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Alaska is a US state in the northwest of the United States. Yukon and divisions of British Columbia border the state. Almost half of Alaska’s residents live in the Anchorage metropolitan area. Alaska’s economy greatly depends on natural gas, fishing, and the oil industries. Also, military bases and tourism contribute to the growing economy as well. Alaska is a US state that was purchased from Russia in 1867. Alaska is full of adventure. Many adventures await you here, such as hiking an ice-age glacier, skimming through the wilderness in a bush plane, watching a brown bear grab a salmon from under a waterfall, visiting a national park, and so much more. Alaska also offers the chance to enjoy watersports. This state has many famous lakes, rivers, and protected coastal waters to enjoy.

Also, visitors can get the chance to go on day trips, such as guided tours. These guided tours allow you to discover the Alaska wilderness during the day. Wildlife in Alaska consists of Beluga Whales, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Caribou, Dall sheep, Salmon, Halibut, Harbor Seals, Moose, Polar Bears, and more. If you want to learn more about the bears, visit the Alaska BearCamp.

The Alaska Bear Camp is located on the shores of Lake Clark National Park. The camp is situated in a rugged inaccessible wilderness. The Alaska Bear Camp is only accessible by air or water. Visitors will take a bush plane flight to camp. While flying, you will pass by two of Alaska’s most famous volcanoes. You will then land on the beach right in front of the BearCamp. This private camp is located between the Ocean shore and the sedge grass. This includes rich meadows and a salmon spawning stream. The sedge grass is used to feed bears as they emerge from hibernation.

All Alaska visitors can experience the state’s Native culture. That includes carving totems, dancing, blanket tossing, music, and crafts. Alaska also provides music, skills, festivals, and cultural and historical museums. One historical museum is the Anchorage Museum. The Anchorage Museum provides a combination of art, history, and science to educate visitors on Alaska. The Anchorage Museum is also the largest in Alaska. The museum tells the real story of the North. This story weaves together social, political, historical, and artistic threads. The museum holds over 25,000 objects. This also includes pieces from all Alaska Native cultures and state and local historical pieces that date back to the Russian American period.

Alaska also offers the best fishing around. This includes freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing, and even ice fishing. Fishing in Alaska can be as easy as pulling alongside the road and casting out. Visitors can also take a charter boat or plane to a more secluded fishing spot. These hidden fishing spots offer the chance to reel in over 600 species of fish that inhabit the Alaskan waters. These fish include salmon, trout, halibut, pike, and arctic char. In addition, fishing is an excellent service for the economy. Fishing alone brings in 600 million dollars spent on licenses, guides, and equipment.

Alaska’s unique location makes the state vulnerable to many natural disasters. These disasters include floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and landslides. Let’s also not forget the extreme winters and snow too. The genuine risk of disasters is a significant factor when buying Alaska home insurance. The higher the risk of weather damage, the higher your premium will be. The annual estimation of home coverage in Alaska is $900. If you want to receive the best rates for homeowners insurance, keep these tips in mind. Homeowners insurance Alaska residents should purchase needs to provide complete protection.

Be sure to compare at least three or more central companies. If you do this, you will find the best rate available. Always remember what kind of coverage you want. Never settle for the cheapest coverage; it may also not protect you. Listen up if you are too busy to collect and compare quotes from different companies. If you want the best rates and quick and hassle-free Alaska homeowners quotes, get your quote from Insurance Quote Deals. We will collect quotes from companies fast and then present you will the results.



Alaska’s Tourist Destination Favorites




Anchorage is home to the Alaska Zoo. The Alaska Zoo has provided homes for orphaned, injured, or captive-born animals for the last four decades. Visitors at the zoo can discover the beginning and its process through the years at the discovery center. The Discovery Center is open during the zoo visiting hours. Inside the discovery center, you will explore the history and story of the zoo. You will see vintage photos, interpretive displays, hands-on displays, and DVD footage. The Discovery Center visit will give you a better understanding of the zoo and its people.




Juneau is the capital of Alaska. This city offers fantastic outdoor adventures, activities, and attractions. Juneau’s most famous attraction is the Mendenhall Glacier. This glacier is a half-mile wide and provides some of the most spectacular landscapes in Alaska. The glacier constantly moves and changes with the seasons. No two visits are alike. The visitor’s pavilion offers a fantastic view which makes for great photos. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful hiking trails leading up to the glacier.




Fairbanks is home to the Fairbanks Ice Museum. This museum features locally made ice sculptures. Also, slide presentations and a nightly aurora show. All this is set in a vintage theater. Tours are given every hour on the hour year round.




Sitka is a beautiful seaside community. It is the most beautiful of all the Alaskan cities. It is found closely on the west side of the Baranof Island. To the east, you will see snow-covered mountains, and to the west. The climate here in this city is mild with lots of rain. Sitka is also home to Mount Edgecumbe. Mount Edgecumbe is a dormant volcano at the southern end of Alaska.




Here in Wasilla, you will find the Dorothy G Page Museum. Inside the museum, you see exciting traveling exhibits, learn local history, visit historic homes, and much more. The main museum building was once a community center for basketball games and church. It now tells the exciting story of Wasilla’s past.

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