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Hawaii Auto Insurance Quotes

You must be covered by auto insurance in the state of Hawaii. Let’s discuss where the most affordable cities are and the most expensive. When it comes time for you to start searching for coverage you will need to know this information. Read on below to also find out the best way to receive affordable auto insurance quotes in Hawaii.



Affordable Car Insurance in Hawaii

When it comes to affordable rates it all really depends on where on the Hawaiian islands you live and drive on. We all know auto insurance rates can differ. When it comes to Hawaii’s state average it is annually $400. However, that is while driving with the bare minimum coverage. If you are living in Kauai, you will see the lowest rates at $342 a year. While over in Oahu, you will see a $100 increase, to $470 a year. Keep this in mind when collecting Hawaii auto insurance quotes.


When it comes to affordable car insurance companies, you will find that these companies are known to provide great rates in Hawaii. These companies are MetLife, Allianz Auto, Fireman’s Fund, and American Automobile Insurance.



Do you know how much a speeding ticket will affect your rates?

If you are a motorist in Hawaii, please realize how affected your rates can be by a ticket. If you are in a car accident or receive a speeding ticket, you are automatically viewed as a risky driver.  Due to this, you will be charged more. Did you know after an accident or a ticket your rates will increase over 15%? Some companies will not charge you an increased monthly premium while another will for sure jack up your rates. Companies that are known to be more expensive will jack up your rates. These companies are known to be Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and AAA.



Who are the best auto insurance companies in Hawaii?

When it comes to the best auto insurance companies in Hawaii, keep this in mind. You must consider each company’s set of complaints. Reviewing complaints is a major factor in determining which company is best for you!



Where do I begin?

Start collecting your affordable Hawaii auto insurance quotes at Insurance Quote Deals today! Insurance Quote Deals is the hottest up and coming insurance website. If you want the best rates out there, hit us up! Thousands of people love IQD and couldn’t think of a better place to collect their quotes.



Hawaii Hot Spots

Hawaii is truly like no other place in the entire world. You will see beautiful crystal blue oceans, beautiful valleys, and golden sand. Hawaii is a beautiful place. Each year thousands upon thousands people visit this island. You will find the warmth of the island and the Hawaiian people like no other. Visitors will not run out of things to do in Hawaii. You may start off by sightseeing. There are so many beautiful sights to see in Hawaii. With tons of national parks, you will have so much to see. If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii below are the best cities to live in. Please note their average auto insurance rates as well.





Honolulu is considered to be the most visited in the entire state. This may be because the state’s capital is located here. This city is also home to many active volcanoes, the only US Royal Palace, and more. When it comes to affordable Hawaii auto insurance quotes, you will find Honolulu to be around $470 annually.


Pearl City

Pearl City is not considered to be a tourist destination. Though it is a great place to go do everyday things, such as complete errands and go to work. This city is home to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Which is a must see for sure. When it comes to car insurance deals here, you can expect rates to be around $421.



You will find Hilo on the northeastern side of Hawaii. Here in Hilo, you will experience the best natural beauty in the entire state. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located near Hilo as well. You can receive great auto rates here Hilo, expect to pay around $415 annually.



Kailua is known to be the best beach town in all of Hawaii. It is home to two public beaches and over 50,000 Hawaiians. Many visitors love the Kailua Beach Park. It is so convenient with great parking, nice shady areas, and just the right amount for windsurfing. When it comes to Hawaii auto insurance quotes here, it is an average $345.



Waipahu is located near Pearl Harbor. This city also used to be a sugar plantation. Many ancient Hawaiians enjoyed the fresh spring water located here.  The population here in the city is an estimated 35,000. If you are curious about auto insurance rates here, they will be an estimated $434.

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