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Maine Homeowners Insurance Quotes

The state of Maine is the northernmost state in the United States. However, it also is known as the easternmost state as well. Maine has a rocky, jagged coastline. However, Maine provides picturesque waterways and also delicious seafood. Maine’s seafood consists mainly of clams and lobsters. This state also produces 99% of the United States’ blueberries. Therefore it is known as the United States’ largest producer.


The state of Maine has over 235 miles of coastline. You will find beaches, lighthouses, islands, and fishing villages along the coastline. You will also see jagged rocks and cliffs. However, Maine offers beautiful lakes, rivers, and mountains once you go inland. The geography of Maine is primarily due to the ice age.


In addition, Maine is home to the Acadia National Park. The Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England. The park started by buying small sections of land to preserve scenic boundaries. This process began in 1986. Many landowners in Maine today continue this to limit future development. As a result, there is plenty of diversity at Acadia Park. You can see rough rocky coastlines, granite mountains, beautiful ponds and lakes, and varieties of wildlife.


Maine Homeowners Insurance Quotes


Maine is a beautiful state. It offers peace and serenity to anyone who chooses to visit. You can expect to experience all of nature’s beauty. In conclusion, Maine is the perfect place to have a home or vacation home. However, you will need coverage for your home. How much is the average rate for homeowners insurance here? Do you know much homeowners insurance Maine residents need?


Carriers determine the coverage rates by location. However, rates will be higher if you live in an area of high-risk weather. Customers found Maine’s most affordable homeowners insurance rates in cities away from the coast. Customers will find these cities north of Canada and south of New Hampshire.


Shoppers found the most expensive rates along the coastline. Moreover, the coastline increases the risk of damage to your home. In addition, storms and extreme wind make your home prone to injury. Therefore, these risks force home insurance companies to increase their premiums.


Home insurance Maine residents should have needed to cover their homes altogether. There is nothing worse than not being fully protected once a disaster strikes. Keep this in mind before you begin shopping.


Maine’s Busiest Cities



Portland is Maine’s largest city. It has a population of 66,318. In Portland, you will experience the beautiful Maine coast. Portland is also home to the International Cryptozoology Museum. In addition, the museum founder is one of the world’s leading Sasquatch experts. He built this museum in 2003. Inside you will find furry Bigfoots, yeti footprints, and many more unique items. If you want to live here in Portland, the average rate is $1,125.



The city of Lewistown is a former mill town. Customers will locate it in southern Maine. Lewistown holds many festivals throughout the year. One of these festivals includes the Emerge Film Festival. Locals have The Emerge Film Festival annually to recognize independent films and their filmmakers. If you are looking for coverage in this area, the estimated premium is $1,000.



Bangor, Maine, was initially formed in the lumber and shipbuilding industries. This industry was due to the city lying on the Penobscot River. Logs could be floated downstream and processed at the water-powered sawmills. Stephen King also wrote his first novel here in Bangor. He also made his first novel Carrie into a movie. Maine homeowners insurance quotes here cost an estimated $1,221 a year.


South Portland

South Portland is Maine’s fourth largest state. Moreover, this city was never a part of Portland. It broke away from Cape Elizabeth in 1895. One famous attraction is the Maine Mall. The Marine Mall is the largest in northern Boston. Rates here will run you an average of $1,100 a year.



Biddeford is home to the University of New England. This city also holds the La Kermesse Franco-Americaine Festival. In addition, this festival celebrates the city’s French-Canadian heritage. It still takes place in Biddeford today. Maine homeowners insurance quotes here are an annual $1,050.



Saco is home to the Ferry Beach State Park. Travelers will locate this park off Route 9. In addition, it offers a picnic area, changing rooms, nature trails, and guided nature programs. Saco has also taken steps to be environmentally friendly by using wind turbines. Homeowners’ insurance in this city averages $1,076.

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