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North Dakota Auto Insurance Quotes

Most drivers are well aware that the cost of car insurance coverage greatly depends on their driving history. Many people are also not aware that location and the pick of a company is also a factor. The average cost of auto insurance in North Dakota is around $1145 annually. However, rates are varying from 70% from the cheapest and the most expensive insurer. That’s almost over $2,000 difference between lowest and the highest quotes.


How much are the most expensive North Dakota auto insurance quotes? Based on collected quotes the most expensive rates quoted over 3,135 for a year of coverage. Other companies quoted less but were still over 25% higher than the benchmark cost.


The cheapest insurers varied for the state. The main factors of this are where the drivers lived. Due to the variation of rates. It is recommended that you compare two or more quotes before settling with a policy. By comparing more than one quote, you can be sure to find the better deals for North Dakota auto insurance quotes.


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Explore North Dakota


Explore North Dakota’s history through its many forts, villages, and trails. Visitors enjoy learning about the history of North Dakota the fun way. The old stories about cowboys and Indians that never got along were stories. Stories are not always true. The Native Americans fought hard to conserve their ways of life and the settlers fought to carve out a piece of the American dream. For the most part, though, they both lived a medium coexistence.

Many of the forts in North Dakota and the villages of the Native Americans were gathering places for the many tribal members and settlers that found their way into the state.

The best collaboration was between Lewis and Clark and the people of the Knife River Indian Villages. Corp Discovery members built a winter fort and named it after the Mandan Indians. The Mandan Indians lived in the village and helped them survive the brutal winters. At the Knife River Village, Lewis and Clark met Sakakawea, who would travel with the Corps of Discovery.

Other forts in North Dakota are bland in contrast. They represent protectors of workers and settlers that led to the expansion of the Northern Plains. Fort Abercrombie was the very first permanent military fort in the state. However, the most famous fort in the states is the Fort Abraham Lincoln.


One top attraction in the state of North Dakota is the “Fargo” Woodchipper. North Dakota has both the real movie prop and a fun replica that honors the famous scene in the movie Fargo. It’s also a great place for a photo op for visitors. Be sure while you are there to grab a fake leg and Fargo style hat to complete your trip. This attraction is quickly becoming the area’s top attraction. Make plans now to visit next time you are in Fargo-Moorhead.



Automobile Rates in ND Cities




Fargo is home to over 100,000 residents. This city was named after the founder of the Wells Fargo Express Company and the Northern Pacific Railroad. Residents here have access to many different recreational parks, sports, museums, and theaters. The largest employer in the state, North Dakota University, is the largest employer in the city. The city of Fargo has an average auto insurance coverage rate of $720.




Bismarck is home to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.  The main mission of the park is to take an active role in tourism promotion and development in North Dakota. Fort Abraham Lincoln was once an important infantry and Cavalry post. It was this fort that Custer and the 7th Cavalry rode out their ill-fated expedition at the Little Bighorn. Bismarck is among the top 20% of cities that provide cheap North Dakota auto insurance quotes. The annual cost to insure a car here is $1143.



Grand Forks

Grand Forks is a bustling college town. It has quite a knack for making all of its visitors feel young again.  There are thousands of college students that call this city home. Many visitors don’t have to settle for the same old things here. Live local music is available along with a relaxing greenway along the Red River and a unique dining experience. Don’t miss the art exhibits, attractions, and open tours.  Grand Forks is the third cheapest city in ND. The average cost of car insurance coverage here is $1124.




Minot is a city in North Dakota. It is well known for being home to the Minot Air Force Base. This city has a rich aviation history and can be explored through memorabilia and aircraft. Located on the banks of the Souris River, Roosevelt Park Zoo is also home to big bears and big cats, also many types of birds. While the Scandinavian Heritage Park showcases the areas immigrant history. Auto insurance coverage here in the city of Minot is an estimated $1098.




The city of Williston is known for the Bakken oil boom. This city is also full of many things to do and see. The most popular being the ARC, a great place for recreation enthusiasts that includes surfers. The Flow Rider is a wave machine that allows users to surf or wakeboard. There are also many different activities at the ARC. There’s also a waterpark, golf, and batting cages. According to North Dakota auto insurance quotes collected, the average cost of coverage annually is $1241.




Visit many local attractions in Dickinson. This city provides many arts, local heritage, and recreation. From the land of dinosaurs all the way to the very early settlers. The history of the settlement is on display and ready to be explored. Native American history along with ranching, military, and early lives of settlers are recorded and displayed in regional museums.  Affordable North Dakota auto insurance quotes here in the city is $1132 annually.

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