policy. You can get a quote without a credit check but you can’t get binded coverage without one. If you read the fine print of any online insurance quote you receive you will see what I mean. Some carriers are competitive in this segment and we know who they are in your area. We can always find you coverage and always for the best possible rate. Just please be honest when you build your profile.

Long story short, let us match you up with the right companies for your specific situation.


We can help by building your profile


Rates vary wildly based on location. Insurance carriers use every tool available to determine how much risk  you are. One of the most confusing is what actual geolocation the carrier writes coverage for. For example, Florida and California residents have a hard time finding competitive homeowners insurance due to hurricanes and earthquakes.  Beyond the state restrictions, urban areas tend to see higher rates due to to crime and rural areas tend to have more fatal accidents due to wild animals. Every area is unique and no two zip codes will give the same result. Simply moving across town could affect your rates more than you think. It’s always best to get a quote for every type of coverage you have before moving across the state.

How many times will i get a call? We will never be that company that merely sells your data a thousand times over. We are here to establish a brand and disrupt the insurance industry. We can’t do that unless we establish a rapport with you and help you achieve a positive result without frustration. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. And with that comes yet another formula to determine when to give you 1, 2, or even 3 offers. We take your profile and closely match it with recent and historic data. We will know exactly where you can get the best deal. However, sometimes that is a toss up among several carriers and you should get multiple quotes to determine a winner. Other times there is only one clear cut winner for your situation, car type and zip code. The only way to find out is to check. Remember, you will get the best rates if you submit Monday-Friday 8am-5pm in your local time zone.


Now that you have a profile


Every carrier’s objective is to sell you insurance at the highest possible premiums. The only way to save is by visiting every carrier available in your state. Unfortunately, this would take forever and you would have to fill out their form over and over again. We help save you time by knowing the industry and being selective with whom we work. It wouldn’t be a good experience for you to get a rate from a carrier who isn’t competitive and does nothing to strengthen the Insurance Quote Deals brand.  We don’t send your data directly to the carrier without first checking with them. We actually send them your profile without any contact information and they will score it and return it to us within seconds. This is all done in real time for you and we only match you once their data is confirmed.

Another problem is that every carrier has different guidelines for insurance and it could vary from one street to the next. While your neighbor might have the lowest rate from State Farm, your best rate could come from Farmers insurance. There are hundreds of options available to you and we understand how frustrating it can become. Let Insurance Quote Deals simplify the process for you.

We here at Insurance Quote Deals have worked with all the major carriers for years and have been steadily compiling data and follow all the market trends in order to save you time and money on your insurance needs. We specialize in providing online insurance quotes in real time and understand the market inside and out.

All the information we ask you is critical to providing you the best possible rate. We only ask relevant questions that will affect if you qualify with specific carrier. Once we know what carriers you are qualified for, we pass on your details to the top insurance carriers that will provide you with an insurance policy. Once you fill out our form, we will save your information securely and have it ready for you when you return to get a quote from a different carrier or even get a quote for a different insurance type. We are the only online insurance quote system to offer 20+ insurance types and the only site you will ever need to get the best insurance deals online.

Zero time wasted on your part. We’ve already done all the legwork. Let us help you find your best deal on insurance today.



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