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Minnesota Auto Insurance Quotes

The cost of Minnesota auto insurance depends on where you live in Minnesota and which company you decide to go with. Did you know the average cost of auto coverage in the state is $1430? In order to receive the best car insurance rates here in Minnesota, you must collect and compare Minnesota auto insurance quotes.


You may wonder which cities here in the state are the most expensive when it comes to the best auto insurance rates. Based on current research, Saint Paul and Minneapolis were among the most expensive cities. If you are a resident of one of these cities don’t worry. There’s always a way to find auto insurance that can fit your needs and budget. The only way to do this though is to shop and compare Minnesota auto insurance quotes.


Shopping for auto quotes is the only way to ensure yourself that you are receiving the best deal out there. If you decide to settle for the first quote given to you, you could be missing out on way better deals. Many people are always shopping and comparing for quotes to keep costs low. It’s simple. Visit all major insurance companies’ websites and collect the quotes you need. Once you collect the quotes you want, simply compare the costs.


This process will definitely take time. Especially the process of visiting each company site and entering the same information over and over. We know what customers want. They want to easily go to one site and enter their information once. Here at Insurance Quote Deals, you can! We make it that easy. Enter your information and we will search the web and find you the best deals from all major companies. You will receive your quotes on your screen in real time. Receiving your quotes here will make the comparison process a breeze.


Let find the best auto insurance deals out there together. Get your Minnesota auto insurance quote here today! We promise it will be the best experience you have ever had. We guarantee hassle-free time-saving quotes.



Minnesota Attractions



The state of Minnesota offers many things to do while on vacation.  You can start off by completing some outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, golfing, and even bike trails. You will also see some excellent museums of all types. Also around the state, you will see wineries, breweries, and distilleries all open to tours and tastings. Of course, there are always places to shop. Minnesota is home to the famous Mall of America, the most visited attraction in the state.


The Mall of America is the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the nation. The mall features over 500 stores, 45 restaurants, and the largest indoor theme park Nickelodeon. Visitors will also see Sea Life Minnesota aquarium, the Lego store, American Girl, and Adventure Golf. The mall also offers 400 free events annually that includes celebrity appearances, book signings, and so much more.


Another popular attraction in Minnesota is the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. The park today is run by Saint Paul Parks. This zoo features a seals island, cat exhibit, aquatics, primates, and so much more. Visitors will also see many different animals at the zoo. Some animals located at the zoo is Anacondas, Arctic Foxes, Bison, Cougars, Dall ’s sheep, Flamingo, Giraffes, Lions, and so much more.


Mill City Museum is another tourist favorite. The Mill City Museum is built from the ruins of the once known world’s largest flour mill. You will find this museum located on the Mississippi Riverfront. There are many things to do at Mill City Museum. For example, exhibits, programs, dining, and shopping is available.




Minnesota – City Auto Coverage



Minneapolis is known as the largest most underestimated place in all the north. Visitors will definitely notice the dramatic riverfront skyline, the three huge pro sports stadiums, and tons of art. The Minneapolis culture is dedicated to perfecting the craft of brew, the best park system in the entire nation, and food paradise. Minneapolis is also home to the Superbowl LII. If you are looking for auto insurance coverage here in Minneapolis, the estimated annual premium is $1652.


Saint Paul

Saint Paul is known as the most livable city in America. The city provides many fun things to do that range from art galleries, historical sites, professional sports, and zoos. Where you want to begin depends on you. The city provides plenty of great indoor and outdoor activities. The estimated annual auto premium here in Saint Paul is an estimated $1634.



Rochester is located in the southern portion of Minnesota. This city is the birthplace of the healthcare company the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo practice has grown and is one of the largest and well respected medical practices in the entire world. Many people from all over the world have visited the clinic. These people include Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, George Bush, and even Ronald Reagan. Online auto insurance deals can be found here in Rochester. Auto insurance in this area is an estimated $1621.



Bloomington is located on the beautiful banks of the Minnesota River. Located here in the city is the Mall of America. Also here in the city is the houses of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. It is an extensive system of hiking and biking trails. The refuge spans over 10,000 acres with prime bird watching opportunities. If you are looking to purchase auto insurance coverage here, Minnesota auto insurance quotes estimate the price to be around $1590.



You won’t find any other place like Duluth. It can only be described as a beautiful horizon where you will see the largest freshwater lake in the world touch the sky. Also, beautiful rocky cliffs and forests are available to explore. This community is thriving and wants all its visitors to help explore nature, sit down for a meal, and relax in comfort wherever you go. Auto insurance coverage here is an estimated $1475.

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