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Located in the Appalachian region of the US is West Virginia. Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania closely border the state. WV is known to have the second lowest household income in the Entire United States. The state is also known for its mountains and rolling hills. Also for its logging, labor history, and coal mining industries. West Virginia’s outdoor activities include skiing, whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, biking, and hunting.

Visitors who like to ski should stop by Timberline Four Season Resorts. Timberline is a mountain for all seasons. Timberline Resort offers over 30 trails, four lifts, and some of the best tree skiing on the east coast. The resort averages 150 inches of snowfall each year. Timberline also features the best teaching area in the region. The resort also features the best glade skiing in the world. International skiers from Japan, Russia, Korea, India, and Israel enjoy the resort and its four seasons. In addition, the mountain serves as a playground for all outdoor enthusiasts during summer. Summer offers visitors downhill and cross-country biking, horseback riding, and scenic lift rides.

A popular attraction to visit in WV is the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum. The asylum, also known as Weston State Hospital, was a psychiatric hospital. Between the years 1858 and 1881, the asylum was constructed. In addition, this building is known as the largest hand-cut stone masonry building in North America. It is supposedly the second largest in the entire world. At the same time, the original hospital was to hold 250 people. However, it peaked in 1950 with 2,4000 patients. This caused the hospital to become overcrowded and slack to poor conditions. As a result, the hospital closed its doors in 1994. Presently, the asylum is open for tours daily from April – November. It is said to be haunted by past patients. Therefore the asylum has been featured on many ghost-hunting TV shows. The asylum also hosts many events, such as a Halloween costume ball, a fall fest, and flashlight tours near Halloween.

Finally, another top attraction is Seneca Caverns. Located in Germany Valley, Seneca Caverns is a karst show cave. The Seneca Indians used the caves for ceremonies. The Seneca Indians were an Iroquois Confederacy tribe. In addition, Teter Hall is the largest room inside the cave. The dimensions of the room are 60 ft tall by 60 ft wide. Seneca Caverns offers visitors a chance to tour the shelter. History tells us that a German settler named Laven Teter discovered Seneca Caverns in 1742. At the same time, he was searching for water to give to his livestock.

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WV City Pit Stops




Charleston is the capital of WV. It is also home to the Clay Center. The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of WV promotes performing arts, visual arts, and sciences. This makes the Clay Center a of its kind. Be sure also to visit the Craik-Patton House. To support the extended roof, this house features four massive columns. It was restored and preserved for the public to tour from April to October.




Huntington is the home of Marshall University. Also, it is home to the Museum of Radio and Technology. This museum offers many different types of displays and exhibits. This is the only museum of this type in the state. You will see a 1930 radio shop, a 1950 showroom, computer displays, a library, a gift shop, and so much more.




Located in Parkersburg is Fort Boreman. Fort Boreman is a historical, archaeological site. It also surrounds a Civil War fortification. The fort was built in 1863. A series of paired, four-foot-deep trenches encircle the hill’s top. It was initially constructed to ensure that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad link was not severed. The fort is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2022.




Morgantown is home to West Virginia University. Also located in Morgantown is the Amazing Women of History. It is an educational program that’s goal is to entertain viewers. JoAnn Peterson combines her love of history with acting and teaching to showcase a unique performance. Morga Town History Museum is also located here. The m museum preserves and promotes the local and regional history of the city.




Located here in Wheeling is The Good Zoo. It is a 25+ acre zoo. It fe tures exhibits with kangaroos, rare shows, and endangered species. Rare species include wild dogs, bears, tamarins, and red pandas. The mus um also features a mile train ride through the zebra and ostrich exhibits. Visitors can also feed colorful parrots and pet domestic animals at the barn. The zoo also features a Discovery Lab. Check out company rates in wheeling based on collected West Virginia quotes below.

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