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Washington DC Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Washington DC is home to a number of historical and political monuments and institutions. Washington DC also houses the Congress, the President, Supreme Court, and headquarters many international organizations.  Also in Washington is the president memorials, the Nation Archives, and the Library of Congress. The District is not considered to be a part of any US state. However, the larger metropolitan area is the 7th largest.  The Nation’s Capital is home to many homeowners insurance risks too.


What are the average homeowners insurance rates in Washington DC?  The average insurance premiums in DC are slightly higher than the rest of the US. The average cost of home insurance in 2016 was $1342. This average is above the national average of $1134.


There are many factors that affect homeowners insurance rates. Some of these factors are the age of your house, crime rates, natural disaster rates, and even burglary rates are looked at. Burglaries are very serious. States that have a high burglary rate, more than likely have to have expensive rates. This is due to the likeliness that someone will need to file a claim is high.


Choosing a homeowners insurance company in Washington DC is easy. You could go with the company your mortgage lender provides you but you more than likely won’t get the best rates. The only way to find the affordable home rates is to compare Washington DC homeowners insurance quotes. You must be sure to compare quotes from different major companies though.


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All About DC


The capital of the United States is Washington DC or otherwise known as the District of Columbia. The state of Maryland borders the city to the north while the state of Virginia borders the city to the south. Located on the shore of the Potomac River is this city. Washington DC is a great city. A city with multiple personalities.  The main attraction of Washington DC is the White House. The most visited attraction in DC is the White House. Another popular attraction is the Washington Monument.


The Washington Monument is a protected area in the United States. George Washington was honored with this monument. He was the commander in chief of the Continental Army and first president of the United States. The Washington Monument was at one time the tallest building in the world. The monument today, still holds true as the world’s tallest stone structure. The National Park maintained the monument. Building the National Monument wasn’t very easy. The Civil War and many other events lead to the halt in construction. Due to this, once construction was started different marble was used. This contributes to the monuments difference in color.


Finally, the Jefferson Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson. The architecture of the memorial makes it stand out compared to DC’s amazing selection of monuments and memorials. John Russell Pope designed this memorial. The Pantheon in Rome resembles this monument.  The memorial is surrounded by water and is located on the Nation Mall Tidal Basin.




Popular DC Neighborhoods


National Mall

The National Mall is the home of many iconic monuments. This includes the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. At the eastern section, you will find the US Capitol. While located in the North is the White House. You will also see Smithsonian museums.  Nearby the tidal basin is cherry blossom trees. The cherry blossom trees peak in the springtime months. Collected Washington DC homeowners insurance quotes near this area are an estimated $950 a month.



Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the largest residential neighborhood in Washington DC. It is also the oldest residential neighborhoods in Washington DC.  The Capitol Hill neighborhood is also densely populated. Capitol Hill rises near the center of the District of Columbia. Pennsylvania Avenue is full of businesses. They include bars and restaurants that lure in a very youthful and politics obsessed crowd. In order to find the best homeowners insurance rates here, be sure to collect homeowners insurance quotes.



Capitol Riverfront

There are many things to experience at the Capitol Riverfront. For starters, Nationals games are a great attraction. With two stars such as Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer taking the field. During the 4th inning, you will see six jumbo headed mascots that are US presidents, race around the field in a comical footrace. Visitors can also spend a sunny afternoon at The Yards Park. The Yards Park rests alongside the Anacostia River. Also, visitors here will enjoy the relaxation and peacefulness of the park. Washington DC homeowners insurance quotes suggest the annual rate is $1342.


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