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What Is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Illinois?

We know you are looking for the average cost of homeowners insurance in Illinois. First, however, let us talk about some well-known facts regarding Illinois.

The population of Illinois is 12.88 million. This population makes Illinois the fifth most populous state in the US. The largest population of Illinois is around Chicago in the northern part of the state. Chicago became a booming town due to the Erie Canal. Chicago was a popular destination for immigrants and free blacks due to the increasing need for workers in the mills, rail yards, and slaughterhouses. Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery in 1865.

Known as “Land Lincoln,” the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is located here in the state capital. In addition, this museum tells about Abraham Lincoln’s life and the course of the Civil War. Furthermore, this museum ranks among the top presidential libraries. This state is also well known for producing our nation’s presidents. Presidents include Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama. These men had a political office in Illinois before becoming president.

So homeowners insurance Illinois residents should purchase? Shoppers need first to be aware of all-natural disasters that can occur. That way, they know what they need to be covered. Illinois has a comprehensive variety of climates. Most of Illinois has a humid continental climate which includes hot, humid summers and cool to cold winters. Due to the land in Illinois being flat, it is more likely to have tornado activity. Affordable homeowners insurance IL people want is right around the corner!


Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Illinois


We compared quotes from a sample of a $200,000 and 2,000 square foot house from the top Illinois companies. Moreover, these companies include State Farm, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers. In addition, these major Illinois homeowners insurance companies, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm, provided the best rates.

Is anyone wondering where they can receive these affordable home insurance rates that Illinois residents want? Many factors come into play when it comes to cheaper homeowner’s insurance. In Illinois, crime rates, extreme weather, and fire department response times are major insurance factors. These factors increase the likelihood of the insurer paying out to cover the damages. Home insurance quotes Illinois residents collected show a price of 23% less than the entire state.


Average Illinois Homeowners Insurance Rates

If they live no more than 300 miles from Chicago, they will experience higher coverage rates. They have higher rates because most of these cities receive higher tornado rates than others in the entire nation. These cities also have higher crime rates above the state and nation averages. As a result, if they live in the specified area, they will pay 36% above homeowner insurance Illinois averages.




Chicago is the third-most populous city in the United States. It is the most populous state in Illinois, with 2,695,598. An idea of Chicago’s culture includes visual arts, novels, film, theater, and music. One of Chicago’s well-known nicknames is “The Windy City.” There are four reasons why the city was possibly named that. That includes the weather, world’s fair, politics, and the rivalry with Cincinnati. The average cost of home insurance Chicago IL residents will pay is $2,045. Homeowners’ insurance Chicago residents purchase should provide complete protection against the gusty winds of the city.



Aurora is the second-largest city in Illinois. This city is also known as the “City of Lights.” Illinois residents gave it the nickname due to being the first city in the entire country to have all-electric street lights. In the 1800s, Aurora was home to the second-largest corset company in the world. The company, The Chicago Corset Company, employed over 500 women. It produced 2 million corsets a year. If they are curious to know what homeowners insurance costs here, it is an estimated $1,343.



Rockford is known for many various venues of historical significance. It is home to the oldest music club in the United States, founded in 1884. When it comes to home insurance, Illinois residents should expect to pay for home coverage is $1,364.



Shoppers find Joliet 40 miles southwest of Chicago. Joliet is a close community built on a solid work ethic, family values, and community pride. This city is also home to the very first Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen opened its first store here in 1906. Ensuring the home with homeowners insurance in Illinois will cost $1,931.



In 2006, residents voted Naperville the second-best place to live in the United States. In addition, USA Today ranked Naperville the nation’s safest city. Furthermore, Naperville was the site of one of the worst Chicago train disasters in history in 1946. Two trains collided head to tail. The train wreck resulted in 45 dead and 127 injured. Coverage in this city will cost an estimated $1,312.



Springfield is the capital of Illinois, and it is primarily a flat plane. In addition, it has a population of 116,250. However, a restaurant in Springfield has claimed to have started the first-ever drive-thru window in the US. This restaurant, the Maid-Rite Sandwich, is still in operation today. The average annual premium in this city is $1,730.



Peoria is the largest city on the Illinois River. It is also the oldest European settlement in Illinois. Peoria is home to the headquarters of Caterpillar Inc. Abraham Lincoln first showed everyone his stance against slavery in his speech in this city of Peoria. Peoria residents are looking at spending an average of $1,508.



Elgin is located 35 miles from Chicago and lies along the Fox River. In addition, it is the eighth-largest city in Illinois. Elgin is home to the Elgin Academy, the oldest coeducational, non-sectarian college prep school west of the Alleghany Mountains. Homeowners’ insurance quotes for Illinois residents compared shows coverage in this area is an estimated $1,342 a year.



Waukegan is one of the oldest communities in the state of Illinois. In addition, this city started as a French trading post and Potawatomie Indian settlement. Furthermore, Waukegan in Potawatomie means a fort or trading post. A policy here in Waukegan will cost $1,431 annually.


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