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The beauty of Arkansas is the main attraction to travelers from all over. Tourism is the main factor regarding the state’s economy. Travel and tourism contribute to over 300 million dollars in taxes. Annually you can expect Arkansas to receive 23 million travelers. Inside the great state of Arkansas, there are 7 seven national parks. Also, in the state, you will find over 2 million acres of national forest, ten significant lakes, and two mountain ranges. Many scenic drives can lead you to breathtaking vistas in the Ozarks. In addition, Arkansas provides visitors with over 8,000 miles of streams and rivers for canoeing and fishing.

A few popular destinations in Arkansas are Hot Springs National Park, Eureka Springs, Wild River County, Magic Springs, and many museums. The state parks in Arkansas are the finest in the entire country. They preserve many unique features of the scenic and historic parts of the state. One unusual park in Arkansas is the Crater of Diamonds. Here all visitors can search for stones and keep what they find. You can explore over a 35-acre field, the world’s 8th most giant diamond crater. You can begin your visit to the park by viewing all the diamonds and exploring all the interactive exhibits that explain how the diamonds became present in the state. You can also rent mining tools.


Hot Springs National Park became protected in 1832. Congress declared the area to be a reservation. Hot Springs National Park is the oldest protected area in the entire National Park System. Many people have used the thermal hot springs for therapeutic baths. To replace an earlier wooden structure, the park added stone and masonry bathhouses in the 1900s. The remaining bathhouse structures are a National Historic Landmark. They represent the best collection of bathhouses in all of North America. Hot Springs National Park preserves over 47 hot springs. The park provides many hiking trails, scenic and camping areas.


Your health matters. Proper health insurance coverage is critical when visiting the doctor for a checkup or emergency. You never want to be in a situation without being covered. Paying these costs out of pocket gets very, very expensive. It is also the law in the United States to have health insurance coverage. Many people do not know where to begin when purchasing health insurance coverage. To start your search, you must collect Arkansas health insurance quotes.


Collecting health insurance quotes can be quite a hassle. You start with determining your budget, what kind of coverage you want, and even the companies you want to deal with. Next, you must visit each of these companies’ websites and enter your information to receive your quote. This step of the process is very time-consuming. We here at Insurance Quote Deals want to simplify the quote-collecting process. So let’s discuss our quote-collecting process.


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Visitor Attractions in Arkansas


Little Rock

Little Rock is located on the river banks of the Arkansas River. It is located in the center of the state. It is the biggest city in the state. It’s not hard to find something to do here in the city. Little Rock features restaurants, shops, bars, and nightlife.



Fort Smith

In Fort Smith, you will witness over 200 years of outlaw soldiers and Native American stories. In addition, you can explore the many architectural styles preserved by the city’s historic district. In the city, you can also visit the army base where Elvis received his haircut heard worldwide after joining the military.




Experience the magnificent beauty that Fayetteville has to offer. The city has many lakes and rivers. You will find many different areas to find the best spot. You can find a fishing spot near you if you want to fish for bass, trout, or catfish. A few fishing holes are Beaver Lake, Lake Fayetteville, Lake Wedington, and White River.




Here in Springdale, you will find The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad. It is known as a Class III Railroad operating a 100-mile route. In addition, the Railroad offers special passenger train services. This helps you enjoy a real train ride while you travel through the mountains and valleys of Northwest Arkansas.




Located in Jonesboro is the Arkansas State University Museum. This museum offers permanent online and even temporary exhibits. These exhibits include the core curriculum, audio podcasts, tours, and travel suitcases.



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