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Colorado provides visitors the opportunities to experience many different outdoor activities. One of these outdoor activities is the Hot Springs. In the state of Colorado, you can sit outside in the cold snow and relax in the naturally heated hot springs. Colorado is home to a variety of hot springs all year round. The springs offer relaxation, soothe muscles, and much more. Colorado’s hot springs also provide amazing views and a mountainous feel. Almost all hot springs facilities in Colorado provide lodging, spa facilities and attractions for families. The state also provides over 30 hot spring locations. The Springs Resort and Spa offers over 20 soaking pools. This also includes the world’s deepest geothermal spring. Inside you will encounter a full-service spa, salon, and a suites hotel. There are also five adult pools that offer magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains.


The Waunita Hot Springs Ranch is also a popular destination. This resort is surrounded by the Gunnison National Forest. This lodge is the perfect getaway for horse riding, fishing, and even swimming in the hot springs pool. This lodge is family friendly and also provides kid friendly activities. The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort offers the largest hot springs pool in the state. Inside the resort are two water slides, a mini golf course and even a full service spa in the historic sandstone bath house.


If you have a fascination of the Old West, then visiting the Colorado Ghost Towns is a must. The ghost towns provide an insight of once rowdy brothels, old deserted roads, and historic stories of the Wild West. Colorado’s mining frenzy lead to tons of traffic to the state. The great promise of riches and gold brought in many miners with dreams of hitting it big. While some of these mining towns remain top attractions. This includes Breckenridge, Leadville, and Idaho Springs. However, the rest faded into ghost towns forgotten by America. Visiting these towns are a hot attraction today. Wander through the abandoned streets and witness the still standing saloons that were once home to outlaw showdowns.


There are a few buildings to see in these abandoned towns. Remember to be careful. Most of these buildings are unsafe to be in, are owned privately or protected by the historical society. Taking any type of a souvenir is not allowed. Photos are welcomed though. Independence is one of these popular ghost towns. The city of Independence is located next to the Independence Pass. The Independence Pass was once a steep passage for stagecoach travelers. The Aspen Historical Society offers tours of the town that became abandoned by miners.


St. Elmo is one of Colorado’s most preserved ghost towns. Here you will see the well preserved wooden storefronts, the dusty Main Street, and abandoned buildings. You can explore the town of St. Elmo by car. However think about renting an ATV from the general store, and drive over to Tin Cup. Tin Cup was considered a rowdy town. As a result, sheriffs didn’t hold a long position here.


Colorado is a beautiful historic state to visit. There isn’t anything like taking a trip to make you feel more alive and well. A person’s health should be the most cherished aspect of their life. Having great health is a blessing. It is important to always be covered against any health emergencies especially when taking a vacation. Paying for doctors’ visits or emergencies out of pocket can add up. You want to make sure you are covered with the best Colorado health insurance available. It is now a law in the United States to have adequate health coverage for you and your family. If you do not possess any health coverage at the end of the year, you will be fined.


You may wonder, how do I find the best coverage? In order to find and receive the best coverage, you must compare Colorado health insurance quotes. The average cost of health insurance annually in Colorado is $2,623. Let’s discuss how you can receive the most affordable health insurance quotes. First, be sure you have a type of coverage in mind. Knowing this will help your search. Next, receive quotes from more than 3 different major insurance companies. By receiving three different quotes, you can easily compare. Also be sure to check out reviews of the insurance company. An ideal company will offer its buyer with excellent service and affordable rates.



Colorado Interests



Denver Colorado has one of the most colorful railroad histories than any other place in the world. This was due to the discovery of gold and silver in the Rocky Mountains.  After the discovery of gold and silver, railroad lines were added to nearly every canyon and high pass. The railroad system was the lifeline of the mining community in the state. The railroad system changed Denver from a wild crazy frontier town into a large booming city. Denver is a major destination for railroad fans.


Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. The hall of fame features 5 exhibits to view and over 200 inductee collections. Visitor’s experiences here consist of the hall of fame educating them on the sports historical beginning and offers words of wisdom on how contestants became champions.



Here in Aurora you will find the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. The park and amphitheater has received many awards. It is well known for its beautiful scenery and unforgettable concerts. However do not be fooled. Around the site is over 800 acres of deer, pines, and prairie land.  Red Rocks Park is where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. The amphitheater is a geological phenomenon. As it is the only naturally occurring, acoustically ideal amphitheater in the entire world. Every artist wants to play at this beautiful arena.


Fort Collins

Fort Collins is well known for its many outdoor adventures. Families enjoy taking the time to complete these activities. Fishing is a popular activity that families enjoy. Here in Fort Collins, there are several bodies of water that offer trophy fishing. Horsetooth Reservoir is also a family favorite destination. One favorite way to completely explore the reservoir is to stand up paddleboard. Your trip to Fort Collins is not complete until you take a bike ride. Fort Collins offers 280 miles of trails and flat lanes.



Lakewood is also home to many outdoor adventures. Here in Lakewood, you will come across the Bear Creek Lake Park. The Bear Creek Lake Park is the most popular park in the city. In the park, you will see a large fishing lake, many paved and dirt hiking trails, picnic areas, and so much more!



Your trip to Arvada is not complete until you take a trip to the Apex Center. The Apex Center keeps families happy. Inside offers mountain/mining themed indoor water park. Inside you will also see an adult spa, family spa, and a pool. Kids love the many features of the park. This includes geysers, fountains, water slides, and more.



The Steelworks Center of the West is located here in Pueblo. It provides residents with education through historic archives, artifacts, artifacts, and buildings regarding the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company and activities that lead to industrialization of the west. They provide visitors with continuing education of the steel industry’s impact on the region. Inside you will see documents and artifacts from the steel and mining industry.

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