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Connecticut is the second smallest state in the entire United States. However, don’t let that fool you. The state is still populated. The state of Connecticut was named after the Connecticut River. The river splits the state in two and was considered one of the original colonies. Connecticut is also considered the southernmost New England state. It is bordered by Long island, Rhode Island, New York State, and Massachusetts. The state of Connecticut is also closest to New York and Pennsylvania for a quick getaway.

Connecticut offers many adventures. Things to do in the state consist of zip lining, spa trips, history trips, visiting the state’s top restaurants and much more. There is still something to do for everyone in this small state. For adventurous visitors, try out Connecticut’s winter activities. Winter activities in the state consist of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. Connecticut has many different options for enthusiasts of all levels. You will also find family-friendly ski destinations as well. They will offer activities for kids and adults.

March is a big month for the state. That is because its the prime time for maple syrup. So, if you plan to visit in the spring months of the year, this is a must! Cold nights along with warmer sunny days are good for sap yields. Many sugar makers that are local are eagerly awaiting this time of year. Be sure to visit a local sugar house or attend a festival to discover how maple syrup is gathered. The Plymouth Maple Festival is a popular maple syrup festival. Start off by tapping trees at 11 am. You will then learn how to correctly find sugar maples, tap into them, insert the spiles inside, and hang up the buckets.

Also be sure to enjoy the outdoor beauty that Connecticut has to offer. Hubbard Park and Castle Craig are great for hikers. Enjoy the view from Castle Craig. Castle Craig is a stone observation tower that overlooks Hubbard Park. Hubbard Park provides visitors with 1,900 acres of hiking trails and picnic areas.

It’s guaranteed that you will fall in love with the beautiful state of Connecticut. Owning a home in this state would be an amazing experience. However, with home ownership comes homeowners coverage. You must be sure your home is protected by accidents or damages. Anything can destroy your home, whether it be an earthquake, flood, water damage, and more. It is essential to be fully covered and to receive the best rates. How can you be so sure you are receiving the best rates for Connecticut homeowners insurance quotes? Please keep in mind your rates are based on past claim history and other factors of your dwelling.

Always keep in mind to collect more than 3 quotes when shopping. It is still never the best to go with the first quote you receive. If so, you will be missing out on other deals and savings provided by other companies. Collecting and comparing a homeowners quote is always a time-consuming process. However, in order to receive the best rates, it is essential.




Connecticut City Attractions




Located in the city of Bridgeport is the Barnum Museum.  The Barnum Museum is a circus museum. It showcases a collection related to P.T Barnum and also the history of Bridgeport. The building is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Inside you will find miniature figures, a miniature replica of Barnum’s circus, and many other artifacts. The oldest artifact in the museum is the 2500-year-old Egyptian mummy.  If you are looking to insure a home in the Bridgeport area, homeowners coverage rates here are $1,050.


New Haven

New Haven is very popular in the summer months. The city is blessed with 40 miles of shoreline. Be sure to sunbath, swim, and cruise the Thimble Island. Thimble Island is a cherished summer pursuit. With the coming of fall, the city also provides visitors with fairs and carnivals. Be sure to head over to the farms to pick your own apples and pumpkins. Also be sure to find your way through the corn maze! A Connecticut homeowners insurance quote here is an estimated $973.



Stamford is home to the SHAPES! Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. Every year the city hosts an outdoor sculpture exhibit that is designed to attract locals and tourists. The exhibit features sculptures that line the sidewalks and parks of downtown. The exhibit in the year 2017 will consist of over 40 originally design sculptures that are on display and free to view. Home coverage here in the state is $950.



Hartford is the capital of Connecticut. One famous attraction of the capital is the Mark Twain house and museum. The Mark Twain house was home to the author and his family from 1874 to 1891. During the years he lived there, Twain wrote his best works. This includes Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and much more. Visitors are able to tour the house along with participating in activities and educational programs. Home coverage in this city is $1,250.



The Mattatuck Museum is located in Waterbury. The museum is an art and regional history museum. The museum first opened in 1912 and has remained open ever since. You will see exhibits of American Art and cultural history. You will also notice the main focus of the history of the Naugatuck Valley and artists from Connecticut. A Connecticut homeowners policy here costs $1,200.

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