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Mississippi is located in the southern portion of the US. The state’s southern border is by the Gulf of Mexico while the west border is by the Mississippi River. Jackson is the capital as well as the largest city in the state. The state is also known to be heavily forested on the outside area of the Mississippi Delta. Before the Civil War, most state developments was on the riverfronts. This is where slaves worked on the plantations.

Mississippi is also known as the most religious state in the nation due to its location in the Bible belt. Mississippi is home to the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi. He was born in a two-room house that was built by his father and grandfather. Elvis was one of twin brothers born to the Presley’s. However, Jessie was stillborn. Elvis grew up in the town of Tupelo. The Presley’s hit hard financial times and had to move out of the house Elvis was born in. While he was only a few years old.

The tour features 12 Elvis exhibits. First, tour the birthplace home of Elvis. It featured two rooms lit by a single light. Next, maybe see the Elvis at 13 statues. This statue is a bronze likeness of Elvis at the age of 13. It is displayed in the Elvis Presley birthplace park. It depicts Elvis in overalls and plain shoes. This symbolizes his poverty. The statue is also life size. Finally, no trip to the birthplace is complete without visiting the museum. When the museum first opened it consisted of a personal collection of a family friend. It was renovated in 2006 to feature tupelo artifacts, large murals, and graphics.


The Delta Blues Museum is located in Mississippi too. The Delta Blues Museum is dedicated to creating a great place for visitors to find meaning and perspective by exploring the history and heritage of the American Blues. The museum features a large collection of artifacts. This includes musical instruments, recordings, sheet music, posters, photos, and so much more. There are also bigger exhibit pieces as well. The Muddy Waters exhibit features the core of the Morganfield home. The house was originally located at Stoval Farms. However, the home started to fall down. The House of Blues foundation saved the core and donated it to the museum. Visitors will also see John Lee Hooker Guitars. These guitars were used by the Boogie Man and created his singular sound. Next, the BB King Guitar. The king of guitars BB King has one of his guitars on display here.


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Mississippi : Which Cities should you visit?




Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. Located here is the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. The museum is largest in the state. This park consists of 300 acres, an amphitheater, and over 2 miles of nature trails. Inside the museum is over 200 living species. These species are in a 100,000-gallon aquarium. There are also temporary exhibits that include deer, ducks, fossils, and endangered species. Home coverage in this city is an estimated $1,875.




Here in Gulfport visitors enjoy the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. This discovery center is much more than a children’s museum. This is a place for children and adults to create and have fun. However, this is Mississippi’s original children’s museum. The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center consists of interactive exhibits, outside play, and so much more. If you want home insurance for your home here, it is an estimated $1,342.



South Haven

South Haven is the home to history rich attractions. Here in the city, you can explore the Mississippi Blues Trail Markers, learn the history of Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto at the county courthouse. You can also find out more by visiting the Desoto County Museum. Here you will see history from the early Native Americans, Civil War battles, and even modern celebs such as Jerry Lee Lewis. Mississippi home insurance in this city will cost $1,330 annually.




Located here is the Hattiesburg Zoo. The zoo is a small 12-acre zoo located in the Kamper Park. The Hattiesburg Zoo is home to over 100 species of animals from all over the world. The zoo offers many attractions such as picnic areas, a train, gift shop, discovery center, and a petting zoo. Hattiesburg has an estimated home coverage rate of $2,400.




Here in this city is the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum. This museum consists of exhibits that feature the art of shrimping, oystering, fishing, wetlands, marine blacksmithing, and so much more. The main goal of the museum is to preserve and interpret the maritime history and heritage of Biloxi. Coverage here in Biloxi is an estimated $2,000.

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