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Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

Texas is home to nearly 26 million people, so looking for the Texas auto insurance quotes was a large task. It was worth it to bring the savings to you. We found large variances of prices across the state depending on the company and the city. For instance, in Beaumont one company can be 30% more than another in the same city for the same coverage. For this reason, you should shop around. This is the only way you are guaranteed to get the rate that is best for you. We can help you find the exact coverage you need with the company you deserve.


Affordable Texas Auto Insurance

To give you an idea of the savings you will be a part of, we have based our findings on the average driver in Texas. Also we have gathered information from over 25 companies to give you the best picture on low-cost auto insurance in “The Lone Star State”.

There are 7 companies that top the list over all. Texas Farm Bureau Mutual, State Farm, Safeco, Liberty Insurance, Allstate, and Amica are the top civilian companies. The USAA is the 7th company and is the best choice for military personnel and their families. We have also created a list of auto insurance companies and their annual quotes for the average driver. Keep in mind your individual quote with be different depending on your driving record and location.


Low-Cost Auto Insurance per City

Auto insurance rates can vary from city to city. Cities with dense population tend to have a higher risk for accidents, so auto insurance rates are likely higher in these areas. There are discount rates to be found in these cities if you shop and compare. We will go over a few examples for the average driver in Texas. We have searched and analyzed the cities with the largest populations to give you a general idea of the what you could save as you compare companies.


Huston, Texas

Huston is home to 2,239,556 people and nestled in the southeast near the Gulf of Mexico. It is the largest city in “The Lone Star State”. Nasa’s Johnson Space Center and Mission Control Center were established here. The average annual premium here is around $1,505, but we found a rate of $1,130 a year with SafeCo,and Amica.


San Antonio, Texas

This city is home to the “The Alamo” and 1,436,695 residents. San Antonio is so rich with colonial and Spanish history. Auto insurance rates here can be high at $1,480, but with State Farm and Nationwide local driver were seeing quotes at $1,100 a year.


Dallas, Texas

This modern city is the cultural core of Texas. The art scene is strong here, with places like Crow Collection of Asian Art, the Dallas Museum, and everything in between. Auto insurance rates here are usually around $1,365 annually, but we have found quotes from Texas Farm Bureau Mutual and Progressive at $910 a year.


Austin, Texas

Not only is Austin the Capital of Texas, but it is home to the main campus of the University of Texas. This city is also known for its vibrant music scene and Formula One’s Circuit of the Americas raceway. Rates here, for auto insurance can be as high as $1,305 a year. Compare that to more affordable rate found with Allstate and Liberty Insurance at $972 annually.


Fort Worth, Texas

Located in north central Texas, this city is the location for Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base and home to 812,231 residents. The cowboy culture is very prominent here with places like The Cowgirl Museum and The Fort Worth Stockyards. Auto insurance here can be costly at $1,179 annually, but with companies like Geico and Esurance local drivers were finding quotes at $885.


El Paso, Texas

El Paso sits along the Rio Grande and directly across from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. There is a obvious military presence here, with Fort Bliss , Biggs Army Airfield, and William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Auto insurance quotes average at $1,042 a year here. We found with Farmers and Travelers local drivers were quoted at $878 annually.



Customer Focused Auto Insurance Companies

There is more to an auto insurance company than low-cost rates. Therefore, how a company treats you and your concerns is important to being a great provider. We have listed the best companies for customer service here, by the average valid complaints they receive a year. You will see that the companies with the best customer service does not always have the most affordable rates. Weigh you options and know what is most important to you.

Texas requires a minimum of $30,000 for each injured person, $60,000 for injuries per incident, $25,000 for property damage. That is why it is important to compare companies and know exactly what you expect from an auto insurance company. We can help you find the most affordable and hard working company for you here at



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