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Iowa Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are a resident of Iowa, you should know how important it is to have auto insurance coverage. An auto policy is required if you want to drive in all of the US. The main purpose of having this coverage is to be protected in the event of an accident. When it comes to auto rates, did you know that they can vary up to hundreds of dollars!? Yes, with your current policy you could be overpaying. It is extremely crucial that you shop online for Iowa auto insurance quotes.


When it comes to shopping online for quotes, you will need to know who the best companies are. The best companies will be able to offer you great coverage along with affordable rates. For the state of Idaho, the average cost of car insurance is $1,140. However, the premiums for each city changed dramatically by each company. For the state of Iowa, the cost of coverage varied between $1,100 a year between the most expensive and least expensive insurer.


Each company will vary in the rates that they give you. It is crucial that you understand the importance of collecting online auto insurance quotes in Iowa. Since there is such a big gap in rates, you will need to collect at least 3 or more quotes. That way you can ensure that you aren’t going to be overpaying for a policy.



Where can I find the most affordable Iowa Auto?


In order to find the best rates in Iowa, you will need to review companies and collect an auto insurance quote in Iowa from each one. The cheapest company based on recent studies is Progressive at $700. While MetLife ranked the highest in coverage available at $1,700.


That’s quite a difference in rates. Along with Progressive, these other insurers had the best rates for insuring their vehicles: Hastings and Partners Mutual. While these companies are still on the cheaper side in Iowa: Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Geico.



Who are the most expensive insurers?

The most expensive insurers in the state of Iowa were Victoria Insurance, Metlife, and Sentry. They offered the most expensive premiums for drivers in Iowa. These rates provided were 55% more than the Iowa average. The cost is also around two times the cost of a cheaper company rate.


Iowa – Top Attractions


If you are looking to move or visit the state of Iowa be sure to keep in mind these amazing attractions. First, the Maquoketa Caves State Park. Here at the park visitors are able to explore the cave features. There are many other activities that you can participate in at the park. This includes bird watching, camping, Hiking, museums, and so much more.


Another great spot is the Blank Park Zoo. Here at the zoo, you can experience so many different animals. This zoo dates back to around 1961. The zoo sits on over 49 acres of land. While 22 acres are accompanied by animal exhibits and facilities.  There are over 100 different animal species. While 1,484 specimens are cared for by the zoo. Some of the animals include lions, tortoises, tigers, giraffe, penguins, red pandas, and so much more!


Finally, be sure to check out the Amana Colonies. Step back in time here at the seven villages of the Amana Colonies. You will experience locally crafted foods, furniture, art, and so much more. Here at the colonies, you will experience the villages, meet many artists, sample great food, and locally crafted beer and wine.



Here are the best cities to receive affordable auto coverage


Des Moines

Des Moines is known as the capital of Iowa. The attractions located in Des Moines are constantly changing. There are so many new additions to this city, such as the Australian exhibit at the Blank Park Zoo. Des Moines is a top location for insurance companies. The annual premium in this city is $1,490. This around 30% more than the state average.



Iowa City

Iowa auto quotes tell us that coverage here is an estimated $990. This beats the state average by around 10%. Iowa City was incorporated in 1839. You will find here in the city that the largest employers are the Hospitals and clinics. This city is also home to the ACT testing service.



Cedar Rapids

There are some great Iowa auto insurance deals here. The average cost of auto insurance coverage here is $1,100. Looking for fun things to do in Cedar Rapids? This city is home to many great Iowa landmarks such as Grant Wood’s studio, this is where he painted American Gothic.




When it comes to rates here in Davenport, your annual premium is expected to be around $1,200. Davenport offers some of the nation’s best schools. Along with friendly neighborhoods and a thriving arts community.



Sioux City

There are so many different things to see in Sioux City. Whether it be history, entertainment, nightlife, or whatever. There are many attractions for you. Based on collected Iowa auto insurance quotes the average rate of auto coverage is $1,215.


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