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Minnesota Homeowners Insurance Quotes

You will find the state of Minnesota located in the Midwestern region of the United States. This state is well known for its number of lakes. It has received the well-known nickname of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. Over 50 percent of residents live in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul. This area is known as the “Twin Cities”, because of transportation, industry, business, education, and so much more. The rest of the state is also full of western prairies, forests, and woods.


The state of Minnesota also consists of four different ecological provinces. First, the Prairie Parkland. Located in the south and western portions of the state is the Prarie Parkland. Next, the Eastern Broadleaf Forest. You will find the Eastern Broadleaf forest located in southeastern Minnesota. The forest extends narrowly to the state’s northwestern portion as it transforms into the Tallgrass Aspen Parkland. The Laurentian Mixed Forest is a transitional forest. The northern forests consist of many pine and spruce trees along with birch and popular.


The state of Minnesota is full of many fun and family oriented attractions. One popular attraction is the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. The main purpose of the building was to honor musicians of the past and present that have contributed to the Minnesota music scene. This includes all musical genres, such as jazz, blues, rock and roll, and others. Currently, at the museum, you will find over 150 inductees. The inductees are featured on picture displays, artifacts, instruments, and uniforms that reflect the music history. Famous inductees of the museum include Whoopee John, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Prince, Lori Line, and many others. The museum also offers an audio tour.


Be sure to visit Glacial Lakes State Park to view the true beauty of Minnesota. This park is located on a glacial deposit where prairie land and the central hardwood forests meet. Many skiers and hikers enjoy visiting the vistas of Mountain and Baby Lakes. Also the wide openness of the hills due to the native prairies. The trails lead past many formations of glacial formations, prairie potholes, marshes, woodlands, and many creeks.


Minnesota is a beautiful place to live. Tourists from all over the United States come to visit. If you are looking to live in and own a home in the state of Minnesota, you will need homeowners insurance. Do you know what the average homeowners insurance rates are in the state of Minnesota? Where can you find the best Minnesota homeowners insurance quotes in the state? It is highly suggested to collect Minnesota homeowners insurance quotes from more than 2 major companies. Major companies consist of State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, and many other widely recognized companies. Homeowners insurance MN residents want can be found right here!



Found along the northern sections of the state are the cheapest cities for homeowners insurance in Minnesota. These least expensive cities are next to the Canadian border. The city of Ely has the cheapest homeowners insurance rates. It is known to be at least 20% less than the state average. What about the most expensive cities for homeowners insurance in MN? The most expensive cities were found in the Twin Cities area. If you are looking to live here it is over 20% greater than the state average. The average cost of homeowners insurance in the state of Minnesota is $2,100.


Home insurance quotes MN residents collect need to be compared carefully. Remember its important to read all the fine print of your coverage options. You definitely do not want to go with one quote then realize the coverage terms are a bit different.



Minnesota home insurance rates – per city




Minneapolis is a major city in Minnesota and is well known for the formation of the Twin Cities. This city is also bisected by the Mississippi River. There are many well-known cultural landmarks in the state. A few of these well-known landmarks are Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  The Walker Art Center is recognized as a leading arts venue in Minnesota. Visitors here will experience visual arts and design exhibitions. This includes dance, theater, art, and music performances along with film screenings. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the main attraction of the city park system. It helps unite two of Minnesota’s resources. That is the green space and cultural life. The garden is an 11-acre site that showcases over 35 works. The average price of Minnesota homeowners insurance quotes here in Minneapolis is $2,100.





St.Paul is the capital of Minnesota. This city is also known as the second most populated city in the entire state. This city mostly lies on the bank of the Mississippi River. Saint Paul is within the Mississippi National River and Recreational Area. Visitors to the Saint Paul can also dip their feet in the river underneath the Wabasha Street Bridge.  Also, Raspberry Island is a beautiful island to picnic. If you are looking to own a home in the Saint Paul area, annual Minnesota homeowners insurance quotes will be an estimated $2,200.





If you would like to visit the city of Rochester and view everything it offers, you should take the Rochester Trolley and Tour. The Rochester Trolley and Tour provides guided trolley tours around the city. This tour company also provides visitors with hunting and fishing trips. If you decide to take the trolley, it offers riders the option to hop on or off at many different locations along the tour route. The price of homeowners insurance here is $2,250.





The city of Bloomington is home to the Mall of America. The Mall of America offers visitors with over 500 shops that offer tax-free shopping and over 45 restaurants. Also, the city offers plenty of hotels near the mall that provides shuttle services for guests. If you are on a vacation or romantic getaway, this is a perfect place to be.  Homeowners insurance in the city of Bloomington is an estimated $2,100 annually.





Well known for being the birthplace of Bob Dylan is Duluth. His time in the city, however, was very short. In 2006, the city formed a cultural pathway in honor of Dylan’s 65th birthday. Along the almost 2-mile Bob Dylan way is signage that goes through downtown all the way to Michigan Street. Average Minnesota home insurance quotes collected here are yearly $1920.

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