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The Old Dominion, otherwise known as Virginia, is located in the Southern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. Locals gave the nickname because of the state’s status as one of the first colonial possessions established in British America. The capital of Virginia is Richmond. Virginia Beach is the most populated city in the entire state.  Virginia is also known for its slogan: “Virginia is for Lovers.”


There are many factors to consider regarding homeowners insurance costs in Virginia. Do you know what these factors are? Let’s discuss them. One factor that affects your rates is the crime rate. High crime rates will significantly affect insurance costs for your home. Another factor is how close to the coast you live on because it will also significantly affect your costs. On average, the statewide cost homeowners pay 1131. However, the location depends on your average price. Depending on location, you can pay anywhere from $937 to $1648.


Insurance Quote Deals completed a study to determine the most affordable companies in Virginia to find the cheapest homeowners insurance. The sample for this study includes a home of 2,000 square feet. We reviewed quotes from Nationwide, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers. Of all these major companies, Nationwide had the best annual average. Nationwide’s average yearly rate came to be $842. The rates listed above are only for the sample property. If you want to determine your rates, compare multiple quotes.


Affordable homeowners insurance in Virginia is found in inland cities, away from the coast and water. Unfortunately, these cities are near the West Virginia border.


The most expensive Virginia homeowners insurance quote is found along the coast or near bodies of water. These two factors significantly affect home insurance costs. Homes located in these neighborhoods have a high risk of flooding and higher rates. The odds of a company paying out for damage are more elevated. Virginia home insurance is obtainable. Remember this while shopping online for coverage.


Top Ten Most Populated Cities in Virginia


Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is Virginia’s biggest city. It is home to many hotels, restaurants, and businesses. Virginia Beach is a prime example of higher insurance rates due to its location along the coast. This city has the highest home rates in the entire state of Virginia. The average premium homeowners insurance Virginia Beach residents pay $1765. This average is 53% higher than the Virginia Beach, VA average homeowners’ insurance.



This is Virginia’s second-biggest city, with a population of 246,139 people. Norfolk is home to the most extensive Navy base in the entire world. In addition, Norfolk is close to major waterways and the Atlantic Ocean. The crime rate in Norfolk is also high. With these factors, Norfolk is also one of the most expensive places for home insurance.



Chesapeake consists of farmland, forests, and wetlands. It is found on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Chesapeake also has miles of residential, waterfront industrial, and commercial property. In addition, it is the third-most populated city in Virginia. On average, a resident of Norfolk can pay between $681 and $783 for homeowner insurance. The rate also depends on the home value.



Richmond is the capital of Virginia. It has been an independent city since 1871. In 1755, Patrick Henry presented his famous speech “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” here at St. John’s Church. Richmond residents are paying about $1150 for their home coverage. Finally, home insurance Richmond VA residents can quickly obtain! Below are company rates for homeowners insurance in Richmond, VA.


Newport News

Newport News is 23 miles long and 3 miles wide, and locals settled it in 1621. In addition, this city is Virginia’s fourth-largest. The Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company built many US super aircraft carriers. Moreover, these aircraft included Kennedy, Washington, Vinson, Roosevelt, and Enterprise. Based on Virginia data, homeowners are, on average, paying $645 to $867 annually.



Alexandria is located 7 miles south of Washington, DC.  It is populated with citizens working professionally in the federal civil service, the military, and private companies that provide for the federal government. One of Alexandria’s largest employers is the US Department of Defense. The average rate of homeowners insurance in this city is $1169.



This city is 16 miles north of Norfolk. Historians consider Hampton, VA, one of the nation’s earliest settlements. However, this city dates back to the early 1600s.  Rates in this city are $1423.



Roanoke is the largest municipality in Southwest Virginia. Originally known as Big Lick, residents named this city for its ample supply of salt, which brought in wildlife. In 1882 it was renamed, Roanoke. Virginia homeowners insurance here averages out to be $1032.



This city is 3 miles away from Norfolk. Portsmouth got its name from the English naval port of the same name. The navy’s premier shipbuilding facility, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, is located here. Insurance rates in this city will be an average of $752.



Suffolk was founded in 1742 by English colonists. It was initially named Constant’s Warehouse before being renamed Suffolk. Suffolk became an incorporated town in 1808. It is also the birthplace of Planters Peanuts. Rates here will cost you an estimate of $1365.

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