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Montana is a state located in the Western portion of the US. The name “Montana” is formed from the Spanish word for mountain. The state has received the nickname of the Treasure State. Montana also borders three Canadian provinces. These provinces include British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This is the only US state to do so. Montana also borders North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming. Visitors will also notice that Montana contains various mountain ranges. There are also many smaller islands throughout the state. Seventy-seven of the contents in Montana are a part of the Rocky Mountains. You will also notice that the eastern half of Montana is covered with prairies and badlands.

The state’s economy is solely based on agriculture. This also includes ranching and grain farming. Other economic successes include coal, lumber, and oil. Many tourists enjoy visiting Glacier National Park, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, and Yellowstone National Park each year.

Glacier National Park is also known as the Crown of the Continent. Glacier National Park provides visitors with a magnificent presence. The park is home to over a million acres. Beauty is one word to describe the carved glacier terrain. The terrain at the park also showcases wild meadows, crystal clear rivers, massive waterfalls, and rock faces and mountain peaks. The park is also elementary to explore. Therefore visitors can explore by road or trail. The National Historic Landmark, Going-to-the-Sun-Road, takes tourists through Logan Pass. Glacier National Park is open year-round.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is a memorial site commemorating the battle site. This battle occurred on June 25-26 between the US Seventh Cavalry and the Sioux and Cheyenne. However, it was initially named the Custer Battlefield National Monument. A visitor center and museum display exhibits related to the battle. Also included in the museum exhibits are the battle history, Custer, many weapons, the history of Indian life, and a walking tour.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most amazing places to visit in the entire World. Over 4 million people travel through Yellowstone every year and experience its incredible beauty. Yellowstone showcases geysers, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and more. Therefore Yellowstone Park is considered to be an outdoor paradise. The park is excellent for family vacations, wildlife watchers, and outdoor lovers. The park is also a favorite of many photographers. Visitors can also view the park from the comfort of their vehicles. The park also includes thousands of miles of trails for day hikes. Located on grand loop road are all the main park attractions. Yellowstone National Park is the World’s very first National Park.

Montana is a beautiful state to live in. If you want the best home coverage for your current or new home, listen. If you wish to the best homeowners insurance deals, you must first know the cheapest areas in the state. All cities and towns in the state’s northwestern section are considered to have the best rates available for Montana homeowners insurance. This could be due to the areas having low crime rates, a distant location from the coastline, or a more negligible risk of natural disasters.

The most expensive Montana homeowners insurance quotes are in the state’s eastern portion. Remember these crucial details when shopping for the best deals for Montana homeowners insurance quotes. The quote-collecting process is a hassle. Collecting quotes from many different companies is a time-consuming process. Always remember to order more than three quotes so you can compare rates. Always pick the best coverage for you. Do not settle with the cheapest policy. If you want the most affordable quotes online with no hassle, receive your quote here at Insurance Quotes Deals. We will gather all your selections and present you with the best homeowners insurance Montana residents can buy.



Montana City Stops




Billings is home to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. In addition, the center features five different museums, all under the same roof. The museum displays the public and personal life of Buffalo Bill. The main goal is to interpret his story. One museum located in the center is the Whitney Gallery of Western Art. The Whitney Gallery provides an excellent collection of the West. Hence you will see many original paintings, beautiful sculptures, and rare prints. Home coverage in the city of Billings is an estimated $1,832.




Here in Missoula, you will find the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. The museum’s main goal was to collect, preserve, and interpret Missoula County’s history. The museum is on 30 acres at the heart of the historic Fort Missoula. Fort Missoula is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Coverage here in Missoula is $1,000 a year.



Great Falls

They are known for its closeness to the Mississippi River in Great Falls. It is also very well known as Electric City. This is due to the many dams and power plants. Great Falls is an excellent place with rich traditions and history. While visiting this city, remember that you are walking the same path as Lewis and Clark, Blackfeet Indians, and the buffalo. Home insurance here in the city is $1,322.




Bozeman is home to the Museum of the Rockies. Inside, visitors will see changing exhibits from all around the World. The museum includes a permanent indoor and outdoor history exhibit, planetarium shows, and more. Coverage here in the city of Bozeman is annually $1,500.




One popular attraction in Butte is the World Museum of Mining. Here at the museum, visitors will learn about the Girl’s history and the original structures still up today. There are 55 significant exhibits. Each exhibit will give you a feel of the different kinds of equipment used for mining in the 1860s. If you want coverage here in Butte, it is $1,300 yearly.




The city of Helena is the capital of Montana. Make sure to stop and visit the state capital. With the money, you can take tours of the People’s House. These tours primarily focus on art, architecture, and the history of the building. You will pay $1,232 annually here for home coverage.

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