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Alaska is the most significant state, by area, in the US. The state of Alaska was added to the union as the 49th state in the year 1959. Alaska lies far northwest of North America. Alaska was obtained by the United States in 1867. Many believed that Alaska provided nothing of value. However, in the 1890s, gold was first discovered. This led to an increase in settlers. The Arctic Ocean surrounds the state towards the north. To the South, you will find the Pacific Ocean. The capital of Alaska is Juneau.


In 1880, gold was found in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. There were many gold strikes in Alaska and even in the upper Yukon area before the discovery of gold in Klondike in 1896. The Klondike discovery told the world that gold could be found in the north. By the time the rush had started, people arriving from other states had found that all the good ground was already taken. Therefore they left for home disappointed. Others stayed around waiting for the next rumor of gold. At the same time, many others headed down the Yukon and into Alaska to still search for gold.



The Klondike Gold Rush is described as the migration of 150,000 prospecting to the Klondike region. It is also known as the Alaska Gold Rush, the Last Great Gold Rush, and the Yukon Gold Rush. Gold was found along the Klondike River. However, due to the region and the harsh weather, the news of gold didn’t reach others until the following year. Many reports in newspapers created mass chaos that became nationwide. This led to many people quitting their jobs to become gold diggers. Due to the extremely harsh weather and terrain took many travelers a year to reach the Klondike. There were many long mountain climbs, travel over frozen rivers, and cold and snowstorms.


The mass number of people that arrived in Klondike led to only 3,000 finding gold. These people sold claims instead of digging for gold. Prospectors that found gold spent most of their time in saloons, while the ones who didn’t continue their search. Miners had to deal with many diseases. Diseases during the Gold Rush were excruciating, and there weren’t many doctors for the ill miners. Some luckily found a doctor, but others did not so much. One of the main sicknesses was Cholera. Cholera is an infection that includes the side effects of vomiting and diarrhea. This is usually due to drinking water or food that’s been contaminated—also Scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness in which you lack vitamin C.


Maintaining good health is something many people today strive for. Regular checkups and other doctor visits are crucial to maintaining a healthy life. Presently in the United States today, it is a requirement by law to have health insurance coverage. If a health insurance policy does not cover you, it will result in a fine. So when shopping for Alaska health insurance quotes, you must first know how much coverage you want. Sometimes going the cheap route isn’t always best.


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Which cities should I visit in Alaska?




The city of Anchorage is an adventurous place. Here in the city, you can climb glaciers, ski, eat at a world-class restaurant, or perhaps watch a show. Alaska’s city gives many conveniences without compromising open spaces and adventure. Anchorage is a simple and easy town. Adventurous people will have places to explore, while the more sophisticated people also have their rooms. This is a destination that can offer you the best of both worlds.




Juneau is the capital of Alaska. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities and the most visited community in the entire state. Juneau is a town that is compact and very easy to get around. You can easily travel on foot. The main attractions in Juneau are the capitol building, Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, and several museums.




There are many unique experiences to be done in Fairbanks. This includes a gold mine tour and a paddlewheel boat ride on the Chena River. The city of Fairbanks is also an excellent jumping-off point for the Alaska Arctic region tours. Due to the location of Fairbanks, the summer provides you with endless daylight hours and warm temperatures. At the same time, the winter is full of freezing temperatures and clear skies.




Sitka is known as the only inside passage that fronts the Pacific Ocean. Old remnants of Russian history mark this city. This includes many onion-shaped domes, and even gold-colored Saint Michael’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral crosses. Sitka is also recognized as the heart of the Russian influence in Alaska.



Wasilla is home to the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry. The Alaska we all know today was formed with many booms and busts. Gold and other resource exploration provided the development of railroads, roads, and aircraft. But unfortunately, the day’s technology was left behind because it was too expensive. This museum gave a home to the transportation and industrial remains to tell the stories of the machines and people that opened Alaska to growth.

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