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Washington DC Auto

Insurance Quotes

Washington DC Auto Insurance Quotes

Car insurance coverage in the nation’s capital can be very expensive. The city is very populated and the roads and traffic are very prone to accidents. These are two factors that contribute to higher costs. The average price for auto insurance in Washington DC is $2000. However, the quotes you collect will depend on the coverage you want. We reviewed several companies that serve the Washington DC area. We also collected Washington DC auto insurance quotes, to help determine an idea of rates.


The cheapest rates found in the DC area were provided by these companies Geico, Erie, and State Farm. These three companies together provided a rate of 45% cheaper than the DC average. Washington DC is known for being surrounded by suburbs in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Many people commute from these states.


It was found that there is a slight pattern where the further from DC you are, the cheaper the auto insurance coverage became. This pertains to cities in Maryland and Virginia. The cities included in this are all located 30-45 minutes from Washington DC. In conclusion, the top five furthest cities from the capital are around $160 dollars cheaper than the closest cities.


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Washington DC Attractions


Washington DC is home to many monuments, memorials, and eclectic neighborhoods. DC is like no other place. It is a home away from home. DC features many free museums and hosts America’s front yard.  DC offers many attractions and activities for everyone. Only a few cities throughout the world provide access to free museums, special events, and attractions.


Children love the nation’s capital. This is likely due to the hands-on museum attractions, the national mall, zoo animals, and more. First, the National Zoo.  The National Zoo is home to the giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian and their offspring. Guests travel from all over to see these beautiful animals. Next visit the National Air and Space Museum. Inside the museum, you will experience mock cockpit at America by Air. This is an exhibit on permanent display. It features the nose from a Boeing 747. Guests ate welcomed to enter the nose.


Martin Luther King Jr and Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC is also home to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.  Found along the banks of the Tidal Basin on the National Mall is the monument. Here at the monument, you can read his powerful words and marvel at the memorials amazing architecture. Dr. Martin Luther King, JR was a major leader in the civil rights movement in the 60s. He became an icon through his speeches and his preference of nonviolent resistance. In 1963 he led a march on Washington and recited his famous “I have a dream” speech on the Lincoln Memorial steps. This memorial was opened to the public in 2011. It is considered the fourth monument in DC to honor a non-president and the first to honor a man of color.


Another top attraction in Washington DC is the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is a must-see for anyone visiting the nation’s capital. The memorial is found towering over the Reflecting Pool. As you stroll towards the monument, it will slowly appear larger. Once you reach the monument, make sure you take in the beautiful marble columns that are surrounded by magnificent greenery. You will see 36 columns, each representing the states in the US at the time of Lincoln’s death. Once you climb the stairs leading to the inside, you will see etched on the wall “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people whom he saved the union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.”


Located right below the quote is the 175-ton statue of Abraham Lincoln. The statue shows Lincoln looking over the Mall of the country that he fought tooth and nail for to preserve and unite. Daniel Chester French designed this statue.




DC Neighborhoods



National Mall

There is nothing like seeing the National Mall for the very first time. The most visited national park is The National Mall. Here at the park, the past, present, and future come together. All the monuments and memorials located in the park honors the American forefathers and heroes that paid the biggest sacrifice for our country. Washington DC Auto Insurance Quotes collected for this neighborhood show that the average is $1432.



Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most popular places in the city to live. It features 19th-century row houses and a market along with a vibrant nightlife scene. Visitors head to the neighborhood for its government buildings. These buildings include the US Capitol and the Supreme Court. Therefore, be sure to tour the US Capitol and view its visitor’s center. $1323 is the average rate for auto insurance here.



Capitol Riverfront

While visiting the Capitol Riverfront be sure to view the Navy Museum. Also, let’s not forget about the Washington Nationals, they attract Major League fans from all over. Located near Nationals Park is the Capitol Dome. Along with the Half Street Fairgrounds that hosts bands, food trucks and so much more. Washington DC auto insurance quotes collected show that the average premium is $1432.



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