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Montana Auto Insurance Quotes

Did you know that location is a key factor when it comes to determining auto insurance rates in the state of Montana? By collecting Montana auto insurance quotes, it was determined that the average cost of auto insurance in the state is $2512. The cheapest rates are 75% lower than the most expensive. The city of Missoula provided rates of $1321. This is over 10% better than the state average. It’s easy to switch companies and save on your auto insurance costs!


Which companies provide me with the cheapest auto insurance rates in Montana?  Based on collected Montana auto insurance quotes, the cheapest rates for car insurance were found at Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and Farmers Union. The average auto rates provided by these companies were an estimated $1010.  This average price was around 35% less than the Montana state average.


However, in order to find the top auto insurance deals in Montana, you will need to collect quotes. By collecting Montana auto insurance quotes, you will able to ensure that you are getting the best deal. When it comes to collecting auto insurance quotes, there’s a number of factors that can affect your rates.  These factors can be your driving history, age, vehicle, and your marital status.


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Attractions in Montana


Montana is home to the Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is the world’s first national park. At the park, visitors will see a volcano, hot springs, mudpots, and geysers. At the national park, explore mountains, forests, and lakes to watch wildlife and see the beauty of the natural world. Discover all the history that led to conserving the national treasure.


Another popular attraction is the Museum of the Rockies. This museum is one of the finest research and history museums. The museum displays an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and a full T Rex skeleton! Visitors to the museum can see changing exhibits, indoor and outdoor exhibits, planetarium shows, educational programs, and a gift store. Rocky Rex is the T Rex skeleton. It is the museum’s mascot.


One of the museums exhibits is the Memory on Glass. Memory on Glass showcases David Barry’s work as he recorded the Standing Rock Reservation and the many controversies that surround the American Indians. David Barry is known for photographing Native American men and women in the northern plains of the 19th century. He recorded forts, battlefields, and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.


Finally, the National Bison Range. Developed in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt is The National Bison Range. This was the first time Congress approved of using tax dollars to buy land for conserving wildlife. The main mission of the National Bison Range is to maintain a herd of bison to preserve the species. Presently today, it is home to 300-500 bison.



Auto Coverage in Montana




Billings offers many things to do. You will be welcomed here, whether you want to see rodeo action, or relax by fishing or hunting. Be sure to watch Montana wildlife by grabbing some binoculars and head out to the plains or hike in the mountains. Billings is a perfect central point that hosts western attractions, events, shopping, and more. Based on collected Montana auto insurance quotes, auto insurance rates here are an estimated $950.




Known as the Garden City is Missoula. This is due to its mild winters compared to the rest of Montana. Missoula is a great place to be. Depending on the seasons, you can hike, ski, fish, and so much more. Located in an old, lakebed glacial is Missoula. Located here is the University of Montana.  Missoula provides the second most affordable auto insurance. The average price here is $1421.



Great Falls

Located near the Missouri River and is Great Falls. This is because of the many dams and power plants. Great Falls is a city with great traditions, history, and more. Make sure when you visit that you remember that you are following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Auto insurance coverage rates here are an estimated $1543.




Many dinosaur fans love the city of Bozeman. You will see many fossils and skeletons at the Siebel Dinosaur Complex in the Museum of the Rockies. The Museum of the Rockies chief paleontologist served as an inspirational character in the film Jurassic Park. Montana auto insurance quotes tell us the average cost of coverage here is $1524.




Montana’s fifth most populated city in the state is Bute. The discovery of city deposits of silver and copper lead to a city boom. Due to this Butte was nicknamed the richest hill on earth. The best car insurance rates in Butte were around $880 annually.

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