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Have you ever wondered what the best thing to do in Connecticut is? Perhaps its zip lining through the trees? Maybe it’s visiting a luxurious spa? Maybe you want to take a trip back into history? There are a variety of things to do in this small state. Connecticut provides a complete experience in a nice compact package. Connecticut provides many hiking and biking trails that provide a view. The high points can be easily reached by hiking or taking a mountain biking trail. You will find the highest trail at MT.Frissell. Located in Massachusetts, is the mountain’s summit.  This trail will climb to 2,380 feet above sea level and offer stunning views for visitors.


One popular attraction in the state of Connecticut is the Gillette Castle, State Park. This stone castle looks like a medieval fortress. However, once you step inside you will see built-in couches, a table trackway, and many woodcarvings, all thanks to William Gillette. It is the only rock formation in the entire park. The formation is a calcite and quartz gneiss. Gneiss is a rock with segregation of light and dark minerals that showcase a banded texture. William Gillette designed the entire castle and most of the inside contents as well. Building the castle took 5 years to complete. Inside the castle features woodwork of hand-hewn white oak. There are 47 doors in the castle and no two are the same. They each have an external latch of carved wood.


Another popular attraction in Connecticut is the New England Air Museum. Here in the New England Air Museum, you will find over 100 different types of aircraft that ranges from early flying machines all the way to supersonic jets. Most of the aircraft are displayed in three exhibit hangars and also in an outdoor display area. The museum also offers many different activities for visitors. Many of the programs offered change throughout the year. A few examples of these activities are Flight Science Demonstrations, Build and Fly Activities, and America Takes to the Air.


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Top Cities and Attractions in Connecticut





One popular attraction in Bridgeport is the Housatonic Museum of Art. It is home to one of the best college art collections in the entire US. The museum’s collections allow students and the community to view works that span the history of art. This collection is permanent and is on continuous display throughout the building. This offers a rare opportunity for art enthusiasts and casual observers.



New Haven

Here in New Haven, you will find the Knights of Columbus Museum. The Knights of Columbus Museum was founded in 1882. It serves as an archive, repository, and a gallery for documents. The museum features many world-class exhibitions of artwork, more so pertaining to the heritage of Catholicism. Also inside the museum is the permanent gallery of the K of C annals.




You will always have plenty to do in Stamford. Stamford has over 75 restaurants and clubs, and hundreds of stores. Along with movie theaters, live theaters, galleries and many special events.




An interesting fact about the city of Hartford: The first ever that a United States president ever rode in an automobile was August 1902. President Theodore Roosevelt went for a spin all through the streets of Hartford.



Waterbury is home to Black Rock State Park. Black Rock State Park is an amazing swimming and hiking destination. It is all tucked into the scenic rolling hills of the Western Highlands. Black Rock is also a designated trout park. You can hike on the Mattatuck Trail of Waterbury to the Wigwam Reservoir.  This trail will provide you a beautiful view of the Naugatuck Valley, featuring the Black Rock.

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