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South Dakota Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Located in the western region of the US is South Dakota. The Lakota and Dakota Sioux tribes contributed to the state’s name—North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana border South Dakota. The Missouri River splits the state of South Dakota. Most of the state’s population is in eastern South Dakota. The Eastern portion of South Dakota also provides fertile soil to grow many crops. While the west, ranching is the main agricultural activity.

South Dakota is full of many fun attractions for visitors. For example, the South Dakota Art Museum, the 1905 Opera House, Mount Rushmore National Park, and more. The South Dakota Art Museum features Native American art, Harvey Dunn and Paul Goble illustrations, and dynamic exhibits by regional and national artists. The store at the museum also features jewelry, pottery, and original works of art by local artists. There is also a kid-only interactive room.

Next, the 1905 Opera House is another excellent place to visit. The Opera House has showcased motion pictures, roller skating, trapeze artists, plays, and concerts, and was at one point a city fire hall. It is now, however, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2001, a late addition was added to the building. This addition was a tribute to the late musician Kyle Evans of Company Cowboys. You may also call ahead for a public tour.

Mount Rushmore is hands down one of the top attractions in the United States. Each year millions of visitors come out to see Mount Rushmore. The southeastern side of Mount Rushmore in Black Hills National Forest is where you will find the four gigantically carved sculptures that show the faces of US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. This project was led by Gutzon Borglum, who is a sculptor. Over 400 workers made the sculpture and removed over 4000,000 tons of rock to make the giant carved heads. The presidents were supposed to be made from the waist up in the original design. However, insufficient funding brought the carving to a halt. It is also known by the name Shrine of Democracy.

South Dakota consists of a climate that has four seasons. These seasons range from cold winters to hot and humid summers. The summer months bring about 90 degrees. Summers in South Dakota also bring nearly frequent, hazardous thunderstorms with strong winds, thunder, and hail. Tornado Alley is considered as the eastern portion of the state. South Dakota experiences over 30 tornadoes a year. Weather is a significant factor when it comes to homeowners insurance rates. When finding the best rates, crime rates, weather, and construction costs determine your rates.

South Dakota Homeowners Insurance Quotes

The best homeowners insurance rates in South Dakota are found along the state’s East River region. The state’s largest cities meet these requirements. The cities with the most expensive homeowners insurance are mostly found along the western part of the state. Most of these western cities are serviced by local fire departments. This basic fact makes for higher homeowners insurance rates due to Insurers viewing this as impaired due to these departments being less prepared to handle emergencies than a state-funded one. From an insurer’s standpoint, the home risks sustaining more damage.

When searching for the best rates for South Dakota homeowners insurance quotes, you must know the correct way to receive them. Regarding quotes, it’s all about shopping, collecting, and comparing. Your first step in the quote process is determining what type of coverage you want. Knowing this right off the bat will help you in your search. Next, you must collect and receive quotes from all major companies.

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South Dakota Destinations


Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is home to the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum. Wetlands, woods, ponds, and gardens surround the Arboretum. The Arboretum welcomes visitors to walk the winding trails among the wildlife. An educational center also invites visitors to take an inside glimpse of the Arboretum’s history and the opportunity to learn about our environmental future. Home coverage here in Sioux Falls is $1222.



Rapid City

Rapid City is well known for its popular attraction Bear Country. It features the world’s most extensive collection of privately owned black bears. Here you can drive through over 2 miles of Wildlife Park. The park is also located on 200 acres. Visitors will also see black bears, grizzly bears, and over 20 species of North American animals. This includes buffalo, wolves, and elk, all from inside your vehicle. Rapid City homeowners insurance will cost an estimated $1512.




Aberdeen is one of the most recognized and awarded cities in the entire country. As a result, the city has obtained national attention for its services to the youth, educational offers, and public park quality. Aberdeen is home to the Yellowstone Trail. Many visitors here can view the glacier lakes and the grand prairie. The diversity will truly stun visitors. Coverage here in Aberdeen will cost you an estimated $1350.




Brookings is home to the South Dakota Art Museum. While inside the museum, you will see Harvey Dun Paintings, the Marghab Collection, and others that honor the nature of humanity. The South Dakota Art Museum is a place where residents enjoy visiting the artistic legacy of South Dakota. The museum holds 7000 objects in its entire collection. In conclusion, this collection includes paintings, drawings, photographs, and more. Insurance rates here cost $1460.




Mitchell is home to the World’s Only Corn Palace. This palace stands for innovation, enterprise, pride, and community. While this extraordinary innovation has stood through time, its continuously changing colors, architecture, and community purpose as the city has grown and changed. This year the corn palace has gone through a multi-million dollar renovation to create an even better experience for visitors. Homeowners insurance here in Mitchell costs $1376.

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