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Alabama, “Heart of Dixie,” is located in the Southeastern region of the United States. It is the 24th most populous state in the US. Alabama provides 53 miles of coastline. Because of this, it claims the 6th highest homeowners coverage rates. Large category three hurricanes have hit Alabama’s coastline in the past. Due to the past occurrences of natural disasters, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Alabama is $2,320. Home insurance in Alabama ranged between $1,687 and $4,127. When it comes to home insurance, Alabama residents want an affordable price.


We completed a study to help determine the cheapest home rates in Alabama. In addition, we gathered estimates from major companies for a 2,000-square-foot home. These companies include Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, State Farm, and Nationwide. The data found that Progressive offered cheap homeowners insurance Alabama residents want. Progressive provided an average annual rate of 1687 for the above sample. Please take note this price was for a specific profile. Alabama home buyers should compare a few when ready to collect a homeowners insurance quote.


The four most expensive cities for Alabama homeowners quotes are located in the southern part of the state. Two of these cities are located on the water, which is a risk coverage wise. However, the fifth most expensive city, Opelika, is located in east-central Alabama. Luckily, it is not located on the water but has high property crime rates.


To find a cheaper homeowners quote, you must know which cities are the most affordable. When it comes to cheaper homeowners insurance Alabama residents want, it’s all about the location. The cheapest cities in Alabama are all located inland and far away from the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico provides a greater risk of storm damage. Alabama homeowners insurance that provides proper coverage is what you should purchase.


Top Ten Most Populated Cities in Alabama



Birmingham is the most populated city in Alabama. In addition, residents named Birmingham for Birmingham, England, UK’s major industrial city. Furthermore, it is the only city where the three raw ingredients for steel occur naturally. The ingredients all occur within a ten-mile radius. Homeowner insurance Alabama rates here are an average of $2,280.



Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. The population of this city is 201,332. The first open-heart surgery was performed here in 1902 by a city native, Luther Hill. Hill had never operated on a living heart before the surgery. The patient survived a stab wound and the surgery. If you consider moving to the capital, your home’s average rate of insurance will be $2,053.



Mobile is the third-largest metropolitan area in the entire state. Mobile also began as the first capital of French colonial Louisiana. It was the first home of the Mardi Gras celebrations in the early 1700s, before New Orleans. With a higher annual rate than previously listed cities, Alabama homeowners insurance coverage will cost you approximately $4,127.



Huntsville is the county seat of Madison County. In addition, it is also the fourth largest city in Alabama. Moreover, Huntsville is home to the state’s oldest hardware store. The store, Harrison Brothers Hardware, opened in 1879 originally as a tobacco shop. As a result, Alabama homeowners insurance rates here are significantly cheaper than in Mobile, with an average of $2,001.



Locals named Tuscaloosa after Tuskaloosa, the chieftain of people who battled and lost to Hernando de Soto in the battle of Mabila. This city also served as Alabama’s capital city from 1826 to 1846. If you want insurance on your home, the annual price is $2,420.



Dothan, Alabama, is the Peanut Capital of the world. Half of the peanuts grown in the United States come from the region. The city also hosts a peanut festival every year to celebrate. Dothan has a population of  68,001 people. Curious to know the annual homeowners’ rate here? Dothan homeowners rates are $2,181.



Auburn is the home of Auburn University. Auburn University was first established in 1856 and was formally known as the East Alabama Male College. The school went through many names throughout the years. In 1960, locals permanently changed the name to Auburn University. Homeowners here will cost you $1,980.


Phenix City

Before Phenix City, residents split this town into separate villages. The south side of the city was known as Girard. The north side was known as Brownville. Some claim that the last battle of the Civil War took place in Phenix City, known then as Girard.  The average home policy price here is approximately $1,330.



John Riley settled Gadsden in 1825. On July 4, 1845, the first steamboat piloted by Captain James Lafferty came to the area. The city initially proposed to change the city name to Lafferty’s Landing. However, Lafferty declined. If you are looking at this area of Alabama, the average homeowner’s price is $2,310.



Prattville is known for its signature hill, located on present-day 6th street. The mountain, Happy Hollow, turns into a steep curve. Happy Hollow was the center of African American life in this town in the 1950s. Home coverage rates in this town will run approximately $2,000.

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