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Virginia is known for being one of the original 13 colonies. The state of Virginia was also known to be the first part of the entire country that became permanently settled by the English. Virginia is also the first home to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many other founding fathers. Richmond was known as the Confederacy capital. Over half of the battles were fought in the state of Virginia. Presently today, you will find many government facilities throughout the state. At the same time, Arlington is the most popular city for these facilities. You will discover Arlington, located across from the Potomac River near Washington, DC.


The Pentagon is Located in Arlington—the world’s largest office building. The Pentagon is home to the US Department of Defense. This also includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Pentagon was constructed during 1941-1943. Its primary purpose was to house the office of the War Department. The War Department occupies over 15 facilities throughout Washington. Initially, Franklin Roosevelt wanted a building without windows to protect it from air raids.


However, Roosevelt was later convinced that having no windows in the building would be impractical. The Pentagons Height was limited to 77 feet. This was to protect the Arlington National Cemetery. Once finished, The Pentagon cost 83 million dollars. It is constructed out of steel and concrete with a limestone face. It also has five floors. This excludes the basement. There are over 16 miles of just corridors.


One of the most beautiful places in the United States is Virginia. You must leave the car and explore your surroundings to experience this beauty. Virginia is definitely for outdoor lovers. The state of Virginia offers many outdoor recreational activities. This ranges from beaches to mountains. You can quickly learn to surf on the coast or go to the hills and try skiing. Virginia is a moderate climate and includes all four seasons. Virginia is a hiker’s paradise. You can experience walks through the coastal marshes and backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail. The state also provides footpaths with stunning views, flowing water, and large beautiful hemlock trees.


Virginia is every outdoor person’s dream. You will be able to experience everything the outdoors has to offer. Many families vacation and explore Virginia every year. It must be covered if an accident occurs while exploring the outdoors. It’s the law in the United States to have health insurance coverage. Therefore it must be covered or face a hefty fine at tax time.

When it comes to health insurance plans, cheaper is not always better. However, you will want a plan that fits your budget. Shopping for a health insurance plan can be very time-consuming and hassle. Re-entering your information over and over is just exhausting. Therefore, most people will settle on their first plan due to saving time.

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Virginia City Stops


Virginia Beach

If you love dolphins, Virginia Beach is the place for you. The beach offers many educational and exciting dolphin tours for the entire family. A dolphin-watching adventure on the Rudee Flipper is where you want to be. You will cruise along the coastline and search for these playful creatures. Many other beautiful sites and wildlife await when you visit.




Here in Norfolk, you will find the Railroad Museum of Virginia. Inside the museum, you will see a collection of locomotive photographs, occasionally changed artifacts, and so much more. For example, the collection includes railroad watches used by railroaders when engineers were required to carry them. Also inside the museum, you will see rail hand tools, a Nolan buggy, badges worn by rail police, and even antique rail locks. If you are visiting the Norfolk area, this museum is a must-see!




Here in Chesapeake, you will find the Waterways Heritage Festival. This festival takes place in October. Waterways Heritage Festival is truly a celebration of the Chesapeake’s beautiful waterways and heritage. Some details of the festival include many exhibitors and vendors that show their skills, talents, and the craftiness of people. Vendors and exhibitors will sell handmade crafts. These include baked goods, basketry, beekeeping, doll making, fly fishing, handbags, and more. Entry into the festival is free. It is fun for the whole family!




Richmond has a reputation for history for over 400 years. However, did you know that there are more revolutions? For example, this city also hosts craft beer, food, and art revolutions. Richmond will provide the best craft breweries, restaurants, murals, and street art.



Newport News

Newport News offers visitors almost everything! In the city you can mountain bike, take a paddleboat or canoe ride. Visitors will also enjoy the wildlife and the serene beauty of the James River. Be sure to stroll on the beaches, go outdoors and watch the bird, and even try fishing here in Newport News.

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