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Tennessee Auto Insurance Quotes

The state of Tennessee has many popular attractions for its visitors. West Tennessee offers tourists the National Civil Rights Museum. The National Civil Rights Museum allows you to hear stories from the past about the Civil Rights Movement. This covers everything from slavery to human rights struggles today. This museum has recently had a renovation as well. If you would like to visit, this museum is located where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Another famous attraction is The Hermitage. The Hermitage is located in the middle of Tennessee. The purpose of this museum is to outline the life of President Andrew Jackson. This museum will walk you through the many important stages of his life. First, the highlights of his life as an orphan then ending while highlighting his general skills and leadership skills as a president.

Eastern Tennessee is home to Historic Jonesborough. This is Tennessee’s oldest town and is marked as the Storytelling Capital of the World.


Auto Rates in Tennessee


Car insurance rates in Tennessee varies from town to town. Sometimes even within the same town. When it comes to car insurance rates here in Tennessee it greatly depends on location. The most affordable rates are generally found in cities with lower population and lower crime rates. While the most expensive cities were found closer to the Memphis area. The Memphis area is known for its higher population and for its highest crime rate in the entire state. Due to this, insurance rates here will be significantly higher.

When collecting Tennessee auto insurance quotes from insurance companies, be sure you understand the terms of coverage. Coverage is everything when it comes to insurance. You must be well protected to receive the best benefits for you.

Also remember to compare at least 3 or more quotes to find best deals online for car insurance. That way you can receive the right policy for you.




Nashville has an expansive music scene and also a big food scene. Recently Nashville has been on the map for its culinary scene. Nashville holds many food events every month. These events have their own theme. However, all events celebrate the culinary arts. You can also receive tours, to allow you a look behind the scenes of how the foods are prepared. Auto rates here in Nashville are an average $1,110.



Memphis is a city of rock n roll and blues. If you visit this city, you must visit Graceland. Graceland is home to the king of Rock n Roll. Here you can get a look at how Elvis lived his life. You can see Elvis’ automobiles, custom jets, and so much more. Elvis week is August 11-19. Tennessee auto insurance quotes here will annually cost an estimated 1,500.



Knoxville is a vibrant city. You can experience the downtown life. From live music to shopping, and restaurants Knoxville has you covered. Knoxville is also slowly climbing the charts to be one of the top 10 destinations on the rise. Coverage in this city is approximately $1,250.



Chattanooga is home to the Tennessee Valley Railroad. Take a trip on the restored vintage trains. The Missionary Ridge Local Trains run until November. The station offers additional services throughout the year as well. Additional services include trips to Georgia and North Pole trains during the holidays. Auto insurance here will cost an estimated $1,160.



Clarksville, also known as Queen City is Tennessee’s top spot. This town sits on the banks of the Cumberland River. It is also known as a historic town because of its role in the Civil War. This city is the second largest growing city in Tennessee. The city is a mixture of residential areas, farmlands, and small business throughout the city.  Auto insurance quotes here will cost $1,100.



The city of Murfreesboro does not have a huge downtown area. All events are hosted on Main Street. Here you will see gatherings for events such as the annual Christmas tree lighting and trick or treating. You will also see festivals such as Jazz Fest and Friday night live.



Jackson saw tons of activity over the course of the war. Here in Jackson, you can visit the Casey Jones Home and Train Museum. Casey Jones was a railroad engineer that became known worldwide due to his last ride. On his final ride, Casey Jones saved all his passengers on his train. He managed to slow the train down as much as he possibly could before ramming another stalled train. The Train Museum has an added addition to the museum, the Train Station. It is located next to Home. It showcases exhibits dedicated to Jackson’s rich railroad history.

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