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Oregon offers many different types of landscapes. From its hot deserts in the east to the balmy coast of the west, let’s not forget the mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests in between! Oregon also features many small towns that are a must-see. There are also many fun things to do in Oregon. First, if you love the outdoors, try taking a bike ride. Experiencing Oregon on a bike is a very unique and rewarding experience. Taking a motorcycle will guarantee you will enjoy all the sights, sounds, and beauty along the way. There are many main attractions in Oregon that you should see.


First is Crater Lake. One of the best wonders of Oregon is Crater Lake. Here at the lake, you will see beautiful crystal blue waters. Mount Mazama formed this lake. Crater Lake is well known as the deepest lake in the United States. See the lake by taking a bike ride, driving, or hiking to the top of the tower or the water itself. In the summer months, viewers can tour the lake by boat. In the winter months, visitors can ski or snowshoe around the lake.


Another great attraction in Oregon is the Oregon Caves National Monument. Offered seasonally are tours of the cave. The tours run from late March to the end of November. The Oregon Caves National Monument is located at 4,000 ft. elevation on the forested slopes of the Siskiyou Mountains. The temperature inside the caves is a constant 41 degrees. So be sure to bundle up! Also, wear good walking shoes; surfaces are uneven and slippery inside the cave.


Finally, the Favell Museum. This museum showcases Gene Favell’s private collection of Western Artifacts. If you love the West and enjoy learning about Western Art and Native American Artifacts, then this place is for you. Inside the museum are over 100,000 Indian Artifacts. These artifacts focus specifically on Native American tribes. This group of collections dates back to almost 12,100 years ago. It includes thousands of arrowheads, obsidian knives, spear points, clothing, baskets, and more. You will also see a fire opal arrowhead in the museum. It was founded in 1910. It is the museum’s centerpiece. Also included with the artifacts are original paintings and artwork by famous Western artists. There are also working models of miniature firearms that are exact copies of their standard-sized originals.


Oregon’s climate is considered to be mild. The western portion of the state consists of mixed forests. At the same time, the eastern part consists of a high desert. The climate in the state’s southwestern portion consists of dry, sunny winters and hotter summers. Western Oregon’s climate depends significantly on the Pacific Ocean. The weather is very wet in the winter, spring, and fall. While in the summer months, it is scorched. Most of the state does receive significant snowfall. However, most of the state’s population does not reside in the area of higher snowfall.


If you want to live in the beautiful state of Oregon, you will need homeowners coverage. There are many different methods to purchase the right coverage for you. One of the first things to do is determine which areas offer the cheapest rates. When searching for Oregon homeowners insurance quotes, the most affordable rates are said to be found in the western portion of the state. This is because the cities included are scattered around the Portland area. However, Portland is the most expensive rate in the state.


Want the best homeowners insurance Oregon residents can buy? First, be sure to look closely at the most expensive cities. Other costly cities you should avoid are Lakeview, Clatskanie, Enterprise, and Molalla. In Portland, you can expect to pay up to $1,200. This is almost 25% more than Oregon’s mean. The reason the rates are so expensive in this city is the crime rate. Lakeview, also known as the hang gliding capital in the west, has an average rate of $1070. Clatskanie is a small city with an average home insurance rate of $1,012. Finally, the enterprise is the smallest city of the cities listed above. You will see the average homeowner’s insurance rate is $1,000.



Oregon Home Insurance Rates By City



The city of Portland offers Walking Tours daily. One tour, the Best of Portland, features favorite city sights. The Underground Portland takes you through the streets of the historic Old Town. The Epicurean Excursion tour takes visitors through restaurants, food carts, and bakeries. The Beyond Bizarre tour is a ghost-hunting tour. Other food cart tour is The Flavor Street food cart tour, Chocolate Decadence tour, and We Got Tipsy in Portland Tours are offered every weekend year-round. As mentioned earlier, Oregon homeowners insurance quotes here in Portland are the most expensive in the state. The average cost of Oregon homeowners insurance in Portland is $1,200.



Here in Salem, you will find the Bush House Museum. This museum offers tours to the public. The Bush House Museum preserves the history and heritage of the Bush House and Pasture Park. This home still has iconic 19th-century furnishings, with original light fixtures, heating vents, and plumbing fixtures. Visitors will be able to experience Oregon’s history and the culture of the lives and legacy of Salem’s Bush Family. In addition, visitors can explore the 1882 Conservatory in Bush’s Pasture Park, the second oldest in the West. Oregon homeowners insurance quotes here are $873.



Hayward Field is one of the world’s most famous track and field facilities. Located here in Eugene is Hayward Field. Hayward Field is hallowed ground for track and field athletes. The field has hosted 9 NCAA Championships, seven national, five Olympic trials, and many other track and field events. Built-in 2005 is the Powell Plaza. To show the field’s heritage. If you want coverage in Eugene, the average annual rate is $850.



Hillsboro is the home of Tiffeny Milbrett. Tiffany is an Oregon native that became a professional soccer player. She was a longtime United States women’s national soccer team member. Tiffany started at the University of Portland, where she scored a school-record of 103 goals. In 1966 she won a gold medal in Atlanta and a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Hillsboro homeowners insurance quotes here are an estimated $900.



Beaverton is the home of Nike. Nike’s campus is over 750 acres. Sports celebrities come to pass through here all the time. Surrounded by the city of Beaverton is Nike’s world headquarters. The Nike campus has an entire soccer field, a gym, and a running track. Oregon homeowners insurance here in Beaverton is an estimated $850.



Located in the city of Bend are The Lava River Caves. It is truly an adventure to explore these caves. The Lava River Cave showcases the majestic scenery that Central Oregon has to offer. If you choose to explore these caves, you can explore Oregon’s most extended tubes of lava. The Newberry Volcanic Monument is where you will find the shelter. The US Forest Service operates the cave. The lava tubes are over a mile long lava tube. Touring the cave takes over 1.5 hours. Bring good shoes and warm clothes if you travel inside the cave. If you want to live in Bend, homeowners insurance is an estimated $870.



Known for having a volcano is the city of Medford. It is a safe volcano, however. Roxy Ann Peak is an over 30-million-year-old volcano. This volcano rises over 2,000 feet above sea level. Located in Prescott Park is the volcano. Prescott Park is the largest park in Medford. Insurance rates for your home here in Medford will cost an estimated $820.



If you love bird watching, the city of Corvallis is a must-see. Corvallis is known as a birding hotspot. Visit the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, Chip Ross, and Avery Parks. The Corvallis Audubon Society offers visitors frequent trips to watch birds on foot or by bike. The city of Corvallis provides over 60 miles of biking and hiking trails. Most of these trails will take visitors to prime fishing, swimming, and nature-watching areas. Oregon residents’ average price of homeowners insurance is an estimated $850.

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