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Located in the South Central US is Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a large producer of gas, oil, and agricultural items. Most of the state lies in the Great Plains. The Great Plains is defined as the expansion of flat land and is mostly covered in prairie, steppe, and grassland. The Great Plains lie west of the Mississippi River prairie states and over to the east of the Rocky Mountains. Oklahoma is also home to four different mountain ranges. These mountain ranges include the Ouachita, Arbuckle, Wichita, and the Ozark Mountains. Located within the United States Highlands region is the Ozark and Ouachita mountains. The Ozark Mountains and the Ouachita Mountains are the only mountain regions in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians.

Oklahoma provides many activities for tourists. The state offers many historic sites as well. Theses historic sites consist of Indian heritage, Vikings, the oil booms, and much more. Oklahoma provides a rich history. Many historical sites honor the state’s original residents and settlers. Be sure to visit the Washita Battlefield National Monument to acknowledge the history of Custer’s attack on the village of Black Kettle. You can also visit the shore where the massacres took place. Perhaps visit the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center to learn the about the cattle trail that stretched across the entire state or see the last sod house on the Oklahoma prairies.

First of all, Oklahoma is also home to the top Native American attractions. As a result, over 60 different Native American nations have settled in Oklahoma. Here in Oklahoma, you will discover all the Native American traditions. Located in the hills of the Ozark Mountains is the Cherokee Heritage Center. The Cherokee Heritage Center showcases the history and heritage of the Cherokee and their time spent in Oklahoma. You will also see how the Cherokee people lived by walking through the many displays scattered across wooded acres.

Oklahoma is also home to Western heritage, aka cowboys. If you want to see an authentic look into the Old West, Oklahoma is your place. Watch real live cowboys and cowgirls at an exhilarating Oklahoma rodeo. The Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo or Freedom Rodeo are two top rodeos in the state. Learn all about the American cowboy experience at cattle drive events. The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center holds these events. At the guest ranches, you will experience a whole day of riding and roping, have a campfire cooked meal, and will have a full Western experience. Along with horseback rides and chuck wagon dinners.

Home insurance is a must for home ownership. This is especially true in regions where extreme weather occurs. Oklahoma averages 60 tornadoes a year. The state of Oklahoma lies in tornado alley. Oklahoma’s location makes it suspect to this type of weather. However, regions with extreme weather are known to have higher home coverage rates. Where your home is located greatly depends on the cost of your homeowners insurance.

If you need Oklahoma homeowners insurance quotes or are looking for a better rate, you have come to the right place. When it comes to gathering Oklahoma homeowners insurance quotes, there a few things you need to know. Collect as many quotes as possible from major insurance companies. This will take some time to do. Having at least 3 or more quotes will be sufficient. If you receive a quote from us at Insurance Quote Deals, we will provide you with the best deals. We will collect homeowners insurance quotes and present you with the results.



Oklahoma Tourist Stops


Oklahoma City

There are many things you must do in Oklahoma City. First, be sure to take a trip inside the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. This museum is definitely worth the visit. The museum has recently been renovated. The museum was updated with new technology, hands on exhibits, and new artifacts. Also in the museum is a 40ft glass overlook that showcases the memorial outside. Rates in this city are annual $5,200.




Tusla is home to the Golden Driller: Titanic Oil Man. At one time, Tusla was on top of an ocean of oil. Drilling derricks were all over. This also includes on the state capitol lawn. Tulsa’s giant oil man was built by an oilfield supply company from Texas. The Tulsa State Fairgrounds first set up the Oil Man. The driller is an oversized bronze statue, with a big grin, a tin helmet, and a gloved left hand. A second giant was constructed because of the popularity of the first statue. Homeowners insurance here in Tusla is $3,600 yearly.




One of the most recognized attractions in Norman is the Boyd House. The Boyd House is the official residence of the president of the University of Oklahoma. The National Register of Historic Places added the Boyd House. This was due to the buildings great contribution to the state. Oklahoma homeowners insurance here is $5,100.



Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is home to the Broken Arrow Museum. In addition, this museum is located in downtown. The museum’s main mission is to preserve the local and regional history of the city. The museum features collections, exhibits, and photographs that show the rich history of Broken Arrow. Home coverage here in this city is $3,700.




Located here in Lawton is the Museum of the Great Plains. This museum is considered to be one of the top visitor attractions in the city. In the museum, you can view a giant map of the Great Plains. You can also mingle with the People of the Plains. While other activities in the museum include sitting through a tornado, look at bison guts, dig up a mammoth, and so much more. Home coverage here in the city is $5,000.

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