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One of the smallest states in the United States is New Jersey. However, this state is home to many great tourist attractions. Start your journey at a national park, and perhaps head to a historic attraction? A great place to begin your journey in New Jersey is along the Atlantic Coast. Along the Atlantic Coast, you will find small quiet towns and even resorts.

Atlantic City is one of the most popular resort towns on the Northeastern Coast of the United States. Atlantic City is well known for its boardwalk. Constructed in 1870 the boardwalk is four miles long. The boardwalk also holds all of the major city attractions. You will see resorts, hotels, and its many surviving piers.

Visit Thomas Edison National Historical Park. This attraction is a must see. You will explore the laboratory and former home of Thomas Edison. Edison was the state’s most famous son. Both his home and lab were both essential in many inventions today. These technologies include video cameras, recording of sound, and batteries. The visit will include a close up look at labs, old movies, artifacts, and a chance to tour Edison’s home.

If you love art, this next attraction is for you. A New Jersey must see is the Grounds for Sculpture. The Grounds for Sculpture is a 43-acre museum with sculptures in Hamilton. This museum was formed in 1992 to show off appreciation of contemporary sculpture. This is known as the state’s most popular attraction. You can find more art at the Jersey City Museum it has a collection of over 250 paintings. The museum also holds artifacts regarding New Jersey history.

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New Jersey’s Best Cities



The city of Newark is home to the Newark Museum. This is New Jersey’s largest museum. Inside the museum, you will see American, decorative, contemporary, and Asia arts. The museum was built to show everyone to appreciate, understand, and to enjoy art. Newark is also home to the Jewish Museum of New Jersey. In the state of New Jersey, one and a half million are Jewish. This is the fourth largest in the entire country. This museum holds permanent and temporary exhibits. The presentations at the museum all have particular themes that resonate with Jews in New Jersey.


Jersey City

Jersey City is home to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is was a portal for immigrants to enter the United States. This occurred between the years of 1892-1954. Ellis Island is located in the upper bay off the coast of New Jersey. Before the 1890s, individual states were responsible for regulating immigration in the United States. Castle Garden was once New York’s immigration station. Most immigrants were from Northern and Western Europe.



The Paterson museum shows visitors the city’s role in being the nation’s first industrial city. Inside holds photograph collections of over 150,000 negatives and prints, locomotive, rock and mineral specimens, exhibits of art, and the very first practical submarine. Colt Firearms and silk is what this city is known for. This is why Paterson received the nickname Silk City. The museum also shows the process of taking raw silk and transforming it into cloth. Colt Firearms also hold a place in the museum, showcasing rare firearms from the years 1837-1842.



Originally named Elizabethtown, is the city of Elizabeth. English settlers founded this city in 1664. This town is not named after Queen Elizabeth. The town was named after George Carterer’s wife. He was one of two Proprietors of the colony of New Jersey. Elizabeth’s first major industry was the Singer Sewing Machine Company. This company came and employed over 2,000 employees. The city then received the first car companies, the Electric Carriage and Wagon Company.



Woodbridge is the oldest original township in New Jersey today. There are many communities in Woodbridge Township. Most of these communities have their own zip codes. Woodbridge was the first site of the gristmill in New Jersey. A gristmill grinds grain into flour. The term gristmill can refer to the grinding mechanism and the building that holds it.



Located in downtown Clifton is Rutt’s Hut. Rutt’s Hut is a famous hot dog restaurant. At the east end of Delawana Ave is Rutt’s Hut. This restaurant is well known for its good hotdogs. It has been quoted as “The states esteemed hot dog palaces.”



Trenton is New Jersey’s state capital. This city in NJ is home to the New Jersey World War II Memorial. This memorial honors and pays tribute to the courage and heart of those who fought. Inside the war memorial is the Patriots Theater. The theater hosts world-class artists and entertainers. This includes the American Ballet Theater, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and many other world-class entertainers.



Camden is home to the adventure aquarium. Inside the aquarium offers many attractions. One new attraction is the Shark Bridge. The Shark Bridge is debuting in the spring of this year. The bridge will bring you closer to sharks. The bridge is a V-shaped rope suspended bridge. This is the longest bridge of this kind in the entire world. The aquarium also provides a 4D theater, a hippo haven, kid zone, and so much more!

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