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How Much is Homeowners Insurance in Texas Per Month?

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How Much is Homeowners Insurance in Texas Per Month?


Texas is the second-largest state in the US, both area and population-wise. But, are you aware that Texas is the second most prone to wildfires and hail events in the United States? In addition, Texas residents will also deal with tornadoes and hurricanes too! Another issue Texas homeowners face is sewer and drain backups. So, how much is homeowners insurance in Texas per month? Let us find out.

How do you find the best homeowners insurance in Texas? Which cities provide the best rates?  Everyone wants to know the answers to these questions. The cities with the cheaper home insurance rates are scattered across the state. However, they tend to be far away from the Gulf of Mexico and the northern section of the form. Collect the homeowners’ insurance quotes. Texas citizens want to find great rates. It’s always best to remember that sometimes the cheapest home insurance in Texas isn’t always the best option for coverage. So be sure to fully know your coverage needs and budget before you begin to shop.



How can you avoid entirely expensive Texas rates? All homes located in coastal cities in the east and southeast Texas are prone to higher rates. These homes along the coastal towns are at a higher risk of damage from a natural disaster. If you want to insure a house here, rates are 52% more than the state average. Easily collect homeowner insurance quotes Texas residents need here. Then you are on your way to the best homeowners insurance texas residents can buy!


How Much is Homeowners Insurance in Texas Per Month?



Hurricane Harvey caused billions of dollars worth of damages in Houston. In addition, Houston has experienced six major floods since 2000. Houston’s lousy reputation for extreme weather leads to overly expensive homeowners insurance rates. The average cost of home coverage here is $2460.


San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in Texas. It was one of the quickest growing cities in the United States. Unfortunately, San Antonio is also prone to many natural disasters. So expect some difficulty in finding affordable rates. Homeowners’ insurance here will cost an average of $1226.



Dallas is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the US. One of the main reasons Dallas residents are experiencing increased rates is extreme weather events throughout the state. This severe weather leads to increased costs to repair property damage from harsh weather. Crime rates are also rising in the city as well. Coverage in this area will averagely cost you $1754.



Austin is the capital of Texas. Austin is increasing in popularity, causing an influx in housing prices. As a result, Texas homeowners insurance can rise with the cost of a house. Rates in Austin cost around $1031.


Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the US. Fort Worth homes are experiencing higher crime rates. Therefore it will cost more to insure because they are more likely to experience the loss of personal property due to burglary, theft, or vandalism. Rates in Fort Worth are an estimated $1643.


El Paso

El Paso stands on the Rio Grande river across the border from Ciudad Juarex, Chihuahua, Mexico. El Paso’s home insurance rates have increased dramatically since the area’s rise in hailstorms. In addition, natural disasters in your area will increase the cost of your homeowners’ insurance. Insurance in this rodeo town will cost you $965.



Arlington is the seventh-largest city in Texas. Due to this, you will find that homeowners insurance coverage is $60 less than the Texas state average. Therefore, the average rate to cover your home in Arlington will be around $1599. Home insurance quotes Customers can easily collect Texas homeowners’ needs online.


Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a coastal city in South Texas. It is the 8th largest city in Texas, with an estimated population of 316,381. If you want to live in the area, the best home insurance in Texas for Corpus Christi is $2265.





Laredo’s population is primarily Hispanic and Latino. It is one of the smallest ethnically diverse cities in the entire United States. A Texas homeowner insurance quote shows Laredo’s annual home insurance cost is $1140.


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