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North Dakota Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Located in the Great Plains region is the state of North Dakota. Everyone can describe the Great Plains as plains covered in grassland, prairie, and steppe. These plains lie west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains. This state is located in the Midwestern United States region and borders Canada, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana. North Dakota provides a variety of landscapes. These include Badlands, rivers, lakes, and national parks. Here you will see birds, elk, deer, buffalo, and antelope. One popular attraction here is the Beaver Lake State Park. At the park, visitors can camp, go boating, bird watching, or hike. Travelers find North Dakota in the middle of North America. Due to this, a stone marker in Rugby marks the geographic center of the North American Continent.

The state’s economy used to rely solely on agriculture. However, North Dakota experienced a recession in the 21st century. A significant boom in the oil industry eliminated the recession. This natural resource increase created more jobs, population growth, and low unemployment rates. Oil extracted from the Bakken formation is a primary factor of the boom. The Bakken formation is beneath the northwestern section of the state.



Homeowners Insurance Rates in North Dakota


If you are looking into moving to North Dakota and purchasing a home, you will need to find excellent coverage. It is a task to find affordable homeowners insurance here in North Dakota. Particular areas of the state offer lower rates than other areas. Which areas offer the best rates? The northern regions of the state provide the lowest homeowners insurance rates. Past claims in each city, the cost of labor, construction, and materials needed to rebuild or repair determine the most expensive rates.

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The Best Cities to Live in – North Dakota



North Dakota’s most populated city is Fargo. This city makes up 15% of the state’s population of 113,650. The automobile industry started booming in the early 20th century. Fargo was home to the Pence Automobile Company. Since then, the city of Fargo has expanded rapidly. North Dakota homeowners insurance quotes in this city are an estimated $1,990 a year.



The city of Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. It is also the second most populated city in North Dakota. The capitol building is the tallest in North Dakota. In addition, it is the only capital building in the United States that’s asymmetrical. One major attraction is Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. This state park contains the partial reconstruction of the fort, headquarters of the 7th cavalry, and was the last command of George Custer. North Dakota homeowners insurance here annually is $2,200.


Grand Forks

This city was historically dependent on local agriculture. Grand Forks is also known for producing durum wheat. Due to this, large bakeries make most of the pasta in North Dakota. Grand Forks holds a yearly festival to celebrate the durum wheat crop. Home coverage in this city will cost you an average of $1,600.



The city of Minot is well known for its Air Force base. Visitors will locate this base 15 miles north of the town. Minot is also known as a trading center for northern North Dakota. The city’s massive growth in a short time is also known as “Magic City.” North Dakota Homeowners Insurance Quotes in this city will cost $2,000.



The city of Williston has a population of 20,800. In addition, the oil boom in North Dakota is the leading cause of this city’s population increase. In this city, you will find the highest rent prices. Moreover, this city has the highest average wages but the worst housing shortage. These economic conditions are due to the oil boom also. Homeowners’ insurance coverage here in Williston will cost $1,978.



Located in southwest North Dakota is the city of Dickinson. Dickinson is just a short drive from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Located slightly west of Dickinson, Theodore Roosevelt owned Maltese Cross Ranch and the Elkhorn Ranch. It is another city that has been rapidly growing due to the North Dakota oil boom. The city’s location and economic influence have given Dickinson Queen City’s nickname. North Dakota homeowners insurance quotes here are an average of $2,300 yearly.

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